Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs AiTrillion Loyalty

Appstle Loyalty & Rewards

Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs AiTrillion Loyalty

AiTrillion Loyalty & Rewards

An Alternative To AiT Loyalty, Rewards, Email

Why Appstle Loyalty And Rewards App Is Better

Did you know there is a 60-70% chance of successfully selling to an existing customer? When it comes to new customers, the chance of closing a sale stands at just 5-20%!


Now these are numbers you should leverage for guaranteed cash flow and the success of your Shopify store.


One effective approach to boost customer retention and sales for your eCommerce business is implementing a customer loyalty program. Loyalty programs are a great way to incentivize customers to continue shopping with your brand, and they can lead to increased sales and revenue over time.


If you’re currently looking for an alternative to AiT Loyalty, Rewards, Email, you’re in luck!


In this blog, we’ll be reviewing Appstle Loyalty and comparing it with AiT Loyalty to help you decide which platform is the best fit for your business. Appstle is a highly-rated app for Shopify, currently ranked first among all apps with a 4.8-star rating. So, let’s dive in and explore the features and benefits of both platforms to help you make an informed decision for your business.

AiTrillion vs Appstle – A snapshot


Appstle Loyalty & Rewards


Flexibility to add new functionalities

Customer engagement features

Gamified loyalty programs

Automated wishlist management

Seamless app integrations

Business scaling

High customer-centric approach

Efficient customer support

Security & Stability


Appstle Loyalty and Rewards App

Appstle Loyalty and Rewards app stands out among the top Shopify loyalty apps, providing businesses with the tools to create engaging experiences and foster a loyal customer base.

Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs AiTrillion Loyalty

Installing the Appstle Loyalty app is a seamless process that allows for easy management of all loyalty and rewards programs. What sets Appstle apart is its unmatched customization capabilities, empowering businesses to tailor their loyalty programs according to their specific needs and preferences. This level of customization helps cultivate a highly loyal customer base and ensures a personalized and rewarding experience for each customer.

With a 4.8-star rating on Shopify App Store, Appstle is meticulously designed to ensure customers have a seamless journey. Here are some key features of Appstle:


  • Quick and easy set-up of loyalty and rewards programs
  • Enables personalized upselling and marketing
  • Simple management of loyalty and rewards programs
  • Client assistance, guidance, and support are available 24/7/365
  • Simple multi-tier discount setup
  • Management of customized shipping, dunning, and cancellation shares are current

That explains why so many Shopify merchants can’t stop talking about it –

Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs AiTrillion Loyalty

AiT Loyalty, Rewards, Email app

The AiT Loyalty, Rewards, Email app for Shopify helps create a personalized loyalty program for Shopify stores. With features like Loyalty Points, Rewards, and Referrals, this app provides tools to incentivize customers and boost their engagement with your brand.

AiTrillion vs. Appstle Loyalty: Why Appstle Is The Best Alternative to AiT Loyalty, Rewards, Email?

Appstle allows easy addition of new functionalities

Appstle understands the importance of staying ahead in the dynamic eCommerce landscape and provides businesses with the flexibility to easily add new functionalities. With Appstle, businesses can seamlessly integrate additional features, adapt to evolving customer needs, and enhance their loyalty programs.


Whether it’s incorporating social media integrations, referral programs, or personalized recommendations, Appstle empowers businesses to stay agile and responsive to customer expectations.


Some of the things you can do with Appstle are:


  • Build customized boxes
  • Predict and manage your inventory
  • Customize your shipping options
  • Handle cancellations efficiently
  • Send email notifications to customers
  • Apply integrated discounts
  • Let customers skip orders if needed
  • Set up automatic billing

All these features make Appstle the alternative to AiT Loyalty, Rewards, Email.

Boosts customer engagement and loyalty

Businesses need an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates loyalty, review, and email functionalities. While AiT Loyalty offers a range of features, Appstle surpasses it as the ideal alternative due to its extensive capabilities. Appstle unlocks unparalleled opportunities for businesses to enhance customer engagement and loyalty through a suite of powerful features.


Appstle provides many engagement and loyalty features:


  • Use Appstle functions that enable upselling—offer better products/services that add value to customers
  • Allow customers to skip/swap products if they want to
  • Keep customers up to speed about their loyalty points by sending personalized emails via the Appstle app
  • Provide customers with excellent customer support to ensure their needs are met

Appstle incorporates gamification elements into its loyalty programs

One of the standout features of Appstle is its incorporation of gamification elements into its loyalty programs. By incorporating gamification elements, Appstle taps into the innate human desire for competition and achievement, maximizing customer engagement, and encouraging repeat visits and purchases.

Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs AiTrillion Loyalty

Appstle’s gamified loyalty programs offer multiple benefits to businesses –


  • The inclusion of gamification elements taps into customers’ desire for competition and achievement, boosting their engagement with the brand.
  • By offering challenges and rewards, Appstle motivates customers to actively engage and increase their loyalty and likelihood of repeat purchases.
  • The gamification approach employed by Appstle strengthens brand loyalty as customers feel recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments. This creates a stronger emotional connection between customers and the brand, leading to long-term loyalty and advocacy.

With its gamification elements, extensive features, and proven track record, Appstle stands out as a better alternative to AiT Loyalty, Rewards, Email.

Appstle offers automated wishlist management

AiT does not offer any wishlist feature, whereas Appstle not only provides a wishlist feature but also goes the extra mile with its automated wishlist management.


Here are the key advantages of Appstle’s automated wishlist management:


  • Appstle intelligently tracks wish list items and sends timely notifications to customers regarding price drops or availability. This enhances the overall shopping experience.
  • The automated wishlist management feature goes beyond being a simple product bookmarking tool. It actively assists customers in making their desired purchases by keeping them informed about any changes in price or availability.
  • By proactively addressing customers’ needs, Appstle creates a sense of personalized attention, making customers feel valued and increasing the likelihood of wishlist conversions.
  • Appstle leverages the power of targeted promotions for wish list items, presenting tailored offers and incentives that encourage customers to turn their saved products into actual purchases.

Appstle offers powerful third-party integrations

Appstle offers powerful integrations that enhance the functionality of its loyalty programs, providing businesses with a range of benefits for their customers.

Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs AiTrillion Loyalty

Here’s how Appstle’s robust integration capabilities can help you –


  • The ability to integrate with tools like Gorgias, Klaviyo, and Yotpo allows businesses to offer added value to their loyalty program members.
  • By seamlessly connecting loyalty programs with other tools and apps, businesses can create a holistic and seamless customer journey.
  • Appstle’s integrations enable businesses to utilize personalization, marketing automation, and customer service tools alongside their loyalty programs, resulting in better customer experiences.
  • By improving the capabilities of their loyalty programs, businesses can boost customer engagement rates, increase retention, and drive more sales.

The AiT Loyalty, Rewards, email app offers little to no support for dynamic third-party integrations. Appstle’s winning factor lies in its seamless integration of various tools and services, streamlining customer experiences and enabling businesses to provide a more personalized journey. The result is a cohesive ecosystem that optimizes customer interactions and boosts loyalty and sales.

Appstle helps growing businesses scale

Appstle Loyalty is a versatile platform that is designed to scale alongside businesses as they grow. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, Appstle accommodates increased transaction volumes, expanded customer bases, and evolving business needs. With Appstle, businesses can easily adjust their loyalty programs to meet changing customer demands and stay competitive.

On the other hand, AiT may not be the ideal choice for all businesses due to its complexity and the steep learning curve required to use the platform effectively. While the available functionalities of AiT Loyalty are impressive, not all businesses need such complexity, and the platform may be too advanced for some.


This is where Appstle comes in, providing an intuitive platform that is easy to use and customizable to meet diverse business needs. As businesses grow, Appstle Loyalty adapts alongside them, offering the scalability and flexibility needed to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Appstle is highly customer-centric

Appstle is a customer loyalty program app that is designed specifically for Shopify. Its focus is on enhancing the customer experience, and it offers a wide range of functions to achieve this.


Let’s take a closer look at some of its features –


  • Appstle provides an easy and straightforward onboarding process for merchants. Getting started with the app is a hassle-free experience that doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge or expertise.
  • Merchants using Appstle have a high level of control over their loyalty program. They can easily manage and customize different aspects of the program, ensuring it is aligned with their branding and business goals.
  • Appstle offers a simple and secure integration that links Shopify’s checkout with the website’s checkout process. This integration streamlines the customer experience by providing a consolidated checkout system for both one-time and recurring orders.

Seamless migration to Appstle from other apps

As eCommerce businesses expand their customer base, the scope of loyalty programs naturally expands as well. Hence, having a scalable loyalty program app is important. However, if you are already leveraging a comprehensive and effective tool like Appstle, there’s no need to fret. But if your current software falls short in facilitating scalability, it may be time to consider a more suitable solution.


Given its standing as the best loyalty app for Shopify stores, Appstle Loyalty & Rewards emerges as the preferred choice for numerous Shopify merchants seeking to transition. Here are some key features of the app:


  • Appstle offers round the clock customer service
  • It seamlessly integrates with a wide range of third-party tools
  • The app simplifies the process of adding and expanding features
  • Appstle exhibits strong compatibility with third-party apps like Bundle, Gorgias, Growave, Langify, Klaviyo, and PageFly.
  • Appstle provides personalized integration options
  • Easy migration from previous versions, including support for themes 2.0

Ready to set up or migrate to Appstle Loyalty and Rewards App on your Shopify store?

Appstle has emerged as one of the best shopify apps for loyalty and rewards for Shopify merchants seeking to set up, improve, and enhance their loyalty programs. It ticks all the boxes for your ideal Shopify customer loyalty app.


If you’re searching for a reliable alternative for your Shopify rewards app, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you in seamlessly transitioning to Appstle and provide any support you may need.


Alternatively, you can quickly install the Appstle Loyalty & Rewards app and get in touch with our dedicated support staff.


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