Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs Loyalty Lion

Appstle Loyalty

Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs Loyalty Lion


An Alternative To LoyaltyLion

Why Appstle Loyalty And Rewards App Is Better

It’s challenging to keep your eCommerce business operating efficiently. Roadblocks can occasionally appear in the areas of customer management, billing, invoicing, recurring payments, promotional management, etc.


You need to have the top Shopify rewards and loyalty applications if you want to provide the best experiences to customers and retain them for long. You’re in luck if you’ve been hunting for LoyaltyLion’s alternatives! We’ll go over how Appstle can improve engagement for your Shopify business in detail.

To put Appstle’s capabilities in perspective right now, consider that it is the only 5-star app for Shopify and currently ranks first among apps!


Let’s now examine the reasons why so many LoyaltyLion merchants are seeking an alternate solution and what makes Appstle unique.

LoyaltyLion vs. Appstle – A snapshot


Appstle Loyalty & Rewards


Loyalty tiers


Efficient customer support

Flexibility to add new functionalities

Customer engagement features

Comprehensive features

Advanced customization

High customer-centric approach

Security & Stability


Appstle Loyalty and Rewards app

One of the best Shopify loyalty apps, Appstle Loyalty and Rewards app enables companies to give end customers products an engaging experience and build a highly loyal customer base. 


The app is easy to install and enables simple and efficient management of all loyalty and rewards programs. Besides, it has unrivaled customization abilities, which helps build a highly loyal customer base.


Highly rated amongst Shopify merchants, Appstle is designed to provide customers with a seamless journey. Some of the primary aspects of Appstle at a glance: 


  • Quick and easy set-up of loyalty and rewards programs
  • Enables personalized upselling and marketing
  • Simple management of loyalty and rewards programs
  • Client assistance, guidance, and support are available 24/7/365
  • Simple multi-tier discount setup
  • Management of customized shipping, dunning, and cancellation shares are current

Some reviews by Appstle customers:

Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs Loyalty Lion


LoyaltyLion is a data and engagement app designed for eCommerce loyalty programs. The app has features that support and drive opt-ins, repeat purchase, engagement, etc. The app integrates with Shopify, Shopify Plus, Klaviyo, Recharge, Gorgias, among other apps. The app’s features include referrals, loyalty tiers, analytics, notifications, etc.

LoyaltyLion vs. Appstle: Why Appstle Is The Best LoyaltyLion Alternative?

Appstle enables seamless migration

When managed well, eCommerce rewards programs could grow at a fast rate. For example, a good Shopify business will have its existing customers who are repeat buyers. Alongside, there might be new customers who you want to bring on board your loyalty programs.


To handle this growth, you need a loyalty app that allows scalability without any issues. That’s where Appstle comes in, earning points over LoyaltyLion. Here are the factors that make it easy for businesses to migrate from other apps to Appstle:


  • Appstle provides 24x7x365 customer support
  • Easy third-party app integration 
  • Easy to add/expand features in loyalty programs
  • Appstle integrates with Bundle, Gorgias, Growave, Langify, Klaviyo, PageFly, Yotpo, among others.
  • Appstle provides custom integrations
  • Easy migration from V1 and V2 apps. Supports 2.0 themes

LoyaltyLion lags behind Appstle in some aspects. For example, Kalviyo integration on the app is tricky.

Excellent customer support from Appstle technical teams

Appstle allows easy addition of new functionalities

Today’s tech-savvy consumers demand top-notch digital experiences from brands. eCommerce brands constantly need to introduce new features in order to meet the ever changing customer demands.


Appstle provides the widest range of features. In addition, the app easily adds and integrates third-party apps. Some of the capabilities that Appstle provides are:


  • Build-a-box
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Customized shipping
  • Management of cancellations
  • Email customers with notifications
  • Integrated discounts
  • Allow customers to skip orders
  • Auto-billing

It should come as no surprise that Appstle is one of the top Shopify customer loyalty apps because of all these features that improve efficiency and customer experience.

Boosts customer engagement and loyalty

eCommerce businesses are built on long-term customer-brand foundations. Long-term provides many touchpoints to engage customers throughout the customer lifecycle, giving excellent engagement opportunities. The result: improved customer loyalty.


Appstle provides many engagement and loyalty features:


  • Use Appstle functions that enable upselling—offer better products/services that add value to customers
  • Allow customers to skip/swap products if they want to
  • Keep customers up to speed about their loyalty points by sending personalized emails via Appstle app
  • Provide customers excellent customer support to ensure their needs are met

Appstle offers a comprehensive suite of features

Rewards programs have a lot going on—customers might want to know their points, have questions about the program or benefits, you might need real-time automated rewards features, etc. For all these and other functions to run smoothly on the app, you require a comprehensive set of features that function in harmony with each other.


That’s where Appstle has a competitive edge over LoyaltyLion. Here are some Appstle features:


  • With Appstle, you can create different types of rewards programs
  • Provide special benefits to loyalty program customers
  • Organize exclusive events, sales, etc. for them
  • Auto billing
  • Custom shipping—allows customers to manage multiple shipping profiles
  • Recapture failed transactions via automated dunning
  • Real-time performance tracker

Appstle provides flexibility and customization

There’s a lot of competition in the eCommerce rewards and loyalty market. To stand out from the crowd and to retain customers, you need to offer something unique. This is another aspect that LoyaltyLion gets left behind and Appstle steals the show.

Appstle offers a wide range of flexibility and customization features:

  • Appstle’s dashboard offers advanced customization capabilities
  • Appstle allows custom shipping features—create and manage multiple shipping profiles based on weight, order value, etc.
  • Highly customizable CSS and functionalities


Track performance of rewards programs

Tracking performance and making changes is the best way to understand progress and find gaps that need to be addressed. You can get an understanding of factors such as customer perception, satisfaction, churn, problems, among other things.


Apart from periodic tracking, Appstle also enables real-time tracking. This can help your customers’ actions and predict their future actions. This can help you come up with suitable and relevant communication in a timely manner. If you want to apply the power of real-time tracking in your rewards programs, try Appstle, the best alternative to LoyaltyLion.


  • Track the overall performance of your loyalty programs in real-time
  • Analyze the performance data to understand what’s working and not
  • Make changes and optimize for better performance
  • Track detailed reports of income patterns and improve marketing activities


In comparison to Appstle, LoyaltyLion offers limited automation features and doesn’t provide the best purchase experiences to customers.

Appstle is highly customer-centric

Appstle is among the Shopify customer loyalty program apps designed to give a full range of functions that keep the customer experience at the center. Let’s look at it’s features:


  • It has a quick and simple set-up for merchants
  • Appstle offers a high level of self-management proficiency
  • Customers can enjoy exclusive and special benefits, etc.
  • The app gives retailers a simple and safe way to link Shopify checkout with their website’s checkout process.
  • The integration enables simultaneous processing of both one-time and recurring orders through a consolidated checkout. 

Compared to Appstle, merchants have found LoyaltyLion’s onboarding experience to be tedious—one of the reasons why Appstle is a better alternative to LoyaltyLion.

Ready to set up or migrate to Appstle Loyalty and Rewards App on your Shopify store?

There’s a large number of Shopify merchants using other apps migrating to Appstle. Considered one of the best Shopify customer loyalty program apps, you can utilize and maximize the performance of your eCommerce business by migrating to Appstle.


Reach out to us if you’re looking for a reliable alternative for your Shopify rewards app. Alternatively, you may quickly set up Appstle app and get in touch with our support staff.

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