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Appstle | Appstle Loyalty vs Loloyal


An Alternative To Loloyal

Why Appstle Subscriptions And Loyalty App Is Better

For eCommerce stores, loyalty programs are one of the best ways to engage customers and boost revenue. However, a run of the mill loyalty program will not cut it in today’s cut-throat competitive eCommerce environment.


To ensure the best loyalty program within your industry, you would need to have the best loyalty features. For that, you need an effective app. But there are many options in the market. How do you know which is the best one for your store?

Here, we take a comparative look at Appstle Loyalty and Rewards and Loloyal and understand why Appstle is a better alternative to Loloyal.

Loloyal vs Appstle – A snapshot


Appstle Loyalty & Rewards



Gamified loyalty programs

Multiple ways to earn

Seamless app integrations

Comprehensive features

Efficient customer support

High-level customization

Security & Stability


Competitive pricing

Easy migration

What is the Appstle Loyalty and Rewards App?

Appstle Loyalty and Rewards app is an application for Shopify sites. The app helps set up, launch, and manage loyalty and rewards programs. It is one of the best Shopify apps for customer loyalty programs, offering a set of advanced and intuitive features that help engage customers and make their experience better. The app offers automation features that manage repetitive and real-time tasks, making processes faster and easier. Here are some more features of the app:


  • The app allows creating different types of loyalty programs
  • You can gamify your programs via the app
  • It provides in-depth performance analytics of the loyalty program
  • You can receive 24x7x365 merchant support
  • The app seamlessly integrates with third-party tools

What is the Loloyal app?

Loloyal is a loyalty and rewards app that enables brands to grow their business via features such as easy set up of loyalty programs, limited-time offers, built-in design themes, omnichannel experience, and performance analytics, among other features.

Loloyal vs. Appstle: Why Appstle is the best alternative to Loloyal?

Shopify merchants who use loyalty apps other than Appstle have voiced worries about the apps’ feature restrictions and higher price tags. The best course of action for these merchants is to switch to Appstle—one of the top loyalty management platforms for Shopify.

Create various kinds of loyalty programs with Appstle

Loyalty programs come in a variety of forms. Shopify retailers must select the best type of loyalty programs depending on customer preferences. For example, VIP paid programs, store credits, prize points, and tiered loyalty programs.


You can choose from the many different types of loyalty programs when you use Appstle Loyalty & Rewards app — the best Loloyal alternative. The app enables you to tweak or update your loyalty programs, do A/B tests, and conduct trials to determine the most effective kind of loyalty program for your Shopify store. You can, therefore, easily enhance the functionality and outcomes of your loyalty program. 

Create gamified experiences for your customers

The success percentage of gamified loyalty programs is 50% higher than that of standard loyalty programs. Gamified loyalty programs incorporate elements of entertainment, games, competition, winning, and immediate pleasure and hence, have higher engagement levels. By using Appstle Loyalty and Rewards, you can design gamified loyalty programs, and take advantage of these elements to ensure more customer engagement. 


Several elements in the Appstle Loyalty & Rewards app can improve your gamified loyalty program. You could implement gamified prizes, simple point redemption, etc.—another reason for why Appstle is among the best alternatives to Loloyal.

Offer multiple ways for customers to earn loyalty points

Instant gratification increases brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Giving customers the ability to earn loyalty points frequently is one approach to boost satisfaction. You may create numerous methods and rules to earn loyalty rewards using Appstle Loyalty & Rewards.
For instance, give them points on their birthdays and anniversaries, for purchases, referrals, during sales, for likes and comments on social media, for user-generated content, etc. In addition to these, you might incorporate gamification into the plan to increase their points total. Another reason Appstle is preferable to Loloyal is that it aids in the customization and personalization of the loyalty program to target client categories.

Appstle integrates with other marketing apps easily

Informed and knowledgeable consumers use a variety of channels to interact with brands. As a result, it is crucial for eCommerce brands to create and offer them top-notch omnichannel experiences. And your loyalty program should also be a part of this plan. As a result, you should be ready to provide your loyalty program customers with the best experiences on social media sites, messaging applications, and more. The advantages of Appstle over other apps in this area make it the best loyalty management platform for Shopify stores

Appstle provides top-notch customer service

Appstle’s 24-hour, 365-day customer assistance feature is one of the most talked about  by merchants who use the app. Shopify merchants and backend teams may want assistance from the loyalty app customer care team for various reasons. It is crucial that they receive quick support at such times. Customer support for the Appstle Loyalty & Rewards app is available with just one click. The dashboard, chatbot, and other channels are available for merchants to get in touch with the team. Appstle is one of the best Loloyal alternatives, thanks to its excellent customer service. 

Appstle offers high-level personalization and customization

Customers benefit more when they are approached with relevant information and offers. Thanks to customization and personalization, it is easy to ensure meaningful experiences for your customers. Due to the fact that no two clients are the same, a one-size-fits-all strategy cannot produce the intended outcomes. You must, therefore, contact various consumer segments in various ways. And the good news is, Appstle Loyalty and Rewards app makes it easy, making it the best Shopify app for customer loyalty programs.


For instance, you may develop and deliver personalized messages to customers using the Appstle app, as well as build various customer segments and provide personalized rewards. 

Ensure customer data security with Appstle

Security is a major concern for online shoppers. Customers end up disclosing sensitive information about their banks, credit cards, personal addresses, etc. while eCommerce stores demand this information that is necessary for transactions. Customers dread cyber threats and refrain from providing information to brands in the absence of data security assurance. Customers can feel confident and secure knowing that the Appstle Loyalty & Rewards app complies with data security laws. This makes it simple for Shopify business owners to manage their loyalty programs by ensuring customers their data is safe.

Easily migrate from other apps to Appstle

As eCommerce businesses grow and attract more clients, the rewards programs also grow with it. Therefore, having a scalable loyalty program app is crucial. However, you shouldn’t worry if you’re using an all-inclusive and effective tool like Appstle. You might need to switch to better software, though, if your current one is unable to help you scale. 


Since it is regarded as the best loyalty management platform for Shopify stores, Appstle Loyalty & Rewards is one of the apps that many Shopify merchants opt to switch to. Here are a few of the features of the app:


  • Appstle provides 24/7 client service
  • It’s easy to incorporate third-party tools on Appstle.
  • The app has simple feature additions and expansions
  • Appstle integrates well with third-party apps such as Bundle, Gorgias, Growave, Langify, Klaviyo, and PageFly.
  • Appstle offers personalized integrations
  • Simple app migration from versions 1 and 2. supports themes 2.0

Appstle allows easy third-party apps connect

Your loyalty program needs to have a variety of elements in order to provide customers with a positive experience. It is nearly difficult to find everything you require in a single tool, thus you would need third-party applications for that. And this is just another area where Appstle excels. The Appstle Loyalty & Rewards app combines easily with other apps. As a result, your loyalty program can incorporate the capabilities and features of other tools.

Are you ready to use Appstle—the best Shopify app for customer loyalty programs?

The features listed above are only a fraction of what Appstle offers. Along with these, the Appstle Loyalty & Rewards app provides a number of sophisticated built-in features that assist eCommerce stores in developing and expanding their loyalty programs and maintaining a competitive edge in the market. Appstle is the best Loloyal alternative if you’re searching for an effective and user-friendly loyalty app for your Shopify store.


Check out the Appstle Loyalty & Rewards app For your Shopify store right away! 

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