Appstle | Appslte Loyalty vs Smile

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Appstle | Appslte Loyalty vs Smile

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Why Appstle Loyalty And Rewards App Is Better

Maintaining effective operation of your e-commerce business is difficult. In the fields of client management, billing, invoicing, recurring payments, customer retention, loyalty programs, promotional management, etc., there may occasionally be obstacles.


If you want everything to work smoothly, you must have the finest Shopify applications. If you’ve been looking for’s alternatives for your loyalty or rewards programs, you’re in luck! We’ll go into detail about how Appstle can help your Shopify shop.


Consider that Appstle now holds the top spot among apps and is the only 5-star app for Shopify to put its skills into context.


Let’s now look at what makes Appstle special and why so many retailers are looking for an alternative solution. vs. Appstle – A snapshot


Appstle Loyalty & Rewards

Advanced customization

App integrations

Easy migration

Efficient customer support

Flexibility to add new functionalities

Customer engagement features

Real-time performance tracking

High customer-centric approach

Appstle Loyalty and Rewards app

Appstle Loyalty and Rewards app is considered one of the best apps for Shopify rewards and loyalty apps. The app is easy to install, migrate to, and manage for merchants. In the recent past, hundreds of Shopify merchants have migrated from other rewards apps to Appstle. That’s because the app provides comprehensive features:


  • Quick and easy set-up of rewards and loyalty programs
  • Enables personalized upselling and marketing
  • Simple rewards program management
  • Client assistance, guidance, and support available 24/7/365
  • Simple multi-tier discount setup
  • Management of customized shipping, dunning, and cancellation shares are current is a loyalty program app designed for eCommerce businesses. It enables brands to create and run rewards, VIP, and loyalty programs. Its features include customization capabilities, simple set up and functions, no requirement of coding knowledge, integration with other tools, among others. vs. Appstle: Why Appstle Is The Best Alternative?

Easily migrate from other apps to Appstle

As eCommerce businesses scale, they might require to change their technology infrastructure to meet the increasing number of customer needs and orders. Many Shopify merchants have migrated from other apps to Appstle Loyalty and Rewards app as the app offers better features. Here are some of its features:


  • 24x7x365 customer support
  • Easy third-party app integration 
  • Easy to add/expand features in the programs
  • Appstle integrates with Bundle, Gorgias, Growave, Langify, Klaviyo, PageFly, Yotpo, among others.
  • Appstle provides custom integrations
  • Easy migration from V1 and V2 apps. Supports 2.0 themes

24x7x365 customer support by Appstle

Customers expect promptness and responsiveness from their service providers. However, there is unprecedented demand to provide high-quality customer assistance due to growing competition. Rapid digitalization of eCommerce businesses and a surge in the number of customers mean many businesses lack technical capabilities, and often require help from their app teams.


Appstle’s support teams have a proven track record of high standards of customer support, making it the best Shopify apps for loyalty programs.


  • Product and technical teams are available to help merchants 24x7x365
  • Where necessary, customer care executives provide guidance instead of automated chatbots
  • Appstle’s support team is easy to reach via a live chat widget on the dashboard

Here’s a quick review by one Appstle customer:


Appstle | Appslte Loyalty vs Smile

Appstle easily integrates new features

Fierce competition in the eCommerce world means brands also tend to constantly add new features to enhance customer experience. Appstle provides powerful capabilities to add new features and third-party apps.


  • Build-a-box
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Customized shipping
  • Management of cancellations
  • Email customers with notifications
  • Integrated discounts
  • Allow customers to skip orders
  • Auto-billing

The above capabilities make Appstle the best alternative to

Appstle helps improve customer engagement

Compared to one-time purchases, loyalty programs provide a higher level of customer engagement. While it’s easier to bring customers back to your store, you still have to create relevant strategies to optimize rewards programs to increase their lifetime value.


  • Use Appstle functions that enable upselling—offer better products/services that add value to customers
  • Allow customers to skip/swap products 
  • Keep customers up to speed about their rewards by sending personalized emails via Appstle app
  • Provide customers excellent customer support to ensure their needs are met

Comprehensive set of features

To provide a good rewards and loyalty experience to customers, you require many features and functions on your app. Moreover, all the functions have to run smoothly. 


Appstle provides a set of complete features for maximum functionality. Apart from basic features such as options for different types of programs, you can utilize its advanced features to boost customer retention, loyalty and customer lifetime value.


Another positive aspect of Appstle is that it’s designed for all Shopify business merchants—those launching programs and those already using another rewards app and looking to migrate.


Here are Appstle features that make it the best alternative for customer loyalty.


  • Appstle allows you to create different types of loyalty programs
  • Product swap for certain deliveries
  • One-time include new products
  • Auto billing
  • Custom shipping—allows customers to manage multiple shipping profiles
  • Recapture failed transactions via automated dunning
  • Real-time performance tracker

In comparison, poses many challenges. Merchants find it’s user experience, for customers and their teams is not up to the mark. Moreover, there’s a lack of positive response from the site when codes are applied. These and many more challenges make Appstle a good alternative.

Flexibility and customization

Ecommerce businesses face a lot of competition. And so, it’s critical for brands to differentiate themselves from others. It helps retain customers and improve loyalty, too. Apostle wins over in offering flexibility and customization capabilities. Here are some of the features:


  • Appstle’s dashboard offers advanced customization capabilities
  • Appstle allows custom shipping features—create and manage multiple shipping profiles based on weight, order value, etc.
  • Highly customizable CSS and functionalities

Real-time performance tracking with Appstle

It’s critical to track the performance of your business—number of new sign ups, churn, changes in customers’ activities on the site, frequency of technical glitches, etc. by tracking the performance, you can address any issues and bring changes that help you achieve your loyalty program goals. 


Appstle offers real-time tracking in addition to recurring tracking. This can influence your consumers’ actions and foretell their future behavior. This can assist you in quickly developing appropriate and pertinent communication. Try Appstle, the ideal alternative, if you want to use the power of real-time tracking in your business.


  • Real-time monitoring of performance
  • Examine the performance data to determine what is and is not working
  • Make adjustments and performance improvements
  • Monitor in-depth information on income trends and enhance your marketing efforts

Appstle is customer-centric

One of the Shopify customer loyalty programme apps is called Appstle. It offers a wide range of features while keeping the needs of the customer first. Let’s examine its characteristics:


  • Setting up a loyalty program on Shopify sites is quick and easy with Appstle
  • Appstle provides high levels of self-management competence
  • Customers can update payment information, add one-time products, modify orders, skip delivery, and more
  • The app offers merchants a quick and secure way to connect the Shopify checkout with the checkout process on their website
  • Through a consolidated checkout, the integration enables the concurrent processing of both one-time and recurring orders
  • With the help of Appstle, companies may create unique and conventional rewards programs that can be tailored to the needs of their clients.
  • Customers receive timely and personalized email updates.

Are you ready to set up or migrate to Appstle Loyalty And Rewards App on your Shopify store?

Many merchants using other apps are migrating to Appstle. Considered one of the best Shopify customer loyalty program apps, we have helped numerous brands migrate to Appstle.


Reach out to us if you’re looking for a reliable alternative for your Shopify app. Alternatively, you may quickly set up Appstle app and get in touch with our support staff.

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