Appstle | 5 eCommerce Customer Retention Strategies To Try Today

5 eCommerce Customer Retention Strategies To Try Today

Appstle | 5 eCommerce Customer Retention Strategies To Try Today

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We’re long past the time when we had to scour stores for hours on end to find one thing. Nowadays, we have eCommerce that has placed the world at our fingertips and made it easy to get what we want, whenever we want. Global eCommerce sat at 22% of all retail sales in 2021. Customers are the lifeblood of any business, even more so when it comes to eCommerce. Every aspect of the business, from product development to deciding the market strategy, is to increase sales and get more customers. You just don’t want customers to buy your product once, but you’ll want them to come back. Only then is it right to say a business has achieved some form of success.

Without them, there is no business, and returning customers are key. Transforming a new customer into a loyal customer can be daunting. Whether it’s with picking the best subscription app for Shopify or focusing on branding, if you want to improve your bottom line, you need customer retention. Here are some strategies that work!

1.  Personalized Email Notifications

Appstle | 5 eCommerce Customer Retention Strategies To Try Today

The last reported number of people who use email frequently was 4.26 billion in 2022. This means nearly half of the world’s population uses email. It’s also one of the simplest customer retention strategies you can start using immediately. Sending out emails is one thing. Using it effectively to improve customer engagement and retention is another.

Personalized emails have a higher opening rate, and as such, they are better for customer retention. They also stand out from other emails because they’re more relevant and tailor-made for the customer. Try sending:

  • Thank you emails – A short thank you email when they purchase something from your store. You can also add a follow-up question to see whether they loved the product. This will make them happier, and any feedback you receive can be used to make changes and improvements to your store.
  • Reminder emails – This email will keep them in the loop of any discounts, promos, and coupons and is great for customer retention.

AppstleSM Subscriptions and Loyalty, a Shopify monthly subscription app, offers personalized email notifications for its customers through the Appstle Subscription and Loyalty plan.

2.  Guarantee Satisfaction – Pre, Mid, & Post-Sale

Customer retention is only possible if you support your customer throughout the process. This means supporting them pre, mid, and post-sale. For pre-sale, if customers find good prices, discounts, and a seamless onboarding process, they’ll be likely to return. The same goes for mid-sale and post-sale. Reach out to them and offer after-sales service. Customer satisfaction = customer retention. To improve the overall shopping experience, use subscription/membership apps like AppstleSM that have several other benefits. With AppstleSMyou can do targeted upselling, multi-tier discounts, and custom shipping.

3.  A Customer Loyalty Program

Appstle | 5 eCommerce Customer Retention Strategies To Try Today

Loyalty programs based solely on transactions can quickly become a money pit. Almost 75% of consumers state they would do more business with a brand or buy more frequently from a business if they had a reward program. Rewarding shoppers by adding perks is a great way to improve customer retention. Adding brand advocacy to transactional incentives will turn the loyalty program into a customer acquisition machine instead of a money pit. You can also see improvement in your Shopify app’s recurring bill with this strategy. There are subscription apps that combine various features for an effective loyalty program and recurring orders for the Shopify app like AppstleSM. The right subscriptions and membership products can even help you retain customers during times like recessions.

Read More: How Appstle’s Subscriptions and Memberships Products Help Customer Retention During a Recession  

4.  Leverage Your Thank You Page

Appstle | 5 eCommerce Customer Retention Strategies To Try Today

This is an easy strategy to increase customer retention. Using a thank you page can also even be more effective than emails because they have a 100% open rate. For eCommerce businesses, this is a treasure trove that has an amazing conversion opportunity. There are different ways to use it as well.

  • Make a memorable first impression through the thank you page. It’s the first point of contact between an eCommerce store and a customer. Upgrade it with images, brand elements, videos, and testimonials.
  • You can also collect customer feedback and data on the thank you page. Use quick surveys to get data on the customer’s shopping experience while it’s fresh in their minds.
  • Targeted upselling or cross-selling is the perfect way to turn first-time buyers into repeat ones. Add offers on the thank you page to encourage customers to take out their cards again and make a purchase.

5.  Use a Subscriptions Box/Plan

According to a McKinsey report, subscription-based businesses have had a 100% growth in the past few years. There are several subscription apps for Shopify, and they keep increasing every year. These days customers want products specifically tailored to them, and picking the right subscription programs can help you personalize as you wish. You can create different touchpoints to help in customer retention. There is a lot of competition when it comes to subscriptions, which means just because a customer is with you now doesn’t mean they’ll be with you down the road. Increase engagement with customers, offer rewards, and include cancelation options.

Appstle | 5 eCommerce Customer Retention Strategies To Try Today

Retain Customers Like Never Before With Appstle Subscriptions and Loyalty!

Using a subscription app for Shopify and other eCommerce platforms is a strategy you need to try today! Not only do you get repeating customers, but you’ll get predictable revenue, accurate forecasting, and tons of loyal customers. Appstle Subscriptions and Loyalty helps you sell smarter, not harder. Want to add a subcribe option to your eCommerce store on websites like Amazon, Shopify, etc., or want to add it to your own website? AppstleSM makes it possible!AppstleSM helps expand your brand visibility and improve Shopify app recurring billing. This Shopify subscription app is killing the game and bringing in more customers than any other app on the market. Whether you’re already running a subscription business and looking to migrate to a new and better app, or you’re looking for the best subscription app for Shopify, hit us up! All you need and more, available only with AppstleSM.

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Appstle | 5 eCommerce Customer Retention Strategies To Try Today


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