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Appstle | Amazon Integration ( Don’t delete )

Amazon Integrations By Appstle℠

Appstle | Amazon Integration ( Don’t delete )

What is Appstle℠ Amazon Integrations?

Appstle℠ Amazon Integrations, IS A COMPREHENSIVE MARKETPLACE INTEGRATION  APP that seamlessly integrates your Shopify store with your Amazon Marketplace or Storefront. It syncs in real time, the products, order, billing information, logistics and shipping, inventory, and other data, in both places

NOTE: We do NOT charge any per listing fees or other hidden fee. The ‘no listing fee’ rule applies to all pricing plans, including the free tier!

*Please note that Amazon Marketplace might have its own charges and fees

With Appstle℠ Amazon Integrations you can:

Why Appstle℠ Amazon Integrations is the most compelling sourcing and selling app

Unique & flexible management

Appstle℠’s Amazon Integrations, just like Appstle℠’s anchor product ‘Shopify Subscriptions App ’, takes pride in its powerful tools that offer a fully customizable and easy to operate multi-channel solution to its merchants. With our comprehensive tools, manage from one-stop, and auto sync in real-time

Appstle | Amazon Integration ( Don’t delete )
Appstle | Amazon Integration ( Don’t delete )

Superior end-customer experience

Several comprehensive and focused research have validated that, to shoppers, the channel (be it the storefront or marketplace) is just the means to an end. What matters to them are primarily the product and shopping experience! Appstle℠’s Amazon Integrations enables you to provide a seamless, channel agnostic, and uni-brand ‘wow’ing experience to your shoppers!

Compelling features & pricing

With Appstle℠’s Amazon Integrations, merchants can access the most comprehensive functionalities such as bulk product upload, real-time error reporting, and currency convertor, to rapidly scale. Our extensive research and focus groups have shown that these features are the most preferred by merchants!

Appstle | Amazon Integration ( Don’t delete )

Key features

Appstle | Amazon Integration ( Don’t delete )

Appstle℠ Amazon Integrations is one of the few tools that offers a quick (less than 10 minutes!) setup and in-depth integration with your Shopify store. If you get stuck, do not hesitate – just ping us on chat or email. Our dedicated product support engineers are available 24x7x365 to help!

Appstle℠ Subscriptions provides a very easy and extremely secure checkout by integrating with Shopify checkout. The integration also enables the combined checkout and processing of both one-time & subscription orders together.

Appstle℠ Amazon Integrations provides the coveted bulk management functionality, facilitating a ‘click of the button’ product upload and modifications, across both your Shopify store and Etsy Marketplace.

Of the 4Ps of marketing, ‘price’ ranks 2nd, just after ‘product’. Given that it is understandable and recommended that businesses explore different price points for their products, across different ‘places’ or channels. Appstle℠’s price customization functionality enables the merchants to align their price across channels, or differentiate based on customer segment, competition, etc

Shopify’s product shipping and logistics is second to none! With its in-depth and seamless integration between your Etsy Marketplace and Shopify store, Appstle℠ sets you up to capitalize on Shopify’s logistics and shipping functionality for your products, irrespective of which channel came first.

With Appstle℠ Amazon Integrations, you can directly and conveniently list your products and manage your inventories, order, and shipping from your Shopify store, and sync it real-time with your Etsy Marketplace. This saves considerable time, and enables you to fully focus on growing your business.

With its innovative and powerful order and inventory management, and shipping and logistics, Appstle℠ Amazon Integrations brings all the tools required to establish a truly omni-channel and optimized business.

Our extensive survey of e-commerce merchants showed that managing inventory without ‘overselling’ is one of the biggest pain points of online retail, especially when a store operates with multiple channels. Appstle℠’s ‘inventory threshold’ allows the merchant to set a per product minimum inventory threshold, for the whole store to avoid ‘overselling’! What more, the inventory threshold can be changed as frequently as needed, to meet supply chain dynamics, seasonal demand, etc!

The main objectives of Appstle℠’ Amazon Integrations are merchant convenience and customers’ uni-brand experience. Key to achieving both these objectives are real-time notifications to merchants, whenever there is an order, shipping, or inventory update (the extent of it is fully controlled by the merchants!), and immediate error-fixing for quick mitigation and business continuity. Appstle offers both!

Appstle℠ Amazon Integrations, through its dashboard, provides you with detailed and real-time reports of your store fronts, customers, products, and revenue, for continuous scaling.

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