Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

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Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

With 2024 just around the corner, the excitement is at an all-time high. 

We know you are busy exploring many different strategies to boost sales. But for those strategies to work out, you need the best Shopify apps under your belt. 

Whether you plan on running loyalty programs, increasing your email marketing game, or running time-specific sales offers, you need the right apps to succeed in every strategy. 

So today, we are listing out the must-have Shopify apps in 2024 to help you thrive. 

Best Shopify apps to increase sales

Shopify offers a variety of apps to help increase sales by optimizing various aspects of your online store. In a bunch of the best Shopify apps, here are the ones you can consider: 

1. Appstle subscriptions

At the top of our list for the best Shopify apps in 2024 is Appstle Subscriptions. With e-commerce businesses increasingly turning to subscription models for boosted sales and customer convenience, Appstle Subscriptions stands out. It offers highly customizable features to support your business growth, allowing personalized bundling based on customer preferences and flexible billing options for preferred frequencies (weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.). 

Moreover, you can tailor subscription boxes and implement loyalty features for each plan, all while accessing detailed analytics to assess and enhance the performance of your subscription plans.

Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

2. Appstle memberships 

Customers appreciate a sense of exclusivity, and membership programs effectively cultivate that feeling while promoting repeat business. Appstle Memberships allow you to craft and sell recurring and tiered membership plans, contributing to increased sales. 

With benefits such as member-only discounts, gifts on purchases, and shipping advantages, this app enhances the overall customer experience. Advanced features like product gating and a customizable membership portal streamline the process, ensuring seamless management without any hassle.

Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

3. Appstle Loyalty and Rewards

Loyalty programs play a significant role in retaining customers and building a dedicated customer base. With Appstle Loyalty and Rewards, you can select from various loyalty programs, incorporate gamified rewards, and access in-depth performance analytics to refine your initiatives. 

The addition of gamification not only adds an element of fun for customers but also serves as a powerful motivator, encouraging increased engagement and repeat purchases. Furthermore, it provides seamless integration across Point of Sale (POS) and social media platforms to offer a comprehensive omnichannel strategy for maximum impact. 

Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

4. Omnisend

Omnisend is a comprehensive email and SMS platform designed to connect with your shoppers effectively. Offering fully customizable templates and top-notch customer support, it delivers the personalized experience customers anticipate from brands. 

In essence, Omnisend streamlines your campaigns, aids in pinpointing the right audience, and enhances your overall campaign performance for increased engagement.

Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

5. Txtcart

Txtcart is a valuable tool for recovering abandoned carts and reigniting customer interest to boost sales. Using conversational SMS, the platform enhances the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns, leading to improved open and reply rates.  

Moreover, Txtcart offers insightful data from conversations, enabling a better understanding of your customers and ultimately contributing to higher conversion rates. 

Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

6. Boost search

Customers are more likely to make quick purchases when they can easily find the needed products. Boost Search stands out as one of the best Shopify apps for product discovery, eliminating the challenges of searching for ideal products. 

Using AI, the platform provides highly relevant search results, contributing to faster sales. Furthermore, its advanced filtering capabilities and features, such as an in-collection search bar, make it particularly advantageous for stores with extensive inventories. 

Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

7. Loox

Reviews, photos, and videos play a significant role in convincing customers to buy a product. They provide the nudge people need to make a purchase. 

Loox is there to help by showcasing genuine photo and video reviews on your website. It gathers actual recommendations and displays them in a way that grabs attention. When customers see this, they’re more likely to explore and purchase.

Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

8. Shopify Translate and Adapt

When you communicate effectively in the language your audience prefers, they are likely to stay in your store and make purchases. Shopify Translate and Adapt enables you to achieve this by localizing content for different markets, facilitating a stronger connection with your audience. 

The app allows for the automatic translation of up to two languages, and you can also manually add as many translations as needed.

Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

9. Tinyimg

If a website is not optimized, it may experience slow page loading times, poor user experience, and lower search engine rankings. This can result in frustrated first-time visitors who are more likely to leave the site without making a purchase. 

Tinyimg helps prevent that by optimizing your website for faster page speed and improved SEO. This leads to a better user experience, higher search engine rankings, and increased visibility and conversions for your online store.

Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

10. Bold Discounts 

Discounts play a crucial role in boosting sales, but it’s equally important to offer the right kinds of discounts. 

Bold Discounts simplifies the process by centralizing various discount options. You can easily experiment with different promotions and adjust strategies using this tool. With the right discounts, you not only attract more visitors but also convert them into loyal customers. 

Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

11. Gorgias

Swift responses to inquiries or complaints are crucial for enhancing sales. Gorgias helps achieve that by bringing together all support conversations in one place. 

Whether it’s social media comments, direct messages from frustrated customers, or tweets, you can centralize every conversation and respond promptly. 

Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)


Now that you have the list of best Shopify apps in 2024, it’s time to get started and boost sales. These apps cover everything from keeping customers happy to boosting your marketing efforts. As you step into the new year, having these apps in your toolkit could make a big difference in making your online store a success. 

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Appstle | Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales (2024)

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