Build an unshakable customer base, with innovative and highly engaging loyalty programs

A comprehensive loyalty solution built to grow your revenue, brand loyalty, and CLTV

Your customers deserve the best. Unlock unmatched flexibility with Appstle Loyalty

Impactful loyalty programs based on best fit for product and store
Comprehensive activity rules, for exciting gamification of loyalty program
Customized loyalty redemption for continued engagement and brand affinity
Seamless integration across points of sales and social media platforms, for true omnichannel experience

Shopify's Most Powerful Loyalty Solution

Comprehensive activity rules to achieve unlimited use cases

Set smart and exhaustive rules on shopper activities that will fetch loyalty points and rewards. Customize and personalize as required, to make your most loyal shoppers feel specialhich ensure complete control over your customer’s subscription experience.

Impactful and engaging redemption rules to hold shopper loyalty strong

Provide engaging reward redemption avenues that add value to the loyalty program, while also maximizing your store revenue and CLTV. Create customized and cyclical brand engagement

Safe and secure shopper data collection for loyalty offers

Securely and seamlessly collate shopper behavior and activity data across POS and social media platforms, to build and offer Loyalty program and rewards.

As a natively integrated Shopify tool, Appstle does not store or use any shopper data!

Seamless connect with third-party apps and tools for enriching experience

Successful loyalty programs are deeply integrated with dedicated tools for communication (eg. email), activities (eg. referrals, reviews), workflow (zapier), etc. Appstle Loyalty integrates with several. Want us to integrate with a new app? Ping us!

Security and stability you can trust

Appstle supports some of Shopify’s largest Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. We know how important security and application stability are to our clients. Appstle’s infrastructure scales behind the scenes so that we support any volume of transactions.

24x7x365 customer support

The Appstle difference is our best in class customer support. You’re only ever a couple minutes away from knowledgeable support engineers who can help you build your memberships experience.

Best in class integrations

We play nice with Shopify’s most popular apps so you can integrate your membership program easily into your existing tech stack.

Have custom requirements? Let’s talk about Appstle Enterprise plans

We’ll help you build custom membership experiences on Appstle enterprise plans. Speak to an enterprise success specialist today to learn more.

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