Appstle℠ Solutions was founded in 2020, by the founder of Appikon Software (‘Back in Stock – Restock Alerts’ and ‘Discounted Pricing’). It is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, with offices in Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale, California) and South Asia.

Head Office

Tech Office

Products & sales offices

Products & sales offices

Mission Statement and Message From CEO

“Appstle’s main motto is to offer our merchants ‘compelling apps at compelling prices’. Having a strong e-commerce presence is no longer an optional feather in one’s cap, but a key necessity to run a successful business. This applies to businesses of all sizes, across all geographies. But still, to this day, most solutions and functionalities that make multi-billion dollar e-commerce giants stand out, are not available to other merchants. They are either too expensive, or come with significant flaws and compromises.

Appstle builds robust solutions that solve strategic pain points of our merchant partners, and enable them to have a successful e-commerce journey. We do this at compelling and tiered price points, to meet the needs of all our merchants, from small businesses to large enterprises. Our lean and vigorously focused business model allows us to do this!”

Ria Mahesh

Our Growth Journey So Far


↑ 2,476%

Mar 22, 2021- Oct 04, 2021

3,400 (and growing by the hour) merchant partners who trust us to help them win the e-commerce game.

** The founders would like to specially thank our highly talented and entrepreneurial product development team, and our extremely dedicated and passionate product and customer support team, for making this success possible.

Meet Our Founders

Ria Mahesh

Co-founder and CEO

Ria is a hard core business strategist. What drew Ria to e-commerce, and specifically to solving the pain points of merchants in this industry, is the human element. She found customer behavior extremely fascinating, and from there, got drawn to working on some of the most significant E-commerce solutions that sellers need. 

Ria splits her time between Vancouver, British Columbia (where Appstle℠ HQ is located) and Sunnyvale, California (where Appstle℠ Tech office is located).

Hemanth B

Co-founder and CTO

Hemanth is a coder by heart, soul, and mind! What drew Hemanth to e-commerce is its relative nascency, which makes it an ocean full of interesting software related problems to crack and solve. He is driven by the need to provide the most robust and long term viable tech solutions to merchants, so that they can focus on what matters the most – growing their business.

Hemanth is based in Sunnyvale, California (where Appstle℠ Tech office is located).

Causes We Support

There are several notable causes in the world. The ones that touched our hearts the most, are causes impacting the most vulnerable of our population - children. Both the founders of Appstle℠ have been UNICEF Guardian Circle members for many years. Additionally, Appstle℠ Solutions has partnered with, and donates 1% of its monthly profits to organizations that support children orphaned by the COVID pandemic.

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