Appstle | Lavazza Coffee Subscription Model And Lessons To Learn

Lavazza Coffee Subscription Model And Lessons To Learn

Appstle | Lavazza Coffee Subscription Model And Lessons To Learn

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Coffee subscription models are quite popular amongst consumers and eCommerce retailers. While customers love the convenience and cost benefits offered by subscription models, eCommerce merchants benefit from predictable revenue systems, lower retention spends, and long-term customer relationships.

But not all coffee subscription models are able to sustain. Many fail because they’re not planned well and are managed poorly.

One coffee subscription brand that stands out is Lavazza coffee subscription. In this blog, we breakdown every aspect of its strategy to learn what makes it so successful.

What is Lavazza coffee subscription?

Lavazza is a coffee brand that provides coffee to customers across the world. It offers coffee subscriptions of various types. For example, customers can choose from different types of coffees, different roasts and grounds, etc. Subscribers get a discounted rate with every subscription as well as price benefits. Apart from that, the brand offers educational content, and other benefits to subscribers. 

Breaking down Lavazza coffee subscription strategy 

A quick search for coffee subscriptions is sure to bring up Lavazza coffee subscriptions. The secret to its popularity is the way the brand has set up and managed its subscriptions. 

In this section we look at the many factors that make it one of the best coffee subscription model examples. 

1. A dedicated subscription page

Lavazza has a page dedicated to subscriptions. The page is simple and minimal, sharing basic information about its three subscription plans: 

  • My Way Capsure Subscription
  • My Way Ground & Beans Subscription
  • My Way Classy machine & Capsule subscription

Even though the page provides minimal information, the brand has ensured visitors know the cost savings offered in each of the three subscription plans. They instantly take away the most enticing factor about the subscriptions—the percentage discount and cash savings.

Appstle | Lavazza Coffee Subscription Model And Lessons To Learn

2. Keeping it simple with three subscription plans

In this overcrowded space of eCommerce where customers are spoilt for choice, it’s important to remove decision fatigue for them. That’s something that Lavazza coffee subscriptions has addressed well. The brand offers only three subscription plans. Customers can choose any plan they like based on their preference and needs. Each plan further offers more options to choose from. While two of the three plans are purely for coffee, one plan offers coffee and a machine. 

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3. A dedicated page for each of the three subscription plans

Instead of cramming information about all three plans on one page, the brand has created three different pages, one for each plan. Each page has the following sections:

  • Title
  • Options of plans to subscribe
  • Benefits of choosing this subscription
  • How it works
  • FAQs
  • Live chat 
  • Accessibility adjustment settings tab

Having a separate page for each plan makes it easy for customers to understand each plan. It also makes purchase decisions easy. Moreover, having a one-page-for-one plan allows the brand to share all the information in detail.

4. FAQs section to answer customer questions

Signing up for subscriptions is a considerably long-term commitment, and hence, customers may have a lot of queries before committing. But getting in touch with the customer support team can seem like a task. The alternative? Set up a comprehensive FAQs section. 

Lavazza has an FAQ section on each of the subscription pages. The section answers common questions such as which regions the Lavazza coffee subscription service is active in, how to change personal details, how to schedule deliveries, etc. Having an FAQ section clears customers’ doubts and increases sign-ups. 

5. Detailed explanation of the subscription plan

Each subscription plan page has an easy visual explanation of how the plan works. Keeping it simple and minimal to three to four steps, each step is explained with text and illustration. 

Research conducted by Harvard Business Review shows that the single biggest driver of customer stickiness is ‘decision simplicity’the ease with which consumers can gather trustworthy information about a product and confidently and efficiently weigh their purchase options. 

Lavazza coffee subscription pages keep it simple, minimal, easy to understand, and makes customers’ purchase decision journey easy.

Appstle | Lavazza Coffee Subscription Model And Lessons To Learn

6. Benefits of Lavazza coffee subscription explained

There are thousands of coffee subscription models on the internet. Lavazza makes sure customers know why theirs is worth signing up for by mentioning the benefits of the subscription plan to customers. 

Customers like to know how a product or service would benefit them. Now, customer benefits can be both abstract and concrete, so Lavazza mentions both kinds of benefits. For example, 

  • How many dollars customers save
  • The percentage of discount
  • Customization possibilities
  • Flexibility

These benefits demonstrate the value customers can get from Lavazza coffee subscriptions, making their purchase decisions easier.

7. Price benefits prominently mentioned

Coffee is a product that customers need to buy on a recurring basis, and hence, customers would look for discounts and cost benefits in coffee subscriptions. A McKinsey study shows ‘value for price’ is the top-most motivation for customers to sign up for subscriptions. And Lavazza offers cost benefits in all its subscription plans. 

  • Lavazza My Coffee Subscription plans offer a 25% discount 
  • Lavazza My Ground and Beans Subscriptions offer a 25% discount
  • Lavazza My Way Machine and Capsules Subscription provides 25% discounts and $130 savings on the machine

Displaying cost benefits and discounts prominently makes it easier for customers to make purchase decisions and compare subscriptions by different brands.

Did you know the top reasons for subscriber churn are value for the price and a lack of pricing options? Lavazza subscription addresses these with flexibility and customization for deliveries, making it one of the best coffee subscription model examples. With the Lavazza subscription, subscribers can easily reset their subscriptions to higher or lower pricing based on the products they select.

Appstle | Lavazza Coffee Subscription Model And Lessons To Learn

8. Easy live chat option

For customers, customer service is a key differentiating and deciding factor for whether or not they must transact and continue with a brand. In short, a brand is only as good as the quality of its customer support.

The Lavazza coffee subscription website provides a live chat option for customers and subscribers to ask questions and instantly get their queries answered. This makes customer interaction easier and communication seamless. 

Appstle | Lavazza Coffee Subscription Model And Lessons To Learn

9. Website accessibility adjustment (inclusivity)

Another reason why Lavazza is one of the best coffee subscription model examples is the way the brand prioritizes its website’s accessibility. The brand ensures that all its visitors have an easy experience regardless of their different abilities. 

For instance, visitors can adjust settings to seizure safe, vision impaired, ADHD friendly, cognitive disability, keyboard navigation profiles, etc. According to WHO, one in six people have a disability. This makes it important for eCommerce stores to make their websites accessible to people with all levels of abilities. Lavazza applies the best practices in this regard.

Appstle | Lavazza Coffee Subscription Model And Lessons To Learn

10. Mobile-optimized website

Today, a large number of consumers prefer to use their mobile devices to shop, manage orders, and subscriptions. Lavazza addresses this with a highly-optimized mobile site. All the features and information available on the web is available in the mobile version as well.

The brand follows best practices for its mobile site version, such as visible text site, attractive images, suitable font size, and easy to navigate and scroll features. 

Appstle | Lavazza Coffee Subscription Model And Lessons To Learn

11. Easy customization of subscription deliveries

Lavazza’s coffee subscription model allows customers to customize their subscription deliveries based on their preferences. This makes it one of the best coffee subscription model examples to learn from. Customers can choose:

  • Delivery frequency
  • Coffee and coffee machines
  • Delivery date
  • Delivery address

Easy customization options and flexibility add more convenience, value and personalization for subscribers. Flexibility and personalization are key factors for 17% and 12% subscribers, respectively. 

12. Subscription terms and conditions explained

Lavazza subscriptions website has a whole page dedicated to subscription terms and conditions. The page includes explanations and conditions for activities such as changing orders, payments, products and pricing, shipment and delivery, cancellation, privacy policies, applicable law, among other details.

Appstle | Lavazza Coffee Subscription Model And Lessons To Learn

13. Many more reasons to choose Lavazza subscriptions

Apart from these features directly related to Lavazza’s subscription plans, the brand offers many more reasons for customers to choose Lavazza coffee subscription. Here are some of those many reasons why customers and subscribers love the brand:

  • The brand prioritizes sustainability
  • The brand participates in several social, economic, and environmental initiatives
  • Lavazza participates in and collaborates with many sports activities and events
  • Shares recipes, coffee hacks and educational information about coffee
  • Conducts in-store events 
  • Lavazza initiates projects in music, design, art and entertainment

Key takeaways from Lavazza coffee subscription

Let’s summarize Lavazza coffee subscriptions that make it a successful business model for the brand.

  • The brand has created dedicated subscriptions pages, prioritizing its subscription business
  • Lavazza has kept the subscription model simple with minimal plans
  • Customers are provided with all the important information in detail and with clarity
  • Subscription plans offer discounts, price benefits, and savings in each plan
  • Apart from monetary benefits, the brand offers many features that may appeal to different types of customers
  • Customization, flexibility, and personalization make the subscription model more appealing to customers

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Appstle | Lavazza Coffee Subscription Model And Lessons To Learn

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