Appstle | Appstle vs Paywhirl subscription

Appstle Subscriptions

Appstle | Appstle vs Paywhirl subscription

Paywhirl Subscriptions

An Alternative to PayWhirl Subscriptions

Why Appstle Subscriptions is The Best Alternative

Whether you’re about to launch or have an existing subscription business on your Shopify store, you need an efficient tool to operate and grow your business.It’s expected that 53% of all software revenue by 2022 will be generated from subscription models. This article will offer the best Shopify subscription apps comparison and will show why Appstle Subscriptions is the best, and no alternative compares.


Many merchants trying to scale their businesses are looking for alternative subscription apps. For example, PayWhirl users. If you too are looking to make a shift, we’ll tell you all about one of the best alternatives to PayWhirl – Appstle Subscriptions app.

Paywhirl vs. Appstle – A snapshot


Appstle Subscriptions

Paywhirl Subscriptions

Easy migration

Efficient customer support

Flexibility to add new functionalities

Comprehensive features

Customer engagement features

Integrated checkout with Shopify checkout

0% transaction fee

Multiple pricing tiers covering
Enterprises and SMBs

High customer-centric approach

Appstle | Appstle vs Paywhirl subscription

What is the Pay Whirl subscriptions app?

PayWhirl is a subscription app that helps eCommerce stores set up and manage subscriptions and recurring payments business models.


The app boasts features such as subscriptions and single-payment options, direct electronic payments through saved bank accounts, payments via debit and credit cards, embedded payment widgets and checkout, customized emails, and invoices, among other capabilities.


Many merchants use PayWhirl. However, due to the app’s limitations for growing businesses, many of them are looking for PayWhirl alternatives. 


That’s what brings us to Appstle Subscriptions  – one of the best subscription apps for Shopify stores.


What is Appstle Subscriptions? 

Appstle is a number one-ranking subscriptions app for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. The only five-star app in the subscriptions category, it supports more than 25,000 Shopify businesses (at the time the article was written in November 2023), a feat unmatched by any Appstle alternative.


Apart from basic subscription features, the app provides some of the most advanced capabilities required for subscription models. 


Appstle is designed to improve conversion, drive traffic to the store, upsell, personalized promotions, customization, and more. In short, it’s an app suited for businesses that aim to scale and grow. You could make the best Shopify subscription apps comparison, and Appstle will come out on top for its compelling features, 24×7 support, and several other benefits.


Most importantly, with Appstle’s 24x7x365 product and customer support, merchants can receive quick solutions to any problems that may occur on the site. 


Here are some of Appstle’s key features:

  • Self-managed subscriptions for customers
  • Targeted upselling
  • Multi-tier discounts
  • Custom shipping
  • Dunning and cancellation
  • Merchants can create and manage different types of subscription plans
  • Seamless migration from other apps
  • Personalized email notifications for customers
  • Auto billing for subscription products
  • A real-time product performance tracker

Why Appstle Subscriptions is the best alternative to PayWhirl?

Appstle doesn’t charge an extra/transaction fee

One of the most critical factors for merchants to consider when launching subscriptions is the pricing and charges.

Many subscription apps, such as PayWhirl, charge a transaction fee on every transaction. This can add up as a massive cost to merchants. And these costs can decrease profits.

Moreover, transaction fees are unpredictable as they’re based on the number of transactions in the past months. This can affect the health of the business’s cash flow.

Let’s take a look at Appstle’s different plans and the fee structure.

When you use Appstle, you only pay what you see above – the monthly plan fee.


Why does Appstle not charge transaction fees?

  • Appstle’s mindful decision not to charge transaction fees stems from its merchant-centric business strategy.
  • It simplifies the business and accounting processes for both Appstle and its customers.
  • Appstle uses highly scalable technology and can provide subscription and loyalty tools at competitive costs.

And here’s what PayWhirl subscription payments are like:

Appstle | Appstle vs Paywhirl subscription

PayWhirl charges a fee on every recurring transaction that the app processes. It charges different percentages for its different plans. These transaction fees can add up and cause a huge dent in business profits.


To understand better, let’s take a look at the below hypothetical chart that shows the difference that not having to pay transaction fees can have on your finances.

Appstle | Appstle vs Paywhirl subscription


Unmatched product & customer support by dedicated, highly technical teams

Merchants and business owners function in a high-stress day-to-day environment. In that scenario, if something suddenly goes wrong with the subscription app, it can disrupt the flow of the business. It has to be sorted out fast. Else, it can result in huge losses to the business. At times, it can cost you and customers, too. This is a common problem you’ll find in Appstle alternatives.


This is why Appstle wins over many other subscription apps, including PayWhirl. While other apps struggle to align their customer support teams with merchants’ requirements, Appstle has put together a capable and highly efficient support team.


Here are some reasons why customers love Appstle’s support teams:

  • Appstle offers 24x7x365 support to merchants
  • Appstle has dedicated teams for product and customer support
  • The teams provide hand-holding through various processes, including migration
  • There’s a human touch as merchants get to explain their problems to actual human customer support agents
  • The support teams are easy to contact through a live chat on the merchant dashboard or pre-set Zoom meetings
  • The customer support response time is within minutes, so problems are addressed and solved in no time

Highly flexible for adding new functionalities

Technology, automation, and the digital space are advancing day by day. Customers expect online brands to provide a smooth and highly efficient website/ app experience. Not just that, they expect brands to have all the latest features added to the app.


With Appstle, it is possible to add new functionalities and advanced features. For subscription businesses looking to scale rapidly, this is a must.


Some of Appstle’s features that are convincing people to move from PayWhirl:

  • The app supports all types of subscription models
  • You can manage subscriptions from both the Appstle merchant portal and Shopify admin page
  • Send personalized emails to customers to improve retention
  • Customers can access and manage their subscriptions from an efficient customer portal
  • Customers can swap/ add/ delete products in an existing subscription
  • Access to details – active/in-active subscriptions, performance metrics, etc.
  • Robust webhooks and APIs to customize subscriptions
  • Customize currency, language, etc.

Seamless migration from other apps to Appstle

There’s a lot of competition in the subscription business market. Many brands are quickly investing in scaling their businesses to stay ahead of the competition. 80% of historical businesses are also adopting subscription models.


And as a subscription business scales, it requires an efficient app that can help it grow. When a business transitions from one app to the other, it has to be a smooth and quick process. Because the business flow should not get halted for too long.


This is another Appstle capability that makes it a more favorable app compared to PayWhirl, the Appstle alternative. Appstle’s dedicated migration teams ensure a smooth transition. Throughout the process, its support team is available 24×7 to provide hand-holding support to merchants.


Appstle easily integrates with other apps required for marketing, help desk, page building, automation, etc.


Here’s a quick recap of Appstle’s integration-friendly features, and what makes it a good alternative to PayWhirl subscriptions:

  • 24x7x365 support to merchants for a smooth integration process
  • Easily integrates with third-party apps
  • Makes it easy to expand features on your store
  • Integrates with Bundle, Gorgias, Growave, Langify, Klaviyo, PageFly, Yotpo, among other apps
  • Find Appstle’s full integration list here
  • Seamless migration from V1 and V2 apps. Supports 2.0 themes

Here’s what a customer had to say about the app’s smooth installation:

Appstle | Appstle vs Paywhirl subscription

Access and track performance in real-time

Real-time tracking has many benefits for subscription businesses.

It helps improve customer retention and loyalty. How? Real-time tracking can give you information about customer behavior and what actions customers might take, which is why Appstle better than PayWhirl.

You can use this information to encourage them to take actions desired by you. For example, if a customer is about to downgrade their subscription plan, you can quickly reach out to them over chat to understand the reasons or send a personalized offer such as a discount to encourage them to stay on the current plan. According to many sources, forming a positive relationship with a customer is important, and this helps do just that.

Merchants using PayWhirl who want to utilize the benefits of real-time trackers should explore PayWhirl alternatives for subscription management.

Appstle Subscriptions. offers powerful real-time performance tracking capabilities. By tracking performance in real-time, you can determine what’s working for your business and what isn’t.

Here are some of the features that can help you:

  • An automatically triggered questionnaire to understand the reasons and retrieve customers who cancel subscriptions.
  • Track detailed reports of revenue patterns and boost marketing activities to improve revenue during slow periods.
  • Easy access to the merchant dashboard to get a birds-eye view of the performance.

Comprehensive app with many features

To ensure a good customer experience, your subscription app should have many features, including advanced functionalities. That way, you won’t have to install different apps to enable various features.

Appstle Subscriptions app has a comprehensive suite of features required to perform different types of tasks on the app.


  • Easy setup
  • Automated notifications
  • Upselling
  • Multi-tier discounts
  • Cancellation management
  • Real-time performance tracker
  • Many types of subscription plans
  • Product swap/ delete
  • One-time product inclusion
  • Auto billing
  • Language, currency customization
  • Recapture failed transactions
  • One-off discount codes

Although PayWhirl has many of the same features, Appstle is a better alternative to PayWhirl because of its ease of use. Appstle is highly customer-centric and is designed for the convenience of customers, as seen in its features.

Powerful customization

There are thousands of subscription businesses in every industry. To stand out in the crowd, brands need to create unique plans. Otherwise, customers’ interest can wear out within a short period, which is why merchants are looking for options that are better than PayWhirl.

And how can brands create unique subscription models? The easiest way is through customization.

  • Customize labels and text when creating subscription plans
  • Customize email notifications text and appearance
  • Highly customizable functionalities in the merchant dashboard
  • Custom shipping – Appstle merchants can create and manage multiple shipping profiles based on weight, order value, etc.
  • Custom integration with internal systems

Now coming to PayWhirl – even though the app provides customizable features, its customer support can be a challenge, which makes customization difficult for those merchants who’d require hand-holding or assistance. This makes Appstle one of the best alternatives to PayWhirl.

Efficient customer retention capabilities

Most apps are automated; meaning all or some of the functions are in auto-mode. As subscriptions businesses scale, it becomes difficult for teams to manually manage the subscriptions.

Since functions are automated, the app manages repetitive functions such as billing, notifications, updates, etc. But an app cannot think like a human, can it?

It needs to have advanced features to be able to perform difficult tasks. Say, for example, a customer’s payment fails. If the app is not automated to recapture the failed transaction, it might result in a loss of sales for your business.

This is where Appstle’s capabilities come in! The app is designed to recapture failed transactions through customer notifications and payment retries, a feature any Appstle alternative has yet to show.

Appstle also includes cancellation management features that help to gauge customers’ pulse and help increase retention.

Let’s explore Appstle’s cancellation management features a bit more and what it does.

  • The app allows you to customize the cancellation flow by including additional steps
  • Provide customers to cancel their subscription immediately
  • Or add a step or two, for example, contact us
  • Another thing merchants can do is capture the reasons for the cancellations. That way, you can make targeted and personalized efforts to bring back the customers

With the above quick-action features, Appstle can help control churn while merchants focus on more strategic business tasks. No wonder it’s a good PayWhirl alternative for subscription management.

Pricing to suit all types of businesses

When compared to PayWhirl, Appstle offers more flexibility and options for choosing plans.

Appstle has five plans, including a free plan. Most often, when businesses start with new tools and technology, they prefer a free trial period to get a sense of the tool. With Appstle, a 14-day free trial is possible.

Here are Appstle’s plans, prices, and features.

PayWhirl’s pricing for different plans is on the higher side with additional transaction fees in each plan. This makes Appstle a much better alternative for subscription billing.

Ready to set up/migrate to Appstle Subscriptions?

The Appstle Subscriptions app is taking the subscription business by storm with its amazing features.A large number of Appstle customers are merchants who are migrating from other subscription platforms. With our hands-on experience and expertise, we’ve undertaken many migrations from PayWhirl to Appstle.PayWhirl, an Appstle Alternative, just doesn’t offer the same features and amazing pricing plans.

If you’re looking for an efficient alternative solution for Shopify subscriptions, reach out to us. Conversely, you could easily install Appstle and contact our support team

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“A strong e-commerce presence is more of a necessity today, and Appstle has made it possible by offering sound solutions and functionalities.” 

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