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What is Appstle℠ Store Backup and Restore?

Things happen. Mistakes happen. A corrupt code in an app that you used a long time ago can erase critical data from your store, bringing a mundane and often ignored activity such as ‘backup’, to front and center.

But worry no more! Appstle℠ Store Backup and Restore, the hottest new product, FROM THE TEAM THAT MADE BACK-IN-STOCK and APPSTLE℠ SUBSCRIPTIONS, enables you to operate your business worry and hassle free, by

a) automatically backing up your entire store, without any interruptions to your business activities, and

b) facilitating an easy and ‘click of the button’ restoration of the best backed-up version.

Appstle℠ Store Backup and Restore enables you to:

Why Appstle℠ Store Backup and Restore is the most compelling backup and restoration app out there

Right mix of automation and human intervention

With its automated store backups scheduled every 24 hours to capture any incremental changes to your store, along with the flexible functionality to support unlimited, ad-hoc, manually triggered back-ups, Appstle℠ provides the best of both worlds.

Best-in-class backup and restoration granularity

Restoration and rewind needs can be for the entire store, or for a specific element or sub-section of it, based on the situation. Appstle’s℠ state of the art and AI driven categorization ensures that store data are neatly segmented into minute buckets, enabling the merchant to restore data at a very granular level.

Designed with ‘merchant ease and flexibility’ at the core

All that Appstle℠ requires to protect your store and data, and ensure a seamless business continuity, is just its installation. The backups run automatically. The version comparisons are intuitive. The restorations are at the’ click of a button’. And, our experts are available 24x7x365.

Key features

The app neatly categorizes and backs up your entire store, which includes the products, orders, customers, policy, shipping zone, location, customer saved search, blogs, and many more

Appstle’s℠ state of the art, AI driven backup technology is fully automated, smoothly running your full store backups every 24 hours, without any reminder or requirement of manual steps

Apart from the daily automatic backups, Appstle℠ enables you to run an unlimited number of adhoc, unscheduled backups, anytime you want, just at the click of the button

100 backups…

Key features

Adherant to privacy laws, and compliant with GDPR, the data backedup is encrypted and stored in our secure vault. Your and your customers’ data are SAFE!

Backups are only half the story. The other half, is restoring the right version. Appstle’s℠ merchant friendly and highly intuitive interface provides a detailed, yet, easy to read version comparisons, to help you identify the right version to restore

At Appstle℠, we prioritize our merchants’ business continuity. It takes just a click of the button to undo an error, and restore the desired version

We hear you 24*7*365

Across all its products, Appstle℠ is celebrated in the industry, for its fast, smart and reliable customer support from dedicated humans, who are available 24/7/365. Just reach out to us through any of your preferred mediums, and we will help you with a smile, to grow your business!

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