Appstle | January 2022 Newsletter - Appstle Subscription Monthly Subscription

January 2022 Newsletter – Appstle Subscription Monthly Subscription

1) Our ‘Subscriptions’ product has just completed 11 months on Shopify, and has now become the most rated subscription solution in the Shopify App Store, with over 1000+ reviews!

While the founders of Appstle have been building and managing Shopify apps for a few years now (Appikon: Back in Stock – Restock Alerts, and Discounted Pricing), Appstle Subscriptions was launched in March 2021. It has been a truly amazing journey! We, the Appstle team want to specially thank you for believing in our product, and helping us be successful!

2) Our beloved partner, PageFly has released an excellent 360 degree guide on Shopify for merchants, covering different aspects of running a successful Shopify store. You can read the guide here –

PS: Chapter 7 covers the tips and tricks of subscriptions and recurring revenue!

3) We have kick-started an active integration with Growave. Growave is an all-in-one marketing solution (available on Shopify), that enables your store with product reviews, wish lists, loyalty programs, referrals, social login, and User Generated Content. Growave follows a tiered pricing structure, similar to Appstle Subscriptions.

4) We have introduced a few new and significant functionalities in Appstle Subscriptions, to make your recurring order experience smoother and richer (pun intended!).

Activity Logs/Timeline: We have now added support to Activity Logs or Timeline! This allows you to have an overview of the ‘entire history of activity’ on your subscription contracts. This functionality is still in the Beta Mode, and we are currently working on finalizing the scope of activities that can be monitored through this functionality. So, if you want any activities to be added to the activity logs, feel free to ping us on our chat, or reach out to us at
API Documentation: We have launched the ‘API Documentation’ feature, so that you can now have your developers conventiently build custom features for your store, on top of our subscription application!
**API documentation is a concise reference manual, containing all the information required to work and integrate with an API.

5) We have now launched our affiliate marketing or referral program! If you have any merchants to refer, please click on ‘Become an Affiliate’ in the Appstle merchant navigation panel, to get your own referral link. Any new merchant who comes in through this referral link will be automatically tagged to you, and you will receive 30% commission on all their future Appstle billings!

Once again, thank you for being a valuable Appstle customer!

Ria Mahesh
Co-founder and CEO, Appstle Inc

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