Appstle | September 2021 Newsletter - Appstle Subscriptions completes 6 months! New features announcement!

September 2021 Newsletter – Appstle Subscriptions completes 6 months! New features announcement!

We have a couple of wonderful announcements to share with you. 

1) Our ‘Subscriptions’ product has just completed 6 months on Shopify!

While the founders of Appstle have been working on Shopify apps for a few years now (Appikon: Back in Stock – Restock Alerts, and Discounted Pricing), Appstle Subscriptions was launched in March 2021. It has been an amazing journey! We, the Appstle team want to specially thank you for believing in our product, and helping us be successful!

2) We have introduced 3 new and significant functionalities in Appstle Subscriptions

Build a box / bundling:- With this feature, your customers can club several products together, and check out as a bundled subscription. Every subsequently recurring order of that subscription will be of the full bundle.

Please click on our blog article, to learn more about build-a-box.

Subscription upselling: With this feature, you – the merchant will be able to offer/promote additional products that your customers can subscribe to, along with the initial products they had in mind, for a small incentive. You can ‘upsell’. For example, let’s assume you own a household products store. If a customer is subscribing to baby shampoo on a monthly basis, with this feature, you can place a targeted offer for a monthly subscription of baby moisturizer, for a combined discount of 5%.

One-time product inclusion: There can often be situations where your subscribing customers would want to buy an additional product as a one time purchase. But, they might not not want to pay separate shipping fees for it, and may prefer to have that product delivered along with their recurring order. This new feature covers such situations, and enables you – the merchant to provide the ‘one-time product inclusion’ feature to your customers. 

While these 3 functionalities will be a part of our Enterprise Plan, to celebrate our half year anniversary with our merchant partners, they will be available to all current merchants at no additional cost, irrespective of which plan you are in. So, if as on 14th September 2021, you had Appstle Subscriptions installed in your store, ‘bundling/build a box’, ‘subscription upselling’, and ‘one-time product inclusion’ features will be available to you!

Once again, thank you for being a valuable Appstle customer!

Ria Mahesh
Co-founder and CEO, Appstle Solutions

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