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What is Appstle℠ SMS Marketing and Engagement?

SMS Marketing and Engagement is one of the most diversified and feature rich apps brought by the Appstle℠ team, to help you send targeted, customized, and automated SMSs to your customers. The app uncovers the most eminent marketing channel of today’s time – SMS! We help you drive business through your customers’ messaging inbox.

SMS Marketing and Engagement enables you to:

Why Appstle℠ SMS Marketing and Engagement is the most compelling Marketing automation app

one-stop-shop solution

Appstle℠ is the true one-stop-shop solution for all your marketing automation and customer engagement needs. Its compelling features span a) easily customizable SMS automation at several critical checkpoints in your customers’ decision making and purchase journey, b) vast but highly structured and easy to use data on your subscribing customers, to micro-segment, and personalize your marketing and engagement.

Robust analytical
tools to scale

Appstle’s℠ real-time and in-built analytics (provided at no additional cost!), helps you assess the performance of your SMS notifications and customer engagements, through detailed customer click rates and sales conversion rates, to continuously learn, iterate, and increase your ROI. The app enables you to target the right customers at the right time, with the right product.

Compelling prices at
multiple tiers

Appstle’s℠ motto is to offer the most compelling apps, at compelling prices! SMS Marketing and Customer Engagement’s pricing plan is one of industry’s best, with no hidden fees or charges! Our multiple price points are designed specifically for growing e-commerce merchants like you, who can easily upgrade to our higher plans as they grow and scale with our products.

Key features

Customers opting in to share their contact details with you, is a priceless win in e-commerce! With Appstles’ website popups that are placed at strategic navigation points on your website – landing and product pages, and at checkout, you can collect your shoppers’ details in a fast and non-intrusive way. 

What’s more – our popups work across devices (laptops, tablets, and mobiles) in a seamless manner!

SMS marketing is up and rising. Our app helps you automate and trigger SMS, to all customers or to specific customer segments (per your choice), at critical points of the decision making and purchase journey, such as order confirmation, paused checkout (abandoned cart), exclusive promotions, etc. 

The texts enable you to smartly engage with your customers, and help you be on top of their mind, while providing them with a stellar experience!

Let no SMS go unnoticed! Appstle℠ enables you to keep a stronghold on all your past, present, and future scheduled SMSs. You can review the SMS notifications that were sent in the past, with the lens of hindsight, assess what could have been done better, and incorporate the inputs into your upcoming SMSs.

If you wish to pause, delay, or fasten the timelines of scheduled SMSs, that is completely within your control as well!

Appstle’s℠ in-built tools equip you with in-depth and real-time analytics around the performance of your SMS marketing and customer engagement, starting from the aggregate level (total number of orders, and total revenue), to the nitty gritties (click rates and conversion rates of different SMS campaigns at a customer segment level).

Review these analytics periodically (we recommend everyday!) to knowledgeably scale and exponentially increase your ROI!

Key features

Raw subscribers data can be messy and overwhelming! Appstle’s℠ in-built tools automatically structure your GDPR/TCPA (marketing regulations) compliant customers’ data in a structured and easy to study format, ready to be used in your key decision making analysis.

We take care of the data science, so you can focus your time on winning customer loyalty!

Personalization is the keystone of compelling customer experiences. Appstle’s℠ detailed subscriber and SMS data enables you to know your customers, segment them into strategic buckets such as first-time visitors, loyalists, bargain-shoppers, and various other categories, and engage them with highly targeted SMSs.

Targeted and personalized SMSs sent at the right time, for the right products, is a sure shot to drive sales conversions and maximize ROI! 

Appstle℠ is the one of the few SMS marketing apps out there, that believes in providing complete control to the merchants, with as much guidance as needed, from our team of experts. With Appstle℠, you can automate, customize, preview, and schedule SMSs to best suit your store, brand, and customers. The app enables you to play around and customize the SMS layout, theme, font, colors, emojis, graphics/gifs, and preview the final SMS before hitting the send button. 

You can also schedule the date and time of the SMS to target specific hours, and input quiet hours based on your customers’ time zones!

Every customer is unique, and can be a universe of their own! WIth Appstle’s vast and structured GDPA/TCPR compliant customer data, and robust analytics, you can segment your customers into small, micro units, and sometimes even a unit of 1 (individual customer level), to analyze and understand their profiles, and what motivates them.

This micro-segment and segment-of-one analysis can then be smartly used to not just target the customers with the right products, but to also expand your marketing to potential customers who are similar in profile!

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