March 2022 Newsletter – Appstle, now a top 25 (of 7000+) Shopify app! Plus key integration news!

Appstle just completed its 1st year anniversary (Appstle℠ Subscriptions was launched on April 8, 2021!), and we want to thank you for your continued support and trust in us. Appstle Subscriptions is now ranked in the top 25, of a total of 7000+ Shopify apps, and we could not have done it without you! So, a heartfelt THANK YOU!


Integration with Klaviyo: Appstle Subscriptions is now officially integrated with Klaviyo email! This has been a significant integration for us, to ensure our merchants’ end customer engagements are seamless and top-notch.

Further, we are also working with Klaviyo, to identify and offer sub-features covering specific use cases that intersect recurring orders and customer notifications. So, if there are any use cases that you feel will benefit your store, please feel free to ping us on our chat widget, to share your thoughts!

Integration with Glood.AI: Appstle Subscriptions is now successfully integrated with one of the most powerful & leading personalization & commerce experience platforms in Shopify, ensuring dynamic and engaging shopping experiences for your customers through real-time personalization. Engage shoppers, boost sales, and drive growth today! Giving a Personalized Experience to end visitors, either onsite or via marketing channels such as emails, Web Push notifications, etc are also known to increase conversions and sales. The 3 main services provided by Glood.AI are:

  • Onsite Personalized Recommendations
  • Personalized Marketing
  • Upselling and Cross-Selling


In the past month, Appstle Subscriptions has added some marvelous features to convert one-time orders, into recurring orders! Yes, we have implemented some kick-ass features such as Product Quick-view Widget Integration, and Cart Page Widget Integration. We have also added some much in demand styling to the widget display. Please find below, a short note on each of them.

1. Quick-view Widget Integration: As we all know, Quickview has become a popular feature used by a large number of e-commerce stores. Using Quickview, site users can see important product details and images through an overlay window while still remaining on a product list (PLP) or category page. With Appstle Subscriptions, you can now add your subscription widget to the Quick view pop-up as well!

2. Subscription Cart Functionality: This feature nudges your customers to convert their one-time purchase to convenient recurring orders, just before the final checkout and payment. Oftentimes, seeing the potential cost savings from subscriptions, at the checkout page where the total bill is laid out, is the most powerful encouragement to your customers to adopt recurring orders!

3. Widget Display Style: We’ve introduced a new version of displaying frequency plans on the subscription widget. We have now added a radio button view to the earlier dropdowns, to provide you with more options to match the rest of your store setup.

4. Prevent subscription cancellation before X number of Upcoming order days: Yes, That’s correct! You can now prevent your customers from canceling/pausing their subscription delivery, within a certain number of days before the delivery. This covers instances where customers pause/cancel when an order is already in transit, or ready to be shipped.

Once again, thank you for being a valuable Appstle customer!

Ria Mahesh
Co-founder and CEO, Appstle Inc

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