Appstle | Appstle vs Seal subscription

Appstle Subscriptions

Appstle | Appstle vs Seal subscription

Seal Subscriptions

An Alternative to Seal Subscriptions

Why Appstle Subscriptions is The Best

There’s a high preference for eCommerce or online subscriptions. And there’s an equal amount of competition too! The global subscription app revenue via the App Stores amounted to $13.5 billion in 2021. For growing businesses, it’s a must to keep up with customer demands for subscriptions.

And for that, you need an efficient subscription tool to help you. There are several apps, but many of them offer limited features and capabilities that make it difficult for businesses to scale. And hence, a lot of merchants are looking to make a shift to other apps. 

If you’re a subscription business looking for a Seal alternative, here’s one of the best Shopify subscription apps – Appstle Subscriptions.

Seal vs. Appstle – A snapshot


Appstle Subscriptions

Seal Subscriptions

Easy migration

Efficient customer support

Flexibility to add new functionalities

Comprehensive features

Customer engagement features

Integrated checkout with Shopify checkout

0% transaction fee

Multiple pricing tiers covering
Enterprises and SMBs

High customer-centric approach

What is the Seal subscriptions app?

Seal is a subscriptions app for eCommerce stores. The app helps online stores set up and manage subscriptions and recurring payments business models. The app boasts features such as quick and easy configuration, self-managed subscriptions, one-time items, loyalty discounts, gifts, etc.

Many Shopify merchants use Seal. However, the app poses limitations to businesses that are looking to scale. And that is why many of them are looking for alternatives to Seal subscriptions, to migrate.

Here’s a look at one of the best subscription apps — Appstle Subscriptions.


What is Appstle Subscriptions?

Appstle is one of the most preferred apps for subscriptions businesses or businesses that use subscriptions as one of their business models. Ranking number one, it is the only five-star app in the subscriptions category. As on Nov ’23, the app supports more than 25,000 Shopify businesses across industries.

From basic to advanced, the app’s capabilities are designed to comprehensively address all kinds of customer requirements. One of the few subscription apps that are suited to scaling and growing businesses, the app helps improve conversion, drive traffic to the store, upsell, set up personalized promotions, customizations, and more. That’s why many users are migrating from Seal to Appstle.

Amongst its most talked about features is Appstle’s 24x7x365 product and customer support. Merchants can receive quick and efficient solutions to any problems on the site directly from 24x7x365 available merchant success team members.

Some of Appstle’s key features are:

  • Supports different types of subscription models
  • Self-managed subscriptions for customers
  • Targeted upselling
  • Multi-tier discounts
  • Custom shipping
  • Dunning and cancellation
  • Merchants can create and manage different types of subscription plans
  • Seamless migration from other apps
  • Personalized email notifications for customers
  • Auto billing for subscription products
  • A real-time product performance tracker

Why Appstle Subscriptions is the best alternative to Seal subscriptions?

Appstle enables different types of subscription models

Appstle allows businesses to setup and manage different types of subscription models such as the Build a Box that makes customers’ subscriptions experience convenient. In this model, customers can pick and choose the products they want in their delivery and keep changing them with every delivery. In comparison, Seal subscriptions does not allow all types of subscription models, a reason for increased Seal migrations.

The type of subscription model you set up would depend on your industry and customer preferences. But if your app lacks this capability, you would be stuck with just one or two types of models that might not always be relevant to your business. This is one of the biggest reasons for merchants to look for Seal subscription alternatives.


Appstle offers advanced subscriptions management features

Appstle offers comprehensive functionalities that make customers’ subscriptions experience convenient and better. Seal, on the other hand, offers lesser features. Moreover, with its always-on customer service, Appstle makes it super easy for merchants to use its different features, however advanced. In Appstle vs Seal comparison, Appstle subscription comes out on top.

Cancellation management
Many businesses focus only on acquiring and signing-up customers. But what if customers cancel their subscriptions? Is your app set up for managing all the tasks related to cancellation? Appstle is. With Appstle, you can choose multiple pathways depending on customer actions and increase retention.

Cancellation discount
When customers initiate a cancellation, your subscription app should be smart enough to try to retain them by initiating tactical workflows. Appstle is designed to offer a discount to customers when they initiate a cancellation (based on rules setup by the merchant, ofcourse!), which is another reason why it has become the best subscription app for Shopify.

Segment based plan
There are different types of customers who have different preferences. What if you could separate customers into different segments and offer them subscription plans based on their preferences? That’s something the Appstle Subscriptions and Loyalty app is designed to do. For example, you can create customer segments based on geo, with different shipping rates.

Multi-tier discounts
Multi-tier discounts are configured in a way that the applied discount or shipping rules to recurring orders changes as customer’s spend progresses. For example, a store could give 10% discount after every 20 deliveries and free shipping after 10 deliveries. This way, you can cater to customers of different average order values by offering different levels of discounts.

Targeted upselling
Upselling is based on the idea of offering a better product that could add more value to the customer in place of, or in addition to the one the customer is interested in. Appstle’s advanced capabilities can help your business to upsell to customers. Best Shopify subscriptions app now offer this feature, including Appstle.


Appstle offers excellent product & customer support through dedicated, highly technical teams

There’s a lot that goes on in subscription businesses. From signing up new customers to timely billing, multi-tier discounts for different customer categories to attending customer queries. It can be a high-stress environment.

But thanks to subscription apps such as Appstle that provide top-notch customer service. One reason merchants prefer Appstle over other subscription apps, is its quick and efficient customer service.

  • Appstle offers 24x7x365 support
  • It has dedicated highly technical product and customer support teams
  • The team members provide hand-holding to merchants through different processes
  • Appstle provides a human-to-human customer service experience, as opposed to automated bot support on other apps
  • Appstle’s support team is easy to contact through the merchant dashboard
  • The teams respond within a few minutes and provide relevant support to tackle specific merchant issues
  • This is one reason Appstle is a better alternative to Seal subscriptions. Appstle merchant reviews are proof.
Appstle | Appstle vs Seal subscription
Appstle | Appstle vs Seal subscription
Appstle | Appstle vs Seal subscription

Powerful customization

To attract customers to your subscriptions and to keep them engaged, you’d need some level of customization. Or else, your subscription plans might fail to stand out from the crowd.

Customers look for subscriptions that are unique and also cater to their needs. And the easiest way for brands to create unique subscription models is through customization.

Here are some of Appstle’s customization capabilities that has earned it the spot of the best subscriptions app for Shopify:

  • Customize labels and text when creating subscription plans
  • Customize email notifications’ text and appearance
  • Highly customizable functionalities in the merchant dashboard
  • Custom shipping – Appstle merchants can create and manage multiple shipping profiles based on weight, order value, etc.
  • Custom integration with internal systems

Coming to Seal subscriptions, even though the app provides customization features, it can be a challenge for merchants to use those features due to UI limitations. This makes Appstle one of the best Seal alternatives.

Appstle has customer retention capabilities

Sometimes customers’ actions don’t go the way you would like them to go. For example, a payment fails and the customer leaves your site. Or, customers initiate subscription cancellations.

At such times, if you don’t set up your subscription tool to take the necessary steps to retain customers, you could lose significant business.

To increase retention in these conditions, Appstle has advanced functionalities to recapture failed transactions and take steps based on customer pulse.

Appstle’s customer retention features include:

  • Customization of the cancellation flow by including additional steps
  • Questionnaire to gauge reasons for cancellation
  • Quick-action, intuitive features to control churn rate
  • Quick payment failed notifications and nudge to retry payment to customers

Capabilities to boost customer engagement and CLTV

There are immense opportunities but even more competition in the subscription industry, and hence, brands have to consistently put efforts into customer engagement and increase the customer lifetime value.

And that’s where Appstle Subscriptions program helps. The app is designed with excellent features to help boost brand engagement and loyalty.

  • Smooth and recurring payments experience
  • Customers can self-manage many actions
  • Features that support upselling
  • Multi-tier discounts
  • Custom shipping
  • Dunning and cancellation management
  • Real-time analytics
  • Language and currency customization for customers’ ease
  • Appstle helps simplify customers’ subscriptions experience
  • Loyalty rewards, free trials, and gifts for loyalty

Seal subscriptions app offers few customer engagement features compared to Appstle.

Comprehensive features

Different customers might expect different things from your subscription app. Hence, it’s important to have many features, including advanced capabilities in your app. That way, you won’t have to install different apps to enable various features.

Appstle Subscriptions app has a comprehensive suite of features required to perform different types of tasks on the app.


  • Easy setup
  • Automated notifications
  • Upselling
  • Multi-tier discounts
  • Cancellation management
  • Real-time performance tracker
  • Many types of subscription plans
  • Product swap/ delete
  • One-time product inclusion
  • Auto billing
  • Language, currency customization
  • Recapture failed transactions
  • One-off discount codes

Although Seal subscriptions offers a long list of features, when compared to Appstle, which is designed in a highly customer-centric way, Seal might lose points in convenience and ease of use of those features.


Whether it’s Shopify merchants or the end customers, both expect some level of flexibility in the subscription app. When digital platforms of businesses lack flexibility, it negatively affects both merchant and end-customer experience.

The result: merchants look for alternative apps, and customers tend to cancel subscriptions.

That is why you need Appstle for your Shopify subscription business.

  • Appstle’s dashboard allows customers highly customizable functionalities
  • Custom shipping – Appstle merchants can create and manage multiple shipping profiles based on geo, weight, order value, etc.
  • Appstle allows highly customizable CSS and functionalities from the dashboard
  • Merchants can manage subscription plans from the product description pages and the merchant portal
  • It provides flexibility in operations, as well

Ready to harness the capabilities of Appstle Subscriptions?

Appstle Subscriptions has quickly become the go-to for those looking for a Seal alternative and those that want the best Shopify subscription app.

Whether you’re about to launch your subscription business or you’re already running one on a subscription app and looking to migrate, Appstle is undoubtedly one of the best subscription apps for Shopify stores.

If you’re looking for efficient alternatives to Seal subscriptions, reach out to us. Conversely, you could easily install Appstle and contact our support team.

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