20 Shopify customer loyalty program examples and what you can learn from them 

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20 Shopify customer loyalty program examples and what you can learn from them 

Loyalty programs can revamp your sales, and improve customer acquisition and retention rates. Our last article explained how you could also set up a Shopify loyalty program for your ecommerce brand. Today, we want to inspire you with amazing customer loyalty program examples. 

These brands have made a unique mark for themselves with some interesting approaches to rewards programs. Let’s dive right in! 

Customer loyalty program examples and what you can learn from them 

Here are 20 customer loyalty program examples from different eCommerce brands. Each of these has a unique approach to its branding that you can apply to your Shopify loyalty program. 

1. Sephora: Sephora Beauty Insider 

Sephora is one of the world’s biggest beauty brands, and it has among the most popular loyalty program examples. Sephora Beauty Insider is an extensive program that provides many ways to leverage the money customers spend on their brand. 

Customers are tiered based on their spending on Sephora, and the benefits are directly proportional. 

In the table below, you can see how different tiers of the reward program have a wide variety of benefits. From discounts to birthday gifts, everyone gets to enjoy the loyalty program. 

2. Tarte: Tarte Perks 

Tarte is a skincare and beauty brand. Their loyalty program, called Tarte Perks, focuses on their brand’s identity. They are a sustainable brand that has focused on using naturally sourced ingredients. Using this identity, they encourage customers to engage with their brand and also show how they give back to society using their Tarte to Heart NGO. 

They also focus on providing points to the customers without making purchases. Engaging with their social channels is one such way, where customers will see a lot of user-generated content. This encourages more interaction outside their website and increases social engagement and purchases.  

3. Amazon: Prime 

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce brand. They provide a marketplace for selling all kinds of products and brands. It is almost a one-stop shop for most products. 

It has among the most successful customer loyalty program examples. Their Prime Membership is an annual paid membership. It offers customers perks such as fast delivery and music and video streaming subscriptions. 

They also offer a discount on the prime membership for students who can provide a valid ID. 

4. TOMS: TOMS Rewards 

TOMS is a footwear brand popular for how it has given back to society. They have a simple loyalty program called TOMS Rewards, and customer gain points as they purchase products.

However, their involvement in doing good is among the selling points of engaging with their brand. When customers buy from TOMS, they are actively helping them make a difference through their programs that provide footwear and healthcare to people who need it.

It is one of the customer loyalty programs examples that is driven by the brand’s purpose. 

5. The North Face: XPLR Pass 

The North Face is a popular activewear and outdoor gear brand. They’ve created a brand identity around providing sustainable clothes. They are currently focusing on being 100% recyclable while eliminating the use of single-use plastic by 2025. 

Their rewards program was earlier called VIPeak and is now rebranded to XPLR Pass. The loyalty program focuses on providing discounts and dedicated customer service to members and includes a field testing option for outdoor gear. 

Customers can also gain points when they return their old North Face clothes and get $10 credit. 

6. Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW): DSW VIP

DSW is a brand that sells designer shoes and fashion accessories. Their loyalty program is called DSW VIP and became famous after a recent email campaign. 

Their customer loyalty program is also straightforward, offering rewards as points for purchases. To remind customers about these rewards, they launched a campaign with personalized emails about what’s in store uniquely for each customer based on their relationship with the brand. 

They also allow customers to donate old pairs of shoes for redeemable points. 

7. Body Shop: Love Your Body Club 

Body Shop is among the most popular cruelty-free cosmetics brands. They have a wide range of collections for different skin types with a global presence. 

Their loyalty program is called Love Your Body. The program aims to instill self-care messages. The rewards program provides discounts, rewards, and exclusive offers. Customers are also invited to member-only product launch events. 

The Club is marketed as a community for customers to enjoy. They also promote sustainable ways with bottle refill options, and customers also get points for returning old bottles. 

Body Shop enables users to use the reward points as a donation to charities. 

8. Lively: Rewards Program 

Lively is a clothing and accessories brand. Their rewards program is filled with interesting lingo for GenZ. 

The rewards program is tiered. They provide points for referrals and purchases. However, their perks are beyond discounts. Customers can vote on products, get birthday points, get exclusive access to new products, and more. 

9. Pulse Boutique: Pulse Perks 

Pulse Boutique is a casual clothing brand. They are one of the customer loyalty program examples focusing heavily on user-generated content, which helped them increase their sales number significantly. 

Their loyalty program is called the Pulse Perks.  The loyalty program enables users to redeem discount points, get birthday bonuses, and more. 

However, with their focus on social engagement, customers can get points by engaging with their social channels. Reviews are great for a brand identity, and they encourage customers to write reviews that are rewarded with points. 

10. Annmarie Skin Care: Wild & Beautiful Collective

Annmarie is an organic skincare brand. Their brand focuses on providing customers with the best skin care while using wildcrafted, organic ingredients. 

Their loyalty program is called Wild & Beautiful Collective, and it is a name that reinforces the brand’s message. 

The program offers discounts and several chances to earn points. 

The program has two tiers. The second tier offers several more benefits, such as access to an exclusive Facebook group that shares skincare recommendations and tips. Customers can also earn points with product reviews and referrals. 

11. Mirenesse: Love Rewards  

Mirenesse is Australia’s sustainable and cruelty-free cosmetics brand. It is created by a female pharmacist. They also focus on initiatives that help women achieve their dreams. 

Among the customer loyalty program examples, this is a paid program. Their Gold Tier membership offers several interesting perks to the customer. As opposed to the standard one point for one dollar, they provide two points for one dollar in this membership which costs $18. 

Customers also enjoy exclusive access to become panel testers for the products before they are launched. 

Their first-tier membership called Onyx, also provides some primary perks and allows customers to redeem points. 

12. 100% Pure

100% Pure is a skincare and beauty brand. Their loyalty programs allow for gaining more rewards for engaging and shopping more. 

They have a tiered reward system, each with a set of benefits. 

Customers can earn points by engaging on their different social media channels and writing reviews. These points are redeemable for shopping on their site. 

13. Nicce Clothing 

Nicce Clothing is a fashion apparel brand. They have a unique approach to their loyalty program. They have leveraged their reward points name as N Coin to grab users’ attention. 


Their membership has three tiers, each with different benefits. Customers can gain points by following Nicce on social media and subscribing to their mailing list. 

14. Lucy and Yak: Rewards 

Lucy and Yak are an independent clothing brand. They provide organic clothes that are marketed as focusing on providing comfort to all. From their vibrant colors on the website to the user-generated content featuring “Yakkers,” the brand has a strong sense of identity. 

They are also one of the customer loyalty program examples that are tiered. They use interesting language to differentiate between the three levels and automatically assign you to the first one with 650 points upon signing up. 

Customers can earn points by shopping and other non-purchasing activities such as engaging with them on social media, writing reviews, and signing up for the mailing list. 

15. Farfetch: Access Rewards 

Farfetch is a marketplace for luxury clothing brands. They connect customers with boutiques across the world. 

Their loyalty program has five tiers; the more money you spend on the site, the more privileges you acquire. 

Here is a look at their top membership perks. Customers get access to exclusive designer pieces, personal styling assistants and so much more. 

16. Walmart+

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation. It has hypermarkets and grocery stores across the globe. On their ecommerce site, they recently launched their loyalty program called Walmart+. 

This is an example of a paid membership at $12.95/month. They also offer a 30-day trial period. 

Their membership claims to save customers money in the long run. Customers save by enjoying free delivery, no shipping charges, and fuel costs. 

17. Alibaba: 88VIP 

Alibaba is among the world’s most popular and biggest ecommerce marketplaces. They launched their loyalty program called 88VIP. 

Customers must pay a membership fee of 888 yuan annually to experience its perks. 

However, customers have been willing to pay the fee considering the benefits. They offer perks across the Alibaba ecosystem. This means grocery stores, hotel booking, food delivery, luxury brands, and more are all included for the members. 

18. The Elephant Pants: Rewards 

The Elephant Pants are a sustainable clothing brand with a mission. They have dedicated the brand’s cause to saving elephants. 

Their reward system offers customers points for engaging in different activities. This encourages customers to be more proactive with the brand. This gives the brand more exposure across social media channels, and customers get reward points. It’s a win-win situation. 


19. Princess Polly: Rewards 

Princess Polly is an Australian clothing brand. Their new age approach on their website makes them popular among the younger generation. 

All Princess Polly Rewards program members receive discounts and early access to giveaways. Customers can receive rewards by engaging with the brand on social media and writing reviews.

They also have a unique approach to the membership tiers. They make it sound interesting with a concert like language. This is a unique approach that would appeal to Millenials and GenZ.

20. Frank Body: Hotel Pink

Frank Body is a skincare brand that offers clean and cruelty-free products. They are popular for their bestselling body scrub. They leverage user generated content across their website and utilize this to their brand association. 

They are among the most unique customer loyalty program examples. Their loyalty program is called Hotel Pink. Yes, that is definitely a cute approach. The tiered membership also have equally unique names. 

Customers can earn rewards based on engagement with their social media channels, writing reviews, and purchasing products. Each tier of membership can experience different rewards based on their Pink Points.

Create your own loyalty program!

We hope you enjoyed learning about the different types of loyalty programs; we sure did enjoy talking about them. 

Furthermore, we understand how important loyalty programs are for your ecommerce brand and want you to excel. But it can become overwhelming, especially considering the different ways you could do it. 

You can leverage the help of brands like Appstle. They provide an extensive loyalty program solution for you to scale your revenue with their solutions. 

Good luck creating the loyalty program that you and your customers deserve. 
If you have a Shopify store, install the Appstle Loyalty & Rewards app today.

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