Appstle | The North Face Loyalty Program Analysis: What You Can Learn

The North Face Loyalty Program Analysis: What You Can Learn

Appstle | The North Face Loyalty Program Analysis: What You Can Learn

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More than 85% of eCommerce brands have some sort of loyalty program. But most struggle to succeed. Studies show only up to 5% of brands get high returns from loyalty programs. 

Why is that? And what are these brands doing right? We look at one such eCommerce brand that has got its loyalty program right.

In this piece, we do the North Face Loyalty Program Analysis and share tips you can apply to your Shopify loyalty programs.

What is the North Face Loyalty Program?

The North Face is an outdoor clothing and gear brand that caters to customers of all genders and age groups, including kids. Its loyalty program is called XPLR Pass. Loyalty program members get various benefits. 

Apart from the standard loyalty points, members receive exclusive access to new collections, points on every purchase and other rewards. New members receive a 10% discount on their first order. Members can join the XPLR Pass loyalty program for free. Apart from these, customers can enjoy many more benefits of joining the North Face loyalty program.

The North Face Loyalty Program Analysis

In this section we do a North Face loyalty program review looking at various aspects of the program that make it a success. We have broken down nine elements of the brand’s loyalty program that stand out and have earned the brand consistent customer loyalty. 

1. A dedicated page for the loyalty program

The North Face website has a dedicated page for the loyalty program. This makes it easy for customers to find all loyalty program related information on one page. For instance, customers can,

  • Sign up for the loyalty program
  • Find the sign in button
  • Read about all the perks and benefits
  • Know how to earn loyalty points
  • Share feedback via the page
  • Read the FAQs
Appstle | The North Face Loyalty Program Analysis: What You Can Learn

2. Many different ways to earn loyalty points

The North Face Loyalty Program analysis also reveals that it offers multiple ways for customers to earn points. This not only makes it convenient but also enjoyable for customers. 

Imagine if earning points was difficult and you had to wait a long time until you could earn your next points. For instance, customers can earn points for:

  • One point for every dollar spent
  • Every 100 points earn a reward of USD 10
  • Points for referring a friend
  • Bringing a reusable bag when shopping in-store
  • Downloading the loyalty program app
  • Using the app and checking in at their stores and other places
Appstle | The North Face Loyalty Program Analysis: What You Can Learn

3. A clear explanation of how the program works

Clarity about how a particular loyalty program works brings confidence in customers. This is one of the many best practices of the North Face Loyalty Program. It leaves no doubts or ambiguity. Each of the elements of the program is elaborated in a ‘read more’ page. 

Here’s a breakdown of how North Face explains the loyalty program in detail:

  • They address all customer concerns via an FAQs section on the page. The comprehensive section includes all probable questions that customers might have about the program
  • The text is minimal and simple, which ensures there are no doubts and ambiguities for customers

4. Offers perks and benefits beyond points

Customers are no longer enticed only by loyalty points. They are more inclined towards experiences. And that’s one way how the North Face builds customer loyalty. While most loyalty programs stop at offering points, North Face goes above and beyond, making the benefits meaningful and adding value to customers.

Apart from loyalty points, the North Face offers these perks and benefits:

  • Early and exclusive access to limited edition collections
  • Try products and return with easy
  • Free shipping
  • Gifts on special occasions, such as birthdays
  • Trials for unreleased products
  • Exclusive events for loyalty members
Appstle | The North Face Loyalty Program Analysis: What You Can Learn

5. Easy to redeem and use rewards

Many loyalty programs are rigid or limit the ways in which customers can redeem the points. But the North Face Loyalty Program analysis shows it isn’t rigid. On the contrary, it makes it easy for customers to use the loyalty points in multiple ways.

For instance, members can combine their rewards and points with other perks such as discounts, offers, coupons and promotions in store and online. 

Moreover, the program has divided the earning and usage of reward points into three four-month periods. So customers know when they can earn and how they can use the rewards. This also helps customers plan their shopping around the loyalty program, making them more engaged in it. 

Appstle | The North Face Loyalty Program Analysis: What You Can Learn

6. Visibility of the North Face Loyalty Program

Many eCommerce stores set up excellent loyalty programs with interesting perks. However, they fail to ensure that customers see the loyalty program often on their website. 

Having a dedicated page helps, but don’t assume that customers are going to flock to the page. Unless you put in the effort, they may not notice the loyalty program. The North Face loyalty program review reveals a standout practice. The brand mentions the loyalty program on every product page. 

When customers checkout, they are shown a members sign in option just below the order summary. This makes it easy for members to redeem points and new customers to sign up for the loyalty program.

Appstle | The North Face Loyalty Program Analysis: What You Can Learn

7. A feedback button on the loyalty program page

Customers appreciate it when brands care to take their feedback. The North Face loyalty program review reveals that the feedback button remains visible on the entire page. Hence, customers can easily click on the button and share their feedback. The feedback form includes a few targeted questions as well as asks a generic question where customers could share any concern. Collecting feedback is one of the best practices from the North Face loyalty program that all eCommerce brands must follow. It helps improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Appstle | The North Face Loyalty Program Analysis: What You Can Learn

8. Leverages technology for accessibility 

The North Face has iOS and Android apps, which the brand integrates within their loyalty program. 

For instance, customers can earn points for downloading the app, for accessing the app at their physical stores, and for using the app and checking-in at collaborator sites of the brand. 

How does this help the North Face? The brand has found a creative way to use technology. These unusual and surprising experiences help engage customers better, leading to customer loyalty. 

It enables the brand to provide an omnichannel experience, provides more touchpoints to engage customers, and meets tech savvy customers preferences, among other advantages of leveraging technology.

What did this best practice from the North Face Loyalty Program reveal? Brands that lean into technology can stay ahead in the market. 

9. Consistency of brand perception

North Face maintains consistency throughout its loyalty program. From the messaging, the structure, the perks, to the value it adds to customers. When there’s a lack of consistency, brands end up confusing customers and alienating them. 

With XPLR Pass, North Face ensures the program clearly aligns with the brand values and perception. The brand manages to show their commitment towards outdoor activities and providing the best gear to customers in many ways. Additionally, visitors of the loyalty program can easily get an overview of the benefits of joining the North Face Loyalty Program.

Key takeaways from the North Face Loyalty Program analysis

  • While you may have created and set up an excellent loyalty program for your brand, unless you promote it, market it, talk about it, you might not see as much success. North Face actively promotes and talks about its loyalty program. A quick online search will reveal several North Face Loyalty Program reviews on various third-party sites, and more. 
  • North Face Loyalty Program analysis shows that the brand connects with customers in authentic ways via the program. Thus, bringing customers closer to the brand and boosting loyalty. Consider these thought starters: make it customer-centric by showing how the program benefits customers. Also, make it free and easy to sign up, just like North Face does.
  • Go beyond the standard loyalty program offers seen in your industry. North Face collaborates with other organizations to improve engagement and member enthusiasm. For example, its collaborations with national parks and monuments where members can earn more points.

How to set up a loyalty program like North Face for your Shopify store?

The North Face Loyalty Program analysis shows the best practices that can help shape your Shopify  loyalty program. One of the first factors you must consider when setting up your loyalty and rewards program is the Shopify loyalty app. That’s where Appstle Loyalty App comes in.

Step 1. Understand your customers

The first step in building your loyalty program is to know your customers—who they are, what they want, where they are, and what makes them loyal? Because only when you understand your customers will you be able to give them a loyalty program experience they would like.

To do so, use your Shopify store data. Collect data about customer demographics, interests, likes, location, what kind of Shopify store loyalty benefits would attract them, etc. Based on this data, strategically design a loyalty program.

Step 2. Determine objectives and rewards

When you set out to start a loyalty program for your Shopify business, one of the first things you must have clarity on is why you want to have a loyalty program. What are your objectives and what are you trying to achieve? 

Do you want to increase sales, minimum order value, improve your brand image or increase customer engagement?

Once you’re clear about your goals, you will be able to work towards them via your Shopify loyalty program. For instance, if you want to enhance and boost customer engagement, then you could have an element of gamification in your loyalty program. This will ensure your customers spend more time on your site and engage more with your program.

Step 3. Ensure different types of loyalty programs

There are many different types of loyalty programs, for example, points program, tier-based programs, spend-based loyalty program, refer a friend, etc. The type of loyalty program you set up should be a good fit for your industry, product, and service. To enable this, you must integrate a loyalty program app that has the capability to help you with this. 

For instance Appstle Loyalty and Rewards App has powerful customization features for loyalty programs. You can gamify loyalty programs, customize rewards redemption, and keep optimizing and adding changes to your loyalty program to sustain customer interest. 

Step 4. Make your loyalty program engaging

Conduct a survey to see what competing loyalty programs are doing well that is enticing customers. Take inspiration and put together a loyalty program that customers will find interesting. For instance, many brands have exciting names for their rewards programs, such as ‘insider club’, which generate curiosity and excitement. 

Come up with unique Shopify loyalty program strategies to make your program stand out. Promote the best features of your program via dedicated campaigns to attract customers. Remember, customers are bored of run-off-the-mill loyalty programs and are always looking for something new.

Step 5. Utilize data to optimize and scale

Once your loyalty program starts rolling, you must start using data analytics features of your loyalty app to collect data and analyze it. Based on your data analysis, you can make informed decisions to optimize your loyalty program.

For instance, if your data shows customers are not using one particular reward of your program, maybe it’s time to enhance that reward or completely replace it with someone more enticing. 

When used strategically and intelligently, your Shopify data can help your business scale by enhancing customer loyalty on your Shopify store. 

Step 6. Integrate features all across

In today’s complex eCommerce world, there are multiple channels, that many touch points, and cross-platform activities, too. To ensure a seamless experience for your loyalty customers, you must integrate features across touch points. 

For instance, your loyalty program members might use your website to access loyalty program benefits, but may then move to your app. In this case, you must have a system that captures member activities across channels and updates on all platforms. This will ensure an omnichannel experience for customers.

Step 7. Offer personalized loyalty experiences

Personalization is a prerequisite for any eCommerce brand as customers have become used to personalized experiences. It is one of the best customer retention tactics. This applies to loyalty programs as well. 

Use data from your Shopify site to understand what your loyalty members like, what they’re doing on your site, how they use reward points, incentives, and what are their interests. 

You can gain highly detailed insights via data analytics features of your loyalty program app. For instance, Appstle Loyalty and Rewards App offers in-depth data analytics, real-time performance insights, etc. Ensure your Shopify store loyalty benefits are designed to nurture long-term relationships with customers. Personalized experiences are one of the best ways to ensure this.

Step 8. Ensure data safety and security

With online fraud and data theft increasing, customers have become wary of sharing their details on eCommerce stores. And that is why, when setting up your Shopify loyalty program, security is one of the first factors you must pay attention to. Choose a loyalty app to integrate into your Shopify system that has in-built data security features. For instance, Appstle does not store or use any customer data. So customers can be rest assured that the information they share on the loyalty program forms is safe. 

Step 9. Offer excellent customer support

Customer support is the make or break factor for any online business. No matter how good your Shopify loyalty program strategies are and how unique your loyalty rewards for Shopify are, one bad customer experience can derail your loyalty program and your eCommerce business.

Some ways to offer good customer support are: offer various support channels, such as live chat, WhatsApp, social media, email, etc. Ensure you have automated chat systems so that basic queries get solved instantly. When required, offer a one-on-one, personalized, human touch to build a strong connection with customers via support — one of the best customer retention tactics.

Step 10. Continuously optimize your loyalty program

In the eCommerce world, things change fast. Besides, customers, too, get bored easily and are constantly expecting better shopping experiences. Hence, your Shopify loyalty program strategies have to be flexible and constantly changing. 

To continuously make your loyalty program better, ensure you monitor performance consistently, keep a track on loyalty member activities, churn rate, engagement rate, etc. Conduct surveys to understand how you can improve your program. If a feature isn’t getting any returns, do away with it; conversely, double up on features that are working well.

Conclusion — Explore Appstle for your Shopify loyalty program

Explore Appstle Loyalty App to set up and manage a successful loyalty program. Appstle offers a comprehensive suite of features.

  • Multiple program types: Choose from a range of program types to suit your products and customer preference
  • Gamification: Gamify your loyalty program, set up tiered programs to enhance engagement
  • In-depth data analytics: Make informed decisions with the help of detailed performance analytics and reports
  • Unparalleled customer support: 24/7/365 customer support, quick and efficient resolution 
  • Easy integration with third-party apps: Design loyalty programs that match customer preference by integrating with third-party apps
  • Data security and safety: Appstle ensures safe and secure customer data collection

Creating loyalty programs and building long-term customer loyalty is an art, which requires tools. Ready to get started with the best Shopify loyalty program app?
Install Appstle Loyalty App on your Shopify store today!

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Appstle | The North Face Loyalty Program Analysis: What You Can Learn

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