Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

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The subscription landing page is a crucial page built for conversion purposes. This blog will explore the critical elements of a successful landing page to get more conversions. Besides, introduce you to some recommended Shopify applications to help create optimal subscription pages. 

What is a subscription landing page?

Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

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A subscription landing page is a separate page created for a marketing campaign to generate visitor leads. It functions similarly to other product pages in that it informs the user about the product they are purchasing and presents it in the best possible way.

The page must specify what is and isn’t included and how the subscription operates because it concentrates on your subscription services. Clearing any ambiguities on your page can entice visitors to subscribe.

Regardless of whether your consumers are signing up for your email newsletter, your whole publication, or access to your archives, it’s crucial to have a dedicated subscription landing page to express this information adequately.

A landing page also increases awareness of your subscriptions, highlighting their advantages and enhancing customer attractiveness.

How are subscription landing pages important to an online store?

Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

An excellent landing page should enhance conversion rates to help you achieve your marketing or business expansion objectives. Beyond higher conversion rates, great landing pages have a few advantages.

1. Increased Conversions

Customers are given an explicit action to do on a landing page, and it is made as easy for them to do as feasible. This is known as a call to action. An effective subscription landing page will function similarly to your website to influence a visitor’s decision to take action. 

You’ll observe more of that conduct (also known as conversion). Subscription Landing pages help your business since they typically result in more conversions, which leads to more consumers and income.

2. Reach business goals

One of the most significant benefits of landing pages is that they directly support your company’s goals, such as expanding into new markets, introducing new products, gaining more customers, or boosting sales. 

Because landing pages are advantageous for your business because they may be personalized explicitly to the audience or goal you’re looking for and because you monitor the progress toward that goal.

Subscription Landing pages are created around specific actions you can change to align with your company’s objectives, like joining your mailing list, giving out your contact information, signing up for a newsletter, or asking for a consultation.

3. Enhanced brand awareness

Landing pages help people take the action you want them to take to accomplish your business’s goals. They contribute to the development of client connections, business intelligence, and the accomplishment of marketing initiatives. Use one in your subsequent campaign to verify.

When designing a subscription landing page, it is crucial to align its wording, appearance, and feel with the content that links to it. Another marketing strategy for raising brand awareness is a landing page with consistent branding. 

Increasing brand consistency across various media platforms and giving users more opportunities to recognize and interact with your brand will help your business. 

When customers land on your landing page, they will be more accustomed to and likely to recognize your company’s branding. Making sure your firm is well-known is essential since clients are more likely to purchase something or use a service from a company they are familiar with.

Two crucial things need to be considered before creating a Subscription landing page

1. Set a landing page objective

It would be best if you planned everything. Planning your page enables you to keep on task and focused while allowing for later analysis. You must choose your one goal before creating your landing page.

Examples of achievable objectives are signing up for your newsletter, arranging a call, signing up for a webinar, setting up a demo, buying a product, or signing up for a course. 

Determine your ultimate objective before deciding who needs the offer. This one objective should be the main emphasis of your landing page. There shouldn’t be any more requests for action.

2. Define your target audience

Consider a particular person who would most benefit from your offer. Consider their insights and what will prompt them to take action on your page. It’s critical to recognize their pain points and present your answer in a way that helps them envision how to solve their problem.

The most essential elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

How do you choose the material for the landing page? It can be simple to determine the action you want visitors to perform on a page, but it takes much more to figure out what to say to your prospects to persuade them to convert. Explore the most critical factors for a high-converting landing page below.

1. Impressive headline & sub-headlines

Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

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Because it’s the first thing visitors see and determines how long they stay on your website, having an impressive headline is crucial to the success of your landing page.

Your headline should pique the interest of potential subscribers since it will serve as their first impression. Don’t try to cram everything into it at once; it should be symbolic of your subscription service.

Subheadings can be used when more information is needed, but generally, your headings should give an overview in one or two brief words. Even if consumers only read this, they should clearly understand your subscription service.

A very effective landing page will typically have a sub-headline below the main headline. It should expand on the ideas in the headline and provide visitors with specific details. Make sure your sub-headline persuades people to stay on the landing page of your website.

2. Eye-catching visuals

Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

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Showing clients what they get from their subscriptions is frequently the simplest way to convey it to them. Use high-quality photographs to display instances of your product in use or the user interfaces that subscribers engage with.

Because images can speak more than text, they are a crucial component of landing pages. It can quickly capture the visitors’ attention if your photographs are pertinent and well-placed. It is recommended to have the product image on the sales landing page if you deal with product sales. Companies that provide services may use engaging imagery that focuses on helping clients solve their problems.

Alternatively, show how your subscription service uses animations and videos. Visuals help visitors quickly scan and remember your landing page, increasing the likelihood of subscribing when they visit again.

3. Powerful Call to Action

Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

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The most crucial component is the call-to-action (CTA), the page’s lead generation tool. Visitors to your landing page can interact positively with your CTA with the help of every other element on the page.

Determine which CTA generates the most replies through testing, the design of your buttons, and their placement on the page. Your CTAs must evolve to continue generating conversions because what your customers respond to may change.

You can significantly boost conversion rates by making these buttons stand out. This involves experimenting with fonts, colors, sizes, and placement—all simple and quick improvements.

4. Testimonials and social proof

Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

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At least 86% of shoppers claim that reviews and other social proof are critical when making online purchases.

The best ways to establish trust are through testimonials or user reviews. Your target market is interested in hearing how your goods or service has benefited others. Make sure to include actual buyers’ photographs and testimonies.

It is valid with social proof, which uses social cues to show that others have already purchased, consumed, read, or engaged with what you’re selling. According to the theory, individuals are more inclined to convert if they observe that other shoppers have done so in the past (and were glad they did).

On the email capture landing page, it is possible to draw attention to customer reviews shared on Twitter and other social media platforms. The landing page should contain some flowery words like “wonderful”, “great” and other adjectives. Use facts that are backed up with figures and screenshots as an alternative.

5. Solutions for customers’ pain points

The customers only find you when they need something. Hence, based on the customer’s insights, explore their pain points and show them how your products can help them solve their problems. Also, highlighting the value of products. From that, it boosts the buyer’s decisions effectively.

6. Psychology effects

Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

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There are various ways to convey scarcity than producing a small number of your products. The desire for something increases as it becomes more difficult to achieve. Use this fundamental human psychology component to raise your landing page’s conversion rate. 

Make a limited special offer for the first number of clients include a countdown timer to the offer’s conclusion and alert visitors that there is a limited supply of the goods.

Recommended Shopify applications 

The below applications give you the optimal solutions for visuals and subscription elements to create a perfect subscription landing page without an installation fee.

1. Appstle – Subscription app

Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

The top-rated Shopify subscription app right now is Appstle Subscription, which has received a nearly 5-star rating from more than 1,800 merchants. With the help of this complete recurring order and payment system, you can sell subscription goods on your Shopify stores.

Along with the essential subscription management features, Appstle also offers strong tools to boost sales and expand your company, like segment-based plans, targeted upselling, inventory forecasting, etc.

2. EComposer – Landing Page Builder

Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

EComposer – Landing Page Builder provides 20+ high-converting Landing page templates. Also, you can utilize 13+ built-in extensions to increase sales. Hence, you can easily create a professional subscription landing page with EComposer’s prebuilt template.

Moreover, EComposer offers a powerful live drag-and-drop editor that lets merchants quickly and easily design any page kind and section. With the most extensive collection of EComposer elements, settings, and templates, even beginners may effortlessly create pages without coding requirements. 

With EComposer’s accelerated tools and optimized codes, storage speed is no longer a concern. You may always obtain help right away thanks to the 24/7 live chat service.

Another great point is that EComposer is integrated with Appstle under the partnership. Thus, you can take advantage of these two apps to make a perfect subscription landing page for your Shopify stores.

Final thought

To sum up, there are a lot of factors you need to consider and improve if you want to build an effective subscription landing page. Customers could find it challenging to understand how your subscriptions would benefit them and what steps they need to take to sign up.

Your subscription landing page’s content may change over time or based on your target market, showcasing various benefits or emphasizing different ways to use the subscription. However, You still should follow essential components even if you change the tone or subject matter they cover.

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Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

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Appstle | The most important elements of a subscription landing page to get more conversions

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