Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs Growave Loyalty

Appstle Loyalty & Rewards

Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs Growave Loyalty

Growave Loyalty & Rewards

An Alternative To Growave Loyalty

Why Appstle Loyalty And Rewards App Is Better

Running an eCommerce business can be challenging, especially when it comes to tasks like managing customers, handling billing and invoicing, and handling promotions.

To provide the best customer experiences and retain them, it’s important to have top-notch rewards and loyalty applications for your Shopify store. 


If you’ve been searching for alternatives to Growave Loyalty, you’re in luck! Appstle is a highly-rated app for Shopify, currently ranked first among all apps with a 5-star rating. 


In this article, we’ll explore why many Growave Loyalty merchants are looking for an alternative solution and what makes Appstle one of the best Shopify apps for loyalty and rewards.

Growave vs Appstle – A snapshot


Appstle Loyalty & Rewards


Easy onboarding and migration

Flexibility to add new functionalities

Customer engagement features

Efficient customer support

Gamified loyalty programs

Automated wishlist management

Seamless app integrations

High customer-centric approach

Competitive pricing

Security & Stability


What is Appstle Loyalty and Rewards App?

Appstle Loyalty and Rewards app is a standout among the top Shopify loyalty apps, empowering businesses to deliver engaging experiences to their customers and cultivate a highly loyal customer base.

Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs Growave Loyalty

Installing the Appstle app is a breeze, and it allows for effortless management of all loyalty and rewards programs. Moreover, it boasts unparalleled customization capabilities, enabling businesses to tailor their loyalty programs to their specific needs and preferences and ultimately foster a highly loyal customer base.

Rated highly by numerous Shopify merchants, Appstle is meticulously designed to ensure customers have a seamless journey. Here are some key features of Appstle:


  • Quick and easy set-up of loyalty and rewards programs
  • Enables personalized upselling and marketing
  • Simple management of loyalty and rewards programs
  • Client assistance, guidance, and support are available 24/7/365
  • Simple multi-tier discount setup
  • Management of customized shipping, dunning, and cancellation shares are current

And so many Shopify merchants can’t stop talking about it –


Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs Growave Loyalty

Growave Loyalty and Wishlist App

Growave Loyalty is an app that allows you to create a customized loyalty program for your business. It offers features such as Loyalty Points, Rewards, and Referrals, which can help you incentivize customers and boost their engagement.

Growave Loyalty vs. Appstle: Why Appstle Is The Best Alternative to Growave Loyalty?

Appstle enables seamless onboarding and migration

One key factor that sets Appstle apart from Growave is its user-friendly onboarding process. 

Appstle makes it easy for businesses to get started with their loyalty programs by offering a simple and intuitive setup process. With clear instructions and guidance, businesses can quickly launch their loyalty programs and begin engaging their customers. Appstle’s onboarding process is designed to be accessible and streamlined, ensuring that businesses can start leveraging the app’s features without any delay.

In addition to its user-friendly onboarding process, Appstle makes it easy for businesses to switch from other loyalty platforms, including Growave. 

Appstle provides seamless migration from other platforms, allowing businesses to import their customer data and loyalty program details with ease. This hassle-free migration ensures that businesses can quickly switch to Appstle without losing any data or having to start from scratch. 


Appstle allows easy addition of new functionalities

In today’s digital world, customers expect great online experiences from brands. eCommerce businesses constantly need to introduce new features to meet these changing customer demands.

Appstle is an app that offers a wide range of features. It also allows easy integration with other apps. Some of the things you can do with Appstle are:

  • Build customized boxes
  • Predict and manage your inventory
  • Customize your shipping options
  • Handle cancellations efficiently
  • Send email notifications to customers
  • Apply integrated discounts
  • Let customers skip orders if needed
  • Set up automatic billing

With all these helpful features, it’s no wonder that Appstle is highly regarded as one of the top customer loyalty apps for Shopify. It greatly improves efficiency and enhances the overall customer experience.



Boosts customer engagement and loyalty

The success of eCommerce businesses hinges on building long-term relationships between customers and the brand. Having long-term relationships creates numerous touchpoints for engaging customers throughout their purchasing journey, increasing opportunities to strengthen customer loyalty.

Appstle provides many engagement and loyalty features:

  • Use Appstle functions that enable upselling—offer better products/services that add value to customers
  • Allow customers to skip/swap products if they want to
  • Keep customers up to speed about their loyalty points by sending personalized emails via the Appstle app
  • Provide customers with excellent customer support to ensure their needs are met

Appstle incorporates gamification elements into its loyalty programs

Unlike Growave, Appstle recognizes the significance of gamification in enhancing the loyalty experience. Appstle effectively captures customers’ attention and motivates them to actively participate in loyalty programs by integrating game mechanics such as challenges, levels, and badges.

Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs Growave Loyalty

This interactive and enjoyable approach fosters increased engagement, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Appstle’s gamified loyalty programs offer numerous benefits to businesses.


  • Firstly, the inclusion of gamification elements boosts customer engagement by tapping into their inherent desire for competition and achievement.
  • By offering challenges and rewards, Appstle incentivizes customers to actively engage with the brand, increasing their loyalty and likelihood of repeat purchases.
  • Additionally, the gamification approach employed by Appstle enhances brand loyalty as customers feel recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments. This creates a stronger emotional connection between customers and the brand, leading to long-term loyalty and advocacy.

Appstle offers automated wishlist management

When it comes to wishlist functionality, both Growave and Appstle offer convenient options for customers to save their desired products. While Growave includes wishlist features, Appstle takes it a step further by offering automated wishlist management, making it the superior Growave Loyalty alternative.

Appstle intelligently tracks wishlist items, providing customers with timely notifications of price drops or availability, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Appstle’s automated wishlist management feature goes beyond a mere product bookmarking tool. It actively assists customers in making their desired purchases by keeping them informed about any changes in price or availability.

This proactive approach creates a sense of personalized attention, helping customers feel valued and increasing the likelihood of wishlist conversions.

Additionally, Appstle leverages the power of targeted promotions for wishlist items, presenting tailored offers and incentives that encourage customers to turn their saved products into actual purchases.


Apostle offers powerful third-party integrations

Appstle leverages the power of integrations to bring a range of features and functionalities to its loyalty programs, enhancing the overall customer experience. With simple and easy-to-use integrations, businesses can connect their loyalty programs with tools like Gorgias, Klaviyo, and Yotpo, offering added value for their loyalty program members.

Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs Growave Loyalty

Using Appstle for loyalty programs offers several perks for businesses. 


  • The ability to integrate with other tools and apps enriches the customer experience, allowing businesses to provide their customers with a holistic and seamless journey. 
  • Appstle’s integrations enable businesses to leverage personalization, marketing automation, and customer service tools alongside their loyalty programs, ensuring they can provide better customer experiences. 
  • By enhancing their loyalty programs’ capabilities, businesses can improve their customer engagement rates, increasing retention and driving more sales. 

Appstle is highly customer-centric

Appstle is a customer loyalty program app designed specifically for Shopify. It provides a wide range of functions aimed at keeping the customer experience at the forefront. Let’s explore some of its key features:

  • Appstle offers an easy and straightforward onboarding process for merchants. Getting started with the app is hassle-free and doesn’t require extensive technical know-how.
  • With Appstle, merchants have a high level of control over their loyalty program. They can easily manage and customize various aspects of their loyalty program, ensuring it aligns with their branding and business goals.
  • Appstle allows merchants to provide exclusive perks and special offers to their loyal customers. This helps to create a sense of value and reward, encouraging continued engagement and repeat purchases.
  • Appstle offers a simple and secure integration that links Shopify’s checkout with the website’s checkout process. This integration enables merchants to process both one-time and recurring orders simultaneously through a consolidated checkout system.

Compared to Growave, Appstle provides a more streamlined onboarding experience, which merchants have found to be less tedious. This makes Appstle a better alternative for those looking to enhance their customer loyalty programs.

Ready to set up or migrate to Appstle Loyalty and Rewards App on your Shopify store?

Many Shopify merchants who are using other apps for their loyalty programs are now opting to migrate to Appstle. Being recognized as one of the best Shopify customer loyalty apps, Appstle offers you the opportunity to optimize the performance of your eCommerce business.


If you’re searching for a reliable alternative for your Shopify rewards app, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you in seamlessly transitioning to Appstle and provide any support you may need. 


Alternatively, you can quickly install the Appstle app and get in touch with our dedicated support staff.

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