Appstle | Appstle vs Recharge subscriptions

Appstle Subscriptions

Appstle | Appstle vs Recharge subscriptions

Recharge Subscriptions

An Alternative To Recharge Subscriptions

Why Appstle Subscriptions is Better

If you’re looking for alternatives to Recharge Payments or Recharge Subscriptions to keep your ecommerce subscriptions model running, you’re in luck. Appstle is one of the best subscriptions apps for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores.


If your current subscriptions app isn’t helping you scale, boost sales, or engage customers, and if you have been looking to migrate to another app, here’s why you should choose Appstle Subscriptions.

Recharge vs. Appstle – A snapshot


Appstle Subscriptions

Recharge Subscriptions

Easy migration

Efficient customer support

Flexibility to add new functionalities

Comprehensive features

Customer engagement features

Integrated checkout with Shopify checkout

0% transaction fee

Multiple pricing tiers covering
Enterprises and SMBs

High customer-centric approach

What is the Recharge subscriptions app?

Recharge is a subscriptions and recurring orders / recurring payments app that enables Shopify stores to set up and manage subscriptions. Its capabilities include self-management by customers, integration with other marketing tools, automated notifications, add one-time products, and swap products, among others.


However, at times, the capabilities of Recharge may fall short, depending on the needs of subscription businesses. And that’s when merchants look for alternatives to Recharge. 


A competent alternative: Appstle Subscriptions app.


What is Appstle Subscriptions?

Appstle Subscriptions is an app designed for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores to help manage subscriptions and recurring payments. With Appstle, Shopify brands can set up and manage different types of subscription models to increase loyalty.

Appstle’s powerful features make it one of the best subscriptions apps for Shopify sites. Here are some of its impressive capabilities:

  • Installing and setting up subscriptions is a breeze with Appstle
  • It helps personalize and customize subscriptions at bulk and individual customer levels
  • The app has features for upselling
  • The management of subscriptions plans is easy
  • Appstle provides 24x7x365 customer support, guidance and assistance
  • It makes it easy to set-up multi-tier discounts
  • It has custom shipping, dunning, and cancellation management features
  • Merchants can access real-time performance data
  • Seamless migration from other subscriptions apps to Appstle, for free
  • Auto billing for subscription products
  • Personalized and unlimited email notifications to customers
  • Highly customizable functionalities

Why Appstle Subscriptions is the best alternative to Recharge?

Your Shopify subscriptions app is the foundation of your subscriptions business model. Not only should it be easy for you to set-up and use, but it should also help increase your efficiency, boost sales, and grow your brand loyalty. Agree? So, here’s how Appstle and Recharge compare across some of the most critical subscriptions capabilities.


Customer support

95% of consumers believe that the quality of customer support is important for brand loyalty. As the subscriptions app market becomes more crowded with many companies offering apps to perform the same functions, there’s one differentiating factor that sets apart the more competent brand – customer support.


Appstle wins over Recharge in this regard. And the former’s customer reviews are proof of this. Here’s what some of the Appstle reviewers wrote:

Appstle | Appstle vs Recharge subscriptions
Appstle | Appstle vs Recharge subscriptions

The best part of Appstle’s support is that the brand provides a human-to-human customer support experience. Instead of chatting with an automated bot, you get to explain your issues to an actual human with expertise in different matters.


The result: quick and efficient support and solutions.


Why Appstle support is superior to Recharge:

  • Appstle is invested in its customers’ efficiency.
  • Getting hold of the support team takes not more than a few minutes.
  • Appstle’s merchant dashboard has a live chat widget to get in touch with the support team.
  • The company, known for its excellent support, offers 24/7/365 product and customer support.

Now put yourself in this situation: an emergency crops up – you changed your store theme, and the subscription widget settings need to be updated ASAP to suit your new theme. Are you sure you’ll have fast and reliable support from your subscriptions app team?



Appstle’s super efficient customer service is one of the most talked about plus points of the app.



Addition of new functionalities

Technology and the digital world are ever-changing. New functions, features, and capabilities are being introduced everyday. How soon a software product upgrades and adapts to new changes and functionalities can make or break its performance.


Here, Appstle gets more points over Recharge. The app provides comprehensive functionalities and demonstrates the ability to quickly add new features to its suite.



Appstle combines a customer-centric approach with enterprise experience. While it is quick to add functionalities that enhance the end customer experience, it also equally focuses on merchant experience.



That is why Appstle is trusted by thousands of merchants. And an increasing number of Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants trying to scale and grow are shifting to Appstle.



Some of Appstle subscription’s functionalities that make it a better alternative to Recharge are:

  • Build-a-box or box subscriptions
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Custom shipping
  • Cancellation management
  • Email notifications to customers
  • Built-in discounts
  • Pausing, changing, skipping orders by customers
  • Auto-billing for subscriptions

Although Recharge provides a broad suite of features – including integration with other apps, allowing customers to skip/ reschedule deliveries, automated notifications, etc., to fast-paced Shopify stores, it could seem slow to adapt to new functionalities quickly.



Ease and convenience

Software solutions are expected to make processes easy, not tough. So that businesses can focus more on critical matters and spend less time on day-to-day functions.



Appstle is designed with ease-of-use for merchants, managers, tech teams, and admins at its heart. Want to set up a subscriptions model quickly? Looking for Recharge alternatives? In, comes Appstle!



Need to migrate from another app? Appstle’s dedicated migration team with highly knowledgable migration experts will ensure a seamless transition.



The user interface is clean and simple. One can easily access data from different features. It also has all the capabilities to automate and accelerate repetitive tasks.



Fees and charges on transactions

This is critical! When merchants launch subscription business models, the pricing, fee and charges of the subscriptions solution are one of the most important factors to consider. The charges that you would be paying to the subscriptions app should make sense to your business goals and expected sales, and so, should be carefully thought through.



The pricing should reflect your overall Shopify brand, as well as align with the industry you’re a part of. Moreover, it should resonate with your target customers.



Appstle includes all the features you need for your Shopify store as mentioned in their price list for different plans – no hidden charges. Appstle also has 5 different pricing options to choose from, and this ensures that a store can pick the plan that best suits their subscriptions needs, and can upgrade or downgrade, if the needs change later.



Now coming to Recharge – the app charges a percentage as transaction fee, for every recurring order the app processes. For instance, in its Standard plan, the app charges a base fee plus 1% of the recurring order value, on all transactions.


Here are Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty app plans and prices:

Appstle | Appstle vs Recharge subscriptions


With increasing competition in the ecommerce space, brands have to keep up with new trends. To stand out from the crowd is no easy feat in this fierce competition.

One factor that helps brands is customization. It is a key factor considered by merchants when choosing software.

Most businesses wish they could create their own platforms and software so that they can have complete control over their processes, design, functionalities, etc.

But with limited in-house capabilities, it is not possible for brands to build their own software. Besides, it requires a huge investment.

That’s where software with powerful customization capabilities come in.

Appstle Subscriptions App allows:

  • Custom integration with internal systems (this refers to the store’s internal systems such as Microsoft CRM or Salesforce solutions)
  • Strong integrations with other Shopify apps (this refers to other apps that your store might use, such as PageFly, Klaviyo Email, Yotpo Loyalty, etc)
  • Custom shipping profiles
  • Custom subscription widget
  • Custom email domain
  • Custom pricing

Customization with Recharge may be difficult. The app doesn’t allow customization flexibility and hence may not serve big merchants looking for customization.

Customer engagement and loyalty

There’s fierce competition in the subscriptions business. No matter the industry, an increasing number of ecommerce brands are exploring subscriptions. And as competition rises, it has become extremely important to engage customers.

One of the main challenges of customer engagement is to meet customers’ increasingly complex expectations.

With limited capabilities of customization, Recharge makes customer engagement and loyalty difficult to achieve. Because without customization your subscriptions model would be as good as any other average subscription.

Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty has many features that help boost engagement and loyalty.

  • You can apply special discounts and shipping benefits to customers who have been subscribing to your products for a long time, thus encouraging loyalty
  • You can provide special subscription trials (for new & additional products) and gifts to your long term customers and subscribers
  • You can use Appstle’s upselling functionalities that enable you to offer products that add more value to customers
  • Customers can have more control of their subscriptions with the skip/ swap products feature
  • Send automated personalized emails to notify customers of various activities
  • Enhance customer lifetime value by allowing customers to stop or skip deliveries whenever they want to
  • Offer 24x7x365 customer support to ensure all customer queries are addressed quickly
  • Provide customers an easy shopping experience in every way
  • Build-a-box or bundling options
  • Bulk automations to improve efficiency
  • Access to activity logs and timelines

Comprehensive features on one platform

The more features your subscriptions app has, the easier it would be for you to manage your business. For instance, you won’t have to install different apps for different features to work on your site.

Appstle Shopify Subscriptions and Loyalty app has compelling features that can help maximize your ROI.

Other than the basic features such as set up, automated notifications, etc. it has functionalities that help boost revenue such as upselling, multi-tier discounts, cancellation management, real-time analytics etc. These help increase customer retention.

Even though Recharge provides many of the same features as Appstle, the difference starts to appear in the nuances of the approach with which the apps are built.

Appstle’s 360° customer-centric approach contributes to easy transformation for merchants looking to transition from other apps to Appstle, as well as the end customers’ ease-of-use.

The functionalities of Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty have been built to offer a unified and consistent experience to merchants and customers.  Some of the features that enhance Shopify store capabilities for merchants, among many, are:

  • Create different types of subscription plans such as pay-as-you-go, curated boxes, unlimited, fixed usage, etc.
  • Subscribed product swap (e.g. if a customer wants to swap their subscription of size1 diapers with size2 diapers, they can do so easily, without canceling their current subscription order and creating a new one. This significantly reduces friction and customer churn)
  • One-time product inclusion
  • Auto billing
  • Custom shipping allows customers to manage multiple shipping profiles
  • Recapture failed transactions
  • Real-time performance tracker


To stand out in the crowded subscriptions market, brands need to create unique subscription plans that would entice customers to sign up.

However, with Recharge, merchants may experience a less flexible experience. And when digital platforms lack flexibility, merchant experience tends to suffer. The result: merchants looking to migrate from Recharge to a more flexible subscriptions platform.

Appstle allows merchants the flexibility to create unique subscriptions models that help them stay ahead of competition.

  • Appstle’s dashboard allows customers highly customizable functionalities
  • Custom shipping – Appstle merchants can create and manage multiple shipping profiles based on weight, order value etc.
  • Appstle allows highly customizable CSS and functionalities from the dashboard
  • Merchants can manage subscription plans from the product description pages and from the merchant portal
  • It provides flexibility in operations, as well

Seamless migration from other apps

A significant number of Appstle merchants are those who have, or are, moving from other competing subscriptions app. A big reason for this is Appstle’s easy migration & onboarding process.

Appstle has a highly technical customer success team that provides hands-on support and hand-holding to merchants during the transition and business continuity phases.

Admins, managers, merchants, and marketers vouch for Appstle’s powerful and intuitive features. Easy migration is often cited as a key advantage of Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty.

Here’s an Appstle customer’s review:

Appstle | Appstle vs Recharge subscriptions

As a result, merchants shifting to Appstle rarely experience business flow disruption during the adoption process.


Moreover, the app’s real-time performance tracker gives admins and other teams clear and quick visibility of the overall subscriptions functioning.


Any new tool should be easy to learn and use for the team, and that’s one area where Appstle gets more points over Recharge.

Most merchants seek a new solution when their existing solution fails to help the business scale.


With Appstle’s flexible data migration and customization features, transitions are smooth. This even helps businesses stay agile and make changes as they migrate.


Whether yours is an existing subscriptions business or you’re just launching subscriptions, having flexibility and the ability to customize, makes Appstle a better alternative to Recharge.


Are you ready to try Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty?

Whether you’re about to launch your subscriptions business or you’re already running one and looking for alternatives to Recharge, Appstle is undoubtedly one of the best subscriptions app for Shopify stores.


If you’re looking for an efficient alternative solution for Shopify subscriptions, reach out to us. Conversely, you could easily install Appstle and contact our support team

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“A strong e-commerce presence is more of a necessity today, and Appstle has made it possible by offering sound solutions and functionalities.” 

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