Appstle | How to Prevent Subscription Cancellations of Your eCommerce Business?

How to Prevent Subscription Cancellations of Your eCommerce Business?

Appstle | How to Prevent Subscription Cancellations of Your eCommerce Business?

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In the world of online shopping, subscriptions are becoming super popular. 

While it eases shopping for products we need more regularly as consumers, it is also a win for businesses that can drive repeat sales from customers. 

But subscriptions are no longer just about offering the right set of products at a great price. To ensure the consumer continues to see value in the subscription purchased, is becoming easier said than done. 

Even though there has been an uptick in the number of consumers purchasing subscriptions, there has been an equal loss of customers as well. 

Subscription cancellations are slowly becoming as big a problem as cart abandonment. 

In this post, we look into the different ways in which brands using Appstle Subscriptions prevent cancellations. 

How to prevent subscription box cancellations?

While the subscription strategies you implement should be based on what you sell and who you sell to, here are some ways we have seen working well to reduce subscription cancellations: 

1. Offer an easy way to pause subscriptions

Customers appreciate flexibility when it comes to their subscription boxes. Instead of forcing them into a cancellation, provide an easy way to pause their subscription temporarily. This is particularly important for situations when they don’t currently need the products or are going on vacation. 

By offering the option to pause, you create a sense of control for the customer and reduce customer subscription cancellations. They know they can come back and resume their subscription without the hassle of re-subscribing or seeking out alternatives.

How to implement?

  • User-friendly interface: Ensure that your subscription management interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Make it clear how to pause the subscription, preferably with a simple “Pause” button.
  • Clear pause duration: Clearly communicate how long a subscription can be paused for. This could be a fixed period or a customizable range (e.g., 1-3 months).
  • Email reminders: Send automated reminders to subscribers before their subscription reactivates. This gives them the chance to extend the pause if needed or get ready for the upcoming delivery.

2. Offer an easy way to edit subscriptions

As customers’ preferences and needs evolve, their subscription requirements might change. 

Providing an option to easily edit their subscription details allows them to fine-tune their orders, adding to their satisfaction and reducing the likelihood of cancellation due to mismatched products or quantities.

How to implement?

  • Customization options: Let customers modify their subscription boxes aspects such as quantity, frequency, product types, and flavors to reduce customer subscription cancellations. A user-friendly dashboard or portal can empower them to make these changes.

For instance, if they initially subscribed to receive 2 protein bars and 2 chew sticks per month, their preferences might shift after 3 months. Enable them to modify their selections, such as opting for a different flavor.

  • Change notifications: Whenever there’s a change to their subscription, send confirmation emails or notifications to ensure they’re aware of the modifications.
  • Flexible billing: If subscription costs vary with changes, ensure the billing adjustments are clear and transparent. Avoid unexpected charges by communicating any changes upfront.

3. Offer easy payment options

Financial constraints can play a role in subscription cancellations. 

Provide flexible payment options to reduce customer subscription cancellations. You accommodate a wider range of customers and help them manage their expenses effectively.

How to implement?

  • Installment plans: Offer the choice to pay for subscriptions in installments to reduce customer subscription cancellations. For instance, if the subscription costs $250 for 3 months, allow customers to pay $125 upfront and the remaining $125 spread over the subscription duration.
  • Deferred payments: Implement a “Buy Now, Pay Later” option where customers receive the subscription immediately but have a deferred payment deadline. This can be particularly useful for customers who expect their financial situation to improve.
  • Transparent terms: Clearly outline the terms of these payment options, including due dates, any potential interest or fees, and consequences of missed payments.

4. Communicate proactively

Proactive communication is vital to maintaining a strong relationship with your subscribers. 

By keeping them well-informed throughout the subscription journey, you enhance their anticipation and reduce the likelihood of cancellations due to uncertainty or lack of awareness.

How to implement?

  • Subscription confirmation: Send a personalized confirmation email as soon as they subscribe to reduce customer subscription cancellations. This email should include details about their subscription plan, the frequency of deliveries, and the benefits they’ll receive.
  • Delivery updates: Send notifications when the box is scheduled for delivery, when it’s out for delivery, and when it has been successfully delivered. Include tracking information so they can monitor the status themselves.
  • Customizable preferences: Allow subscribers to choose their preferred communication channels (email, SMS, app notifications) and frequency of updates. 

5.  Educate and inform

Subscribers are more likely to stick around when they understand the value your products or boxes bring to their lives. 

Consistently educate and inform them about the benefits, features, and unique offerings of your subscription to reduce customer subscription cancellations.

How to implement?

  • Regular content: Send regular newsletters, blog posts, or videos that showcase different aspects of your products, highlight customer success stories, or provide tips on using your subscription items effectively.
  • Unboxing experience: Consider sharing unboxing experiences through videos or social media to reduce customer subscription cancellations. This gives subscribers a glimpse of what they can expect and adds excitement to the anticipation.
  • Exclusive content: Provide exclusive content or resources to deal with cancel subscriptions. This could be recipe ideas, usage guides, or special discounts only available to subscribers.

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6.  Reward customer loyalty

Recognizing and rewarding loyal customers can significantly reduce subscription cancellations. When subscribers feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to continue their commitment.

How to implement?

  • Loyalty programs: Introduce a loyalty program where subscribers earn points or rewards for each subscription renewal to reduce customer subscription cancellations. These rewards could be discounts, freebies, or early access to new products.
  • Exclusive offers: Provide exclusive offers and discounts to long-term subscribers. This not only incentivizes them to stay but also makes them feel like part of an exclusive club.
  • Personalized thank you: Include personalized thank-you notes or messages in each subscription box. Showcasing genuine appreciation goes a long way in building emotional connections.

7. Identify loyal customers

Recognizing and nurturing your loyal customers can significantly reduce customer subscription cancellations. These customers have already shown an affinity for your products and are more likely to stick around if they feel appreciated and valued.

How to implement?

  • Exclusive offers: Provide loyal customers with exclusive discounts, early access to new products, or special perks that are not available to other subscribers. This reinforces their loyalty and gives them a reason to stay.
  • Personalized communication: Reach out to loyal customers with personalized emails or messages to thank them for their continued support. This personal touch goes a long way in building a strong relationship and significantly reducing customer subscription cancellations.
  • Feedback opportunities: Engage loyal customers in feedback sessions to understand their preferences, pain points, and suggestions for improvement. This involvement makes them feel like valuable contributors to your brand’s growth.

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8. Evolve

To prevent subscription cancellations, it’s crucial to adapt and evolve your subscription offerings to match changing consumer demands and preferences. 

Stagnation can lead to decreased interest and cancellations, so staying dynamic is key to reducing customer subscription cancellations.

How to implement?

  • Regular market research: Continuously monitor market trends, customer feedback, and emerging preferences. Use this data to iterate on your subscription models and introduce new offerings that align with consumer needs.
  • Flexibility: Introduce various subscription tiers or options that cater to different preferences. For example, offer customization options, themed boxes, or frequency adjustments to meet a wider range of needs.
  • Seasonal or limited editions: Introduce seasonal or limited-edition boxes that create a sense of urgency and excitement. These encourage subscribers to stay engaged and interested and significantly reduce customer subscription cancellations.

9. Ask for an explanation

When subscribers decide to cancel, it’s essential to understand why.

Gathering feedback through a direct and empathetic approach can provide valuable insights to help you address pain points and potentially reduce customer subscription cancellations.

How to implement?

  • Exit surveys: Send an exit survey when subscribers initiate cancellation. Ask open-ended questions about their reasons for leaving and their overall experience. This information can guide improvements.
  • Personal outreach: For more personalized insights, consider reaching out with a personal email or even a phone call to understand their specific concerns. This shows a commitment to improving and might even convince them to stay.
  • Feedback utilization: Act on the feedback you receive. If you identify recurring issues, address them to enhance the subscription experience and demonstrate that you value customer input.


In conclusion, implementing subscription boxes and models have a significant impact on reducing subscription cancellations for your eCommerce business. These strategies offer convenience and value, encouraging customers to stay engaged. 

However, it’s crucial to monitor these subscriptions effectively to avoid potential pitfalls that might lead to cancellations. 

That’s exactly why Appstle is one of the trusted Shopify subscription apps providing powerful and customizable subscription features.

With an easy-to-use admin dashboard, Appstle provides management features, automation, subscription widgets, and growth-focused subscription analytics to help grow your business.

Want to learn more about Appstle? 

Reach out to our experts or explore our Shopify apps today

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Appstle | How to Prevent Subscription Cancellations of Your eCommerce Business?

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