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What are subscriptions in the pet products industry?

The pet products industry is fiercely competitive. For online pet stores, it is important to stay ahead of the competition. That’s where a subscription business model comes in. Pet products such as food, supplements, medicines, and treats have to be bought repeatedly. One of the best ways to offer these recurring order products is through subscriptions.

Appstle | Pets Shop
Appstle | Pets Shop

The pet products market is booming

The pet market is growing rapidly year-on-year. It is predicted to reach $350 billion by 2027. And customer preference for shopping on eCommerce sites has seen a boost like never before. Online pet stores are multiplying to meet the increasing demand. And with that, eCommerce competition, which has given rise to eCommerce subscriptions in the pet industry.

Benefits of eCommerce subscriptions in the pet industry

Similar to the health and wellness industry, the pet industry is another domain that is booming in the ecommerce ecosystem. Considering the needs of pets on a daily basis, the Shopify ecommerce subscription model is seeing success in this industry too – for both consumers and businesses.

Benefits to customers

Price benefits

Pet parents have to buy products for their pets on a regular basis. And most pet owners want to buy the best products at competitive prices. Subscriptions offer many price benefits to customers — pet products at discounted rates, incentives such as free shipping, etc. Customers pay less and save a lot over time.

Discover new products

Pet owners can easily discover what’s new in the pet market without even looking for it. How? Via eCommerce subscriptions. Online pet stores keep introducing new products in their store and send surprise products in the subscription deliveries.

Hassle-free recurring purchases

Pets are like family members and pet parents are particular about the pet products they buy. And hence, prefer to stick to the same products that suit their furry friends – food, treats, medicines, supplements, etc. eCommerce subscriptions model for pet products makes it easy, quick, and hassle-free to place recurring orders.

Enjoy a personalized experience

When customers buy subscriptions from pet stores, they usually get into a long-term relationship with brands. This helps brands to understand them better over time and offer a more personalized experience to them.

Benefits to retailers

Predictable recurring revenue

With an eCommerce subscription in the pet industry, you can receive payment from customers on a monthly basis. This way, you can have a pretty good idea of your recurring revenue. The result: you can plan ahead for new customer acquisition costs, inventory supply, and other expenses.

Better inventory management

With a subscriptions model you can remove the guesswork out of your inventory management. You will get a fair idea of what products are needed month-after-month to fulfill your subscriptions orders. You can stock your inventory accordingly — avoid overstocking and understocking.

Easily introduce new products

To introduce new products to your customers, and to get them to try it is extremely tough in the pet products market. But not if you have set up an eCommerce subscriptions model for your pet store. With subscriptions, you can introduce new products within your deliveries and keep customers’ engaged.

More return on customer acquisition cost

Once customers sign up to your online pet store subscriptions, they’d continue for a long period. This means you don’t have to spend more on marketing to get those customers to keep coming back to your store. You can earn more ROI on your customer acquisition spending.

Higher customer engagement

With subscriptions, you enter into a long-term relationship with your customers. You can get to know your customers better, understand their pets’ needs, and engage them with highly personalized offers and recommendations. The result: happy pets, happy customers, and happy you.

Why Appstle is the best subscriptions and loyalty tool for the pet industry?

Comprehensive features for eCommerce subscriptions models

With Appstle, you can incorporate the most important drivers of customers’ online journey—recapture failed transactions via automated features, send real-time, timely notifications, auto-billing, subscription self-serve access to customers, and more. In short, with Appstle, you get the best Shopify app for subscriptions with the most compelling suite of features.

Easy to install and manage subscriptions

Appstle Subscriptions and Loyalty App is a breeze to install on your Shopify pet store. With seamless migration from other apps, you can securely launch your subscriptions business, drive recurring sales of products and services, and increase customer loyalty.

Boost profits with a recurring revenue stream

Appstle ensures you keep providing a good, hassle-free, and efficient eCommerce subscriptions experience to your customers, month-after-month. What is more, a recurring revenue stream and a steady profit flow to fasttrack your Shopify business growth in no time.

Easy migration and seamless integration

Whether you’re an eCommerce store looking to migrate to the best Shopify subscriptions app, or you’re launching a new subscriptions business, Appstle makes it a breeze. The app enables easy migration from other platforms, as well as integrates easily with your existing app.

Enhance customer engagement and loyalty

To keep customers engaged and loyal to your brand is easier said than done. There’s an area Appstle can help you. The app provides unparalleled customer engagement and loyalty features — targeted rewards to keep your customers engaged, personalized email notification, highly targeted promotions, self-managed subscription options, among others. The result: highly engaged customers and the highest loyalty quotient.

Highly flexible and easy to use

Appstle understands that eCommerce brands need flexibility and efficiency and offers a seamless, hands-on, flexible, and easy-to-use platform that can transform how you manage your subscription model in the pet industry.

Offer customized subscription plans

Appstle allows you to choose from multiple subscription model types for your eCommerce pet store—conventional subscription to build-a-box plans, etc. No matter your customers’ preference, product category, and business, Appstle fits like a glove to your eCommerce subscription model business.

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