Comprehensive and end to end Memberships solution, to increase your customer loyalty and grow wallet share

If you run a Shopify store, you know the importance of customer loyalty. The Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty app is the ultimate solution for all of your membership related needs. The highly accessible and easy to integrate memberships app allows merchants to create customized membership plans, provide membership perks, and enjoy automated billing, enhancing user experience. Ranked as the top loyalty and membership app, Appstle is one of the best membership apps for Shopify currently available. Get started today and take your e-commerce business to new heights!

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Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty

Ranks to be the No. 1 app in Memberships category in Shopify & Shopify Plus

What is Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty?

Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty is a comprehensive solution for offering memberships and related perks to your customers, to increase your brand’s reach, loyalty, and market share. Founded by an Apple-Siri engineer and a former BCG consultant, Appstle℠ uses revolutionary technology to offer compelling features at compelling prices.

We do NOT charge any per member fee or other hidden fees. The ‘no per member fee’ rule applies to all pricing plans, including the free tier!

With Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty, you can:

Why Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty is the most compelling Shopify Memberships and Loyalty app

Compelling features at compelling prices

With Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty, merchants can access from just one app, all the 3 key components of Memberships – 1. Recurring and automatic billing that is deeply integrated with Shopify; 2. Smart tagging of orders and members, across tiers; 3. Innovative and customized membership perks that can be updated as often as you see fit.
At this time, Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty is the only Shopify Memberships app that provides all 3 functionalities!

Unique & flexible management

Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty, just like Appstle℠’s anchor product, Subscriptions, takes pride in its powerful yet easy to use functionalities such as creating and managing unlimited membership plans and associated perks, dunning and cancellation management to reduce churn, and offering a full-fledged and customizable member portal to shoppers. 

With our comprehensive tools, manage from one-stop, and iterate in real-time!

Superior end-customer experience

‘Memberships’ offer benefits not only to the merchants, but to the shoppers as well. The perks that it provides – sometimes in the form of better pricing and final net $ value, and at other times, in the form of exclusivity, ‘belonging’, and ‘community’, are often coveted by customers worldover. Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty, through its customer facing features such as self-managed member portals, and personalized email notifications ensures that your customers’ ‘Member’ experience is unrivaled!

Key features

Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty is one of the few full-fledged solutions out there that offers a quick (less than 10 minutes!) setup and in-depth integration with your Shopify store and Theme. If you get stuck, do not hesitate – just ping us on our chat or email. Our dedicated product support engineers are available 24x7x365 to help! 


At the most fundamental level, ‘Memberships’ offer exclusive perks for a pre-set cost, to the member. Often, there is no one-size-fits all, and based on how vast and diverse your customer base is, you might have to offer multiple member plans and custom perks, to maximize your reach and loyalty. WIth Appstle℠ Memberships, you get to offer unlimited membership plans and targeted perks


Appstle℠ Memberships, similar to Appstle℠ Subscriptions, brings an extensive and one-stop dashboard to your plate. This enables you to conveniently monitor your Member plans, corresponding order and revenue trajectories, and real-time needle movement from offering different member perks. This helps you to knowledgeably iterate, and quickly scale.

‘Memberships’ is not only valuable to merchants, but also brings several benefits to the end-customers or shoppers, such as net $ savings, exclusivity, etc. Hence, it is imperative that the customer experience with enrolling in and retaining membership, and utilizing the associated perks is well crafted and to the point.

Appstle℠ offers its merchants the choice to allow their customers to control multiple facets of their memberships, such as upgrading, switching (between plans), pausing, etc. Moreover, with the personalized email notifications feature, the members are engaged at critical touch points (initiation, announcements on new member perks, etc), to extend their loyalty and wallet share.

Access highly customizable CSS and Membership widget functionalities from the AppstleSM Memberships Dashboard, along with robust APIs and Webhooks to build custom features for your store, on top of our app!

Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty scope of coverage extends end to end, to all the aspects of offering and managing successful Membership plans – automatic billing, smart tagging, and customized member perks. Further, all these aspects can be controlled and managed from the Appstle merchant admin page. This saves considerable time, and enables you to fully focus on scaling your business.

An efficient and successful business today will have to hit the right balance between human intelligence and artificial intelligence. Once you activate the member plans for your store, Appstle℠ Memberships enables smart, automated, and real-time customer tagging, to kick-in the right perks for each customer and their orders

Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty offers deep and seamless front-end and back-end intergrations with Shopify Checkout, all Payment Gateways authorized by Shopify for memberships, and several other third-party apps on Shopify. Currently, integrations are offered with Affiliater, Discounted Pricing, Growave, Loyalty Lion, PageFly, Klaviyo, Yotpo, Zapier, …. 

If there are any other apps that you would like your Memberships to seamlessly work with, just ping us, and we will be happy to work offer the integration!

With Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty smart automations and dunning management functionalities, merchants can recapture failed transactions due to expired or declined cards (by timely notification and retries). Merchants can also know the motivations and pulse of their customers when they initiate cancellation, with our in-built and customized cancellation management.

No question is small! Get hands on and proactive 24x7x365 guidance and assistance from Appstle℠’s dedicated  and knowledgeable customer support engineers. Reach out to, or ping us on our chat widget!

Available integrations

Top-rated 24/7/365 support

Access our exceptional customer support for installation or any other questions you may have, using our live chat/email/phone. And, when we say 24/7/365 support, we mean it!

Contact us for additional features

Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty is rich in its features. But, if there is anything additional you are looking for, just reach out to us at

Watch this short video to understand how Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty can help you scale your business!

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Compelling prices that fit all

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*No per member fee or hidden fees!

Frequently asked questions

Memberships, is simply put, a system to provide your customers with a status in your store. For a set price that is auto-billed to your customers at recurring and regular intervals, your customers become your members!

Offering memberships is one of the most basic ways to increase your brand’s reach, loyalty, and market share, and can be based on exclusive perks to members (e.g. Amazon Prime’s free shipping) or access (e.g. Costco’s exclusive service to members).

Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty is a top Memberships app on Shopify and Shopify Plus. It belongs to Appstle℠ Inc, which also owns AppstleSM Subscriptions.

Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty is the only end-to-end Memberships app on Shopify that covers all 4 facets of offering membership plans to your customers – a) Creating and managing membership plans b) Offering unlimited, tiered, and customized member perks c) Member and member order tagging d) Auto billing.

To create and run your membership programs through Appstle℠, you would first need to create ‘membership’ plans. You can create multiple membership plans for your store. You can set each of these as Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Yearly, or any other custom timeframe, per your requirements.

You can then add specific perks (discounts, exclusive (full or part) access) to the Membership plans. This way, any customer who becomes your store’s member by purchasing a membership plan will be eligible for the special benefits. Appstle℠’s in-built auto tagging will automatically tag all members and their orders, to connect them to their eligible perks.

As a membership app on Shopify and Shopify Plus, Appstle℠ Memberships seamlessly integrates with Shopify Checkout to automatically charge the customer for their member plans.

Appstle℠ Memberships and Loyalty is a Shopify V2 (version 2) membership app. We are deeply and seamlessly integrated with Shopify checkout and operate according to Shopify guidelines. Given that, the payment gateways currently supported by Shopify for memberships, and hence supported by Appstle℠ are:

  • Shopify Payments
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • ShopPay
  • Apple Pay

For more information on Shopify payment guidelines, please review –

These are the benefits/privileges businesses offer customers who purchase the membership plans and become loyal members of their store.

Currently, we’re offering two types of membership perks.

  • Exclusive Membership Access
  1. Limit Access to Add to Cart Button
  2. Limit Access to Specific Product Pages
  3. Limit Access to Specific Blog Pages
  4. Limit Access to Specific Collection Pages
  5. Limit Access to Specific Pages
  •  Member Discount
  1. Free Shipping Discount
  2. Percentage Discount
  3. Fixed Amount Discount
  4. Buy X Get Y Discount
  5. Email Discount Code to Member

We have a demo store built just for merchants to preview the look and feel of our Memberships widget, and check real time, some key functionalities that Appstle provides, before you install our app!  You can visit – to view the demo store (the password is 123456).

Also, our tech engineers and product support team provide 1:1 live demos of our product, on request. Please contact us at, to schedule a meeting!

Yes! Our Membership widget can be integrated into your homepage and collection pages. The core need for the integration, is to have the ADD TO CART button enabled on the pages. Once this is done, please contact our team (available 24/7/365). We will do a quick manual addition of the script from our end, and you will be all set!

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