Appstle | Alo Yoga Customer Loyalty Program Breakdown: Lessons To Learn

Alo Yoga Customer Loyalty Program Breakdown: Lessons To Learn

Appstle | Alo Yoga Customer Loyalty Program Breakdown: Lessons To Learn

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Alo Yoga Customer Loyalty Program Breakdown: Lessons To Learn

Today, almost every eCommerce brand runs some sort of points or loyalty program. But think about it, how many of these programs stand out? How many brands would you recommend to friends based on their loyalty programs?

Just a few maybe. Isn’t it?

In short, you have to create an extremely engaging loyalty program for it to be a success. 

That’s what brings us to the Alo Yoga customer loyalty program—one of the best loyalty programs that customers absolutely love.

In this blog, we’ll look into all the factors that make it so loved by customers and takeaways you could apply to your brand.

Let’s get started!

What is the Alo Yoga customer loyalty program?

Alo Yoga is an athletic apparel brand. The brand believes in mindful exercises, wellness and promotes putting conscious effort into physical practice and meditation. 

Alo Yoga has a customer loyalty program that’s called Alo Access. The brand promotes it as a club. Customers earn one point for every dollar they spend on their website. 

The brand introduced their loyalty program as they started seeing how customers engaged and stayed loyal to Alo Yoga. 

Appstle | Alo Yoga Customer Loyalty Program Breakdown: Lessons To Learn

Why Alo Yoga customer loyalty program stands out

Alo Yoga is an athleisure brand. Just like other clothing brands, Alo Yoga, too, offers a loyalty program to customers. However, it’s not a run-off-the-mill rewards program. The brand offers more than just transactional perks and benefits. It offers experiences that loyalty members value. In this section, we conduct a thorough Alo Yoga loyalty program analysis.

1. Alo Yoga offers free membership to its loyalty program

One of the biggest barriers to loyalty and rewards programs is a joining fee. Customers like to receive perks and benefits from brands. They do not prefer to pay extra. The same goes for loyalty programs. Unless the rewards program is something unique, it’s hard to get customers to pay to join.

Alo Yoga customer loyalty program is free, making it enticing for customers to join it. Moreover, customers get a free welcome gift upon joining the program. All that customers require is to sign up by sharing their contact details.

2. A dedicated loyalty program page

Ease and convenience are two important factors for customers. When shopping online, customers like easy navigation and information on eCommerce websites. This is something AloYoga has addressed well.

Alo Access has a dedicated page that explains the basics of the loyalty program. Here are some key elements of the page:

  • The page gives an overview of the program, making it easy to understand Alo Yoga rewards 
  • The page displays a comparative chart of the three tiers of the loyalty program alongside each other
  • Members can see recommendations of options to redeem their reward points
Appstle | Alo Yoga Customer Loyalty Program Breakdown: Lessons To Learn

3. Alo Yoga customer loyalty program has three tiers

The more complicated a rewards program is, the more difficult it gets for brands to achieve success with it. But Alo Yoga loyalty points system is simple, thanks to the minimal three-tier structure of the program.

Appstle | Alo Yoga Customer Loyalty Program Breakdown: Lessons To Learn

As you can see in the image, VIP is the lowest tier with limited benefits, then comes A-list and last is All Access, the tier with the most benefits.

Alo Yoga makes it easy for customers to understand the benefits and points required to progress to the next levels. Alo Yoga customer loyalty program works on the structure of more spends equal to more points. 

Here are the three tiers and the benefits of each:

1. VIP: The first tier, this level includes customers having 0 to 299 points. Customers receive a welcome gift, first access to price drops, and members-only sales invites. 

2. A-list: The second tier is A-list, which includes customers who have 300 to 999 points. In addition to the benefits of VIP level, this tier also receives surprise giveaways and bonus point days. 

3. All access: All access is the most special and exclusive tier for customers having more than 1000 points. In this tier, customers get access to VIP events and class, and invite-only benefits.

4. Benefits beyond points

The benefits of Alo Yoga membership extend beyond points. Most brands offer reward points, but those brands that offer more than points, tend to engage customers better. For instance, free gifts, exclusive access to sales, member community forums and events, etc. 

Alo Access members get to enjoy many perks other than points and rewards. However, the benefits and perks are based on the tier they belong to. Alo Yoga loyalty program analysis shows many unique perks and benefits:

  • A welcome gift when customers sign up
  • Access to sales exclusively for members
  • Surprise giveaways
  • Special days when customers can earn bonus points
  • VIP events and classes for loyalty members
  • Special benefits by invitation only

5. Alo Yoga loyalty program is simple

With three simple loyalty tiers, the Alo Yoga customer loyalty program keeps things simple and straightforward. Members earn one point for every dollar spent. The brand gives points for online and in-store purchases. 

Each membership tier offers different benefits. The higher the tier, the more the benefits. Moreover, redeeming points is also simple. The Alo Access page shows customers the products they can purchase and the benefits they can avail with their points. 

The brand also collects feedback from customers to make changes to the loyalty program. 

6. A community for Alo Yoga customers

One of the key benefits of Alo Yoga membership is the feeling of belonging and community brought by the loyalty program. Through the loyalty program, the brand tries to create deeper and more impactful associations with customers and within customers. 

For instance, customers can enjoy exclusive events where they meet other like-minded customers, discuss fitness and wellness. Alo Yoga also hosts fitness classes for its loyalty members. Moreover, the brand creates a space for its members to engage in conversations and trends in the athleisure and fitness wear space.

7. Web 3 combined with loyalty program strategies

With so much happening in the digital space around technology, there are few brands, like Alo Yoga, that are really trying to create unique experiences and offerings for customers. 

Alo Yoga has smartly combined Web 3 strategies with its loyalty program. As part of one of its collections, the brand rewarded customers with an NFT digital certificate. These NFT-holding loyalty members also got to enjoy other benefits, such as access to Alo Houses, personal training sessions at Alo Club, and access to personal stylists. 

8. Alo Yoga keeps loyalty members engaged with unique strategies

Alo Yoga customer loyalty program members get to enjoy many unique experiences. With Access digital-first loyalty experience, for instance, NFTs and Web 3 strategies, the brand provides an element of surprise and curiosity to its members. 

These elements want members to engage more with the loyalty program. What is more, members also end up talking more about the brand to their friends and family, thus spreading word. Alo Access loyalty program members enjoy exclusivity and uniqueness via these digital experiences. 

9. A comprehensive Alo Access FAQs section

Customers have a lot of questions, especially when they’re exploring loyalty programs. Most customers do not want to get fooled into joining a loyalty program that does not offer any value. 

And that’s where an FAQs section comes in. Alo Yoga customer loyalty program has a dedicated FAQs section that makes understanding Alo Yoga rewards easy. Here are some of the key questions it answers:

  • What is the difference between points earned and points available?
  • How to redeem points?
  • What happens to points when a customer returns a product?
  • How is a customer’s Alo Access tier determined?
  • Terms and conditions of Alo Yoga loyalty program
Appstle | Alo Yoga Customer Loyalty Program Breakdown: Lessons To Learn

Alo Yoga customer loyalty program key takeaways

Every good loyalty program has some key features that customers love. And those become the talking points and the reasons why customers engage more with reward programs. Let’s look at some of the key elements of Alo Access.

  • Alo Yoga is a well known brand and is growing and expanding. But that hasn’t stopped the brand’s marketing team from consistently enhancing the loyalty program. The brand not only actively promotes the loyalty program but also keeps optimizing it, enhancing it, bringing in new and exciting elements to keep customers engaged with the loyalty program.
  • Alo Yoga loyalty program analysis shows that the brand ensures it creates more value and deeper experiences with its customers that go beyond transactions and points. For instance, a welcome gift to entice customers, exclusive access to sales, surprise giveaways to keep the fun element, special events and classes, etc.
  • Loyalty programs are only as good as the user experience, tech capabilities and digital trends it embraces. Alo Yoga customer loyalty program checks all these boxes. The brand keeps itself abreast with the latest digital trends. Explore Appstle Loyalty and Rewards App, which is one of the best Shopify loyalty apps in the market. The app’s comprehensive features help the brand provide the best digital experiences around its loyalty program. 

Why use Appstle Loyalty and Rewards App for your Shopify store?

There are many loyalty apps available in the market. But Appstle stands out; the merchant reviews are proof of the app’s superior capabilities. Here are some of the features of Appstle Loyalty and Rewards App you must know about:

  • The app allows you to create different types of loyalty and rewards programs. You can choose the type based on your product, service and industry.
  • Customers need something new and exciting and that’s where the power of gamification features come in. Appstle enables you to incorporate gamification elements such as tier-based structures, automation, etc.
  • Small technical glitches can seriously derail your loyalty program and lead to negative reviews. But with Appstle, merchants are rest assured quick and efficient customer support 24/7/365.
  • To stand out in the market, you need to create something unique. With Appstle, you can customize and personalize your loyalty program features and have an edge over your competitors loyalty programs. 

To get started with your Shopify loyalty program, install Appstle Loyalty and Rewards App on your Shopify store today!

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Appstle | Alo Yoga Customer Loyalty Program Breakdown: Lessons To Learn

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