Appstle | Engaging E-Commerce Subscription Customers with Valuable Content

Engaging E-Commerce Subscription Customers with Valuable Content

Appstle | Engaging E-Commerce Subscription Customers with Valuable Content

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Engaging E-Commerce Subscription Customers with Valuable Content

When running an ecommerce business on platforms like Shopify, getting subscription customers can be challenging. Even if you do get customers to subscribe to your products, nurturing them and keeping them engaged is a whole other ball game.

This is precisely why you need to dig deeper into content marketing for Shopify stores. 

Content is an integral part of your brand story, and when done right, it is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal to attract customers and keep them coming back to you.

A well-thought out content marketing plan can elevate your subscription business and can help you develop meaningful content that allows you to connect better with your audience.

In this article, we dive into everything you need to know about planning and executing content marketing for Shopify stores.

How to use content marketing to keep your subscription users engaged

Here are some ways to leverage content marketing to promote your subscription model and engage your customers: 

1. Blog about it

It is a known fact that the first place your users come when they need information about your products, business, brand, etc is your blog. This is also why blogs can be used to reinstate the value of your subscription boxes. 

Optimizing your blog for search engines can help your blog rank for relevant keywords, driving traffic to your website. Besides, blogs are a great way to put out informative and highly valuable content for your users. The higher the value your blog provides, the higher the chances you have for enticing your customers and building a loyal customer base. 

Blogs are also a super easy way to promote your products and latest launches without spending a bomb on advertising, making it one of the most cost-effective subscription marketing strategies.

2. Elevate your video marketing game

Ever since the entry of short-form videos into the picture, people have been hooked on to their phones. You might not even realize the amount of time that has slipped by when you are simply scrolling through your Instagram or TikTok feed, being enthralled by the dozens of videos put out by content creators.

One of the strongest strategies for content marketing for Shopify stores is to start leveraging video marketing for your brand if you haven’t already.

If you’re planning on making use of videos, then here are a few things you need to consider.

  • Type of videos – You need to think about what kind of video content you’d like to share with your subscribers. Videos can range from simple how-to videos to detailed unboxing and behind-the-scenes videos, depending on your audience’s interest. Some of the popular formats of video include – product demonstration videos, vlogs, lifestyle videos, behind-the-scenes videos, testimonial videos, product review videos, and more. You can pick and choose the types of videos based on the demographic and psychographic aspects of your audience.
  • Define your audience – An important step in video marketing for your subscription model is to have a clear picture of who your audience is. You can define your target audience by analyzing aspects like age, interests, commonly used platforms, challenges, etc.
  • Channels – The internet has spoilt customers for choice, and your target audience could be present on multiple social media channels at a time. Depending on who your audience is and which channel they are likely to use more frequently, you need to decide on how you would distribute your video across channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

The important thing to note here is that irrespective of the type of videos and channels you choose, your videos need to drive home the value of your subscription boxes and focus on how users can specifically benefit from them.

3. Social media for the win

The number of social media users grew by 10.1% from January 2021 to January 2022. In 2023, social media users globally stand at a whopping 4.757 billion

This leaves very little doubt as to why it is essential to incorporate a powerful, far-reaching social media strategy for content marketing for Shopify stores.

You can use different formats for promoting your content, such as carousels, short videos, simple images, live videos, infographics, testimonials and reviews, etc., depending on the kind of campaign you are running, the platform, your audience, and other factors.

4. Collaborate with popular influencers

The popularity of social media platforms has resulted in the exponential rise of both micro and macro influencers. Most of these influencers have anywhere between 50,000 to 1 million plus subscribers making it a good opportunity to collaborate with them to promote your products as well as your business.

By incorporating the right influencer marketing strategy into content marketing for Shopify stores, you can engage with an influencer’s audience base through paid partnerships, ads etc. Credible influencers can be a great support system when it comes to marketing your brand to their audience and is a good way to get the attention of your target audience and their trust. Seeing that their favorite influencers have subscribed to your business and are using your products motivates viewers to also try it out. 

Some of the Shopify subscription box examples for such marketing campaigns include – Thrive Market (organic goodies, vegan snacks, meat), Stitch Fix (monthly boxes with customized outfits picked out), BarkBox (monthly dog treats and toys), etc.

5. Collaborate with customers

Why not? After all, who better to talk about your products than the customers themselves? You can reach out to your existing customers and see if they’d like to join hands in creating testimonials, reviews, and even talk about their experience with your business and products.

The best part about collaborating with customers is that it provides valuable insights to new users and prospects and helps them make confident choices when purchasing from you. It increases the credibility of your brand and is a great resource to add to your marketing campaigns.

6. Share testimonials and reviews

Elaborating on the previous point, customer testimonials and reviews are social proof and a form of content that can be used across multiple channels such as your website, blogs, emails, and social media.

7. Create exclusive content

Exclusive content is an exciting way to make your subscribers feel valued. By offering something unique and special to them, exclusive content such as sneak peeks, product previews, behind-the-scenes etc, you can establish a closer relationship with your customers.


Content marketing for ecommerce is a multi-faceted approach involving much thought, innovation, planning, and execution. It can be a challenging feat. 

However, if you need help creating valuable content for your subscribers, we’ve got you covered! 

Simply reach out to our experts for a detailed consultation and get started with all the ways you can make your subscription business a success! 

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Appstle | Engaging E-Commerce Subscription Customers with Valuable Content

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