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Appstle℠ Subscriptions

Subscriptions or recurring orders are when your customers or shoppers checkout a product or products from your store, but instead of it just being a one-time sale, the product is sold and delivered to them on a recurring basis. Their billing and shipping information are pre-saved (on Shopify) when they first checkout, and you get recurring revenue from the sales.

Subscriptions or recurring orders can be for multiple periods – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc based on your store, products, and customer needs! We, at AppstleSM support all!

We, as a subscription app on Shopify and Shopify plus, integrate with Shopify to automatically process an order on recurring basis, and charge customers on pre-set intervals.

For example, if a customer is signed up for a Weekly subscription plan on your online store, our system will place orders on the customer’s behalf (through Shopify) every week, and charge them for each order automatically 🙂

Yes, Appstle supports Shopify Theme Extension and hence Shopify OS 2.0 compatible.

Appstle Subscriptions is a Shopify V2 (version 2) subscription app. We are deeply and seamlessly integrated with Shopify checkout and operate according to Shopify guidelines. Given that, the payment gateways currently supported by Shopify for subscriptions, and hence supported by Appstle are:

  • Shopify Payments
  • PayPal
  • ShopPay

For more information on Shopify payment payment guidelines, please review –

Yes! Our subscription widget can be integrated to your homepage/collection pages. The core need for the integration, is to have the ADD TO CART button enabled for the products in the product page. Once this is availabel, please contact our team (available 24/7/365). We will do a quick manual addition of script from our end, and you will be all set.

We have a demo store built just for merchants to preview the look and feel, and some key functionalities that Appstle Subscription provides, before they install the app!  You can visit – (the password is 123456).

Also, our tech engineers and product support team provide 1:1 live demos of our product, on request. Please contact us at, to schedule a meeting!

You will be able to do that from the Subscriptions option of your merchant’s dashboard/merchant portal. All you need to do is to click on the Subscriptions tab in the navigation menu on the left, as shown below:

Open the contract by clicking on the subscription ID, and you will be able to edit from the available settings.

One of the coveted functionalities of Appstle is the ‘pre-set’ fulfillment dates, which allows the merchant to consolidate recurring order shipments and order fulfillments on specific dates (days or week or dates of the month) for efficiency of operation.

Connected to ‘pre-set’ dates is ‘cut off dates’. The function of cut off days while setting pre-set delivery dates, is to filter out just or newly created subscription orders that are too close to the pre-set delivery date.

For instance, lets assume you have a weekly subscription plan. You have set the pre-set day as Saturday. This means that all orders that are a part of this subscription plan will be fulfilled on Saturday. Now, lets assume that you set the cut-off day as ‘1’. What this means is that in any given week, all subscription orders that were created at least ‘1’ day before Saturday (i.e Friday or earlier) will be fulfilled on that immediate Saturday. Any order that was created on Saturday will be considered too close for fulfillment, and its delivery will start from the next week.

Setting cut off days is purely optional; its sole purpose is to reduce the stress on merchants!

For more information you can view this article –

The shipping profiles created on Appstle cannot be edited as of now (unfortunately). Our development team is currently working to introduce this functionality, and we will update you as soon as it is ready.

You can also check the Request a Feature section to know latest updates on feature/functionality requests.

When a shopper purchases a subscription or recurring order, it is like a contract. The terms of the contract (quantity, pricing, billing information, etc) will remain the same until or unless it is updated by the merchant or customer on Appstle’s merchant dashboard or the customer portal respectively.

Please note that for the customer to update the subscription details, the merchant needs to enable the customer to do so, in the customer portal settings.

Ofcourse! Customers can buy subscriptions as a gift 🙂

For example, if I am a customer and want to buy a subscription plan for a product/products for one of my friends, I will enter my billing details and my friend’s shipping details at the time of checkout 🙂

Appstle offers three types of billing – a) Pay as you Go b) Prepaid and c) Advanced pre-paid. The core functionality of both plan types is the same, to charge customers upfront for their upcoming subscription orders. The difference lies in how many upcoming orders the customer is charged for at the time of payment processing.

The Pay as you Go type charges just for the ‘immediately next’ recurring order or delivery. In other words, it covers just 1 order cycle. It is the most commonly used billing type.

For example, when you provide ‘pay as you go’ billing for your subscription orders, and offer monthly subscriptions, your customers will be charged on a monthly basis, for their orders. The payment will be processed before their product is shipped every month.  

The Prepaid billing type goes a few notches above the pay as you go model, and allows the merchant to receive the payment for multiple periods of future orders at the same time. For example, Instacart, a well known delivery subscription service operates on monthly subscription (pay as you go) payment model. But it also offers the option to customers, to pay for a full year (12 months) at one time, for a small discount (prepaid billing). 

Please note that in ‘prepaid billing’, the contract pauses at the end of the billing cycle (in this example, 12 months), and needs to be manually renewed by the customer.

The Advance Pre-paid plan is very similar to the prepaid billing type, except that the contract does not pause at the end of the billing cycle (in the above example, 12 months), and auto renews, until the customer expressly cancels the subscription 🙂

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