Appstle | November 2021 Newsletter - Automations!

November 2021 Newsletter – Automations!

In the last month, Appstle has added some compelling automations within its merchant tools, to make subscription plan modifications and updates more convenient, and faster than before. Please find below, a short note on some of them.

1. Auto-product replacement in subscription plans

While the product swap functionality was always available for individual subscription orders, and could be done by both the merchant and the customer, our new automation feature enables you to swap or update products for entire subscription plans – in one single shot! Imagine the ease of being able to do this, and the time saved!

Sharing a couple of use cases for this functionality:

a) Introducing new variations: If a new variation of a particular product has been recently introduced, and if you wish your customers to switch to this newer version, with the automation tool, you can make the swap/replacement with a click of the button! 

b) Adjusting to accommodate inventory and stock changes: Across the world, there is currently a severe supply chain backlog. In such a situation, if there is a shortage of a particular product, you can use the automation tool, to replace a low inventory/out of stock product, with another product. This can be done at the click of a button, for all subscription orders that have the low inventory product.

2. Auto-price change in subscription plans

Inflation and increase in cost of source materials, are other 2 things that the world is experiencing. Given this, or for any other business reason, you might want to change the price of products that are already a part of subscription plans. Instead of clicking on each subscription order with the product requiring price change, the automation enables you to update the price in all subscription orders (with the product) with the click of a button!

Once again, thank you for being a valuable Appstle customer!

Ria Mahesh
Co-founder and CEO, Appstle Inc

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