Appstle | InspiredGo eCommerce Subscription Box Strategy And Takeaways

InspiredGo eCommerce Subscription Box Strategy And Takeaways

Appstle | InspiredGo eCommerce Subscription Box Strategy And Takeaways

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InspiredGo eCommerce Subscription Box Strategy And Takeaways

Lessons from InspiredGo subscription review to ace your subscription business model. 

In recent years, food subscription has taken the world of commerce by storm. The key reasons for this are customers experience convenience, ease, and cost benefits, among others.

For F&B brands, subscriptions bring recurring revenue, customer loyalty, and many long-term benefits. 

There are all kinds of food-related subscriptions. From vegan to healthy food boxes to wine subscriptions and more. However, few food subscription businesses achieved success in the market. 

To learn how to set up and manage the best food subscription model, we take an in-depth look at InspiredGo subscription box, breakdown their subscription strategy and offer takeaways.

What is the InspiredGo subscription box?

InspiredGo is a healthy food meal box brand. The InspiredGo subscription box makes healthy eating easier for customers. Customers can subscribe and save with a 5% discount on every order. Subscribers can select the delivery frequency as per their needs. Moreover, subscribers can also alter the items in every delivery. Subscription deliveries can be paused, skipped or easily canceled based on customers’ needs.

Benefits of InspiredGo subscription box:

  • Customers get a discount on every order
  • High flexibility to pause, change, skip or cancel orders
  • Regular, weekly reminders to customers
  • Recurring orders and revenue for brands
  • Long-term customer relationship
  • Higher engagement opportunities
  • Increased customer loyalty
Appstle | InspiredGo eCommerce Subscription Box Strategy And Takeaways

Takeaways from the InspiredGo subscription box model

There’s a lot of competition in the food subscription market. However, the food subscription industry is still at its nascent and evolving rapidly. But InspiredGo subscription review reveals a suite of excellent features and elements, making it one of the best Shopify subscription examples to learn from.

1. InspiredGo has a dedicated page for subscriptions

When customers come to eCommerce sites, they often take a few minutes to figure out the site, how to navigate it, and what information can be found where. But if this initial process is complex, customers may lose interest and leave the site.

You must ensure customers can easily find the information they’re looking for. For instance, they might want to explore your subscriptions. This is why InspiredGo has a dedicated subscription page.

The top navigation bar includes a tab for subscriptions. The brand has smartly titled the tab ‘Subscribe and Save’, making it more enticing for customers to click on it. 

Here are some takeaways from the InspiredGo subscription box page:

  • Clear and simple explanation of the key features and benefits with text and visual icons
  • Lists reasons or benefits why customers must subscribe
  • The page also has a few important FAQs
Appstle | InspiredGo eCommerce Subscription Box Strategy And Takeaways

2. An FAQs section dedicated to the subscription model

Customers often have many questions. And if they have to always reach out to your customer support for queries, it can get annoying and they might rather choose to let go shopping. 

This is an issue that InspiredGo addresses with a dedicated FAQs section focused on subscriptions only.

This section covers questions such as how to alter meals for an order, the minimum order amount, how to avail free delivery, and how to pause, skip or cancel orders.

FAQs are a tried and tested way to improve customer experience, make shopping easy and faster for them. It’s a one-stop-shop for customers’ questions and hence, increases the chances of sales and conversions.

3. An FAQs section for the subscription portal

Apart from an FAQs section in the subscription page, InspiredGo has also created a section specially for the subscription portal. The portal is where subscribers manage their subscriptions. 

Let’s look at some of the questions covered in this section:

  • How to edit payment and address details?
  • How to view upcoming orders or skip orders?
  • How to change the delivery date for orders?
  • How to view order history?
  • How to apply a discount code to subscriptions?

Each of the questions is answered through a video explanation making it extremely easy for customers to use the features.

Appstle | InspiredGo eCommerce Subscription Box Strategy And Takeaways

4. InspiredGo subscription is simple

In this day and age of information overload and declining attention spans, customers want to enjoy their shopping experience. Imagine if shopping online also becomes a tedious and confusing task, what would it do to customers. 

This is an aspect that InspiredGo has addressed by keeping it simple. Its products list has a wide variety. Customers can choose whatever they want simply by adding products to the cart. 

The brand launches new healthy dishes/salads every week. So customers can keep an eye on what’s new and order new salads week after week.

5. A personalized experience

90% of leading marketers say personalization increases business profits. InspiredGo personalize subscriber experience by providing the flexibility to change, skip, pause, or cancel orders whenever they want to. 

Moreover, the brand provides many salad options so customers can choose the items based on their dietary and taste preferences. Additionally, InspiredGo launches new salads every week, so customers get to try new salads.

This kind of personalization convenience ensures customers never get bored of the subscription because they get to try new salads as well as have the freedom to change orders whenever they want. 

To top it, a 5% discount only to subscribers provides an exclusivity to customers. That way, customers get more value from subscriptions. All these factors help InspiredGo build stronger customer relationships, create long-term customer loyalty, and brand advocates. 

Appstle | InspiredGo eCommerce Subscription Box Strategy And Takeaways

6. InspiredGo subscription box makes it easy for customers to try new products

InspiredGo subscription keeps the customer at the center by making it easy for customers to try new products. Even though the brand has a wide range of salads to choose from, customers can simply select and add to cart. 

With a wide variety, the brand not only caters to a larger consumer base but also gives customers choices. Moreover, new additions every week, ensure customers get to try something new. 

With a subscription, it gets much easier to get customers to try new products. Because the brand is in touch with customers week after week, introducing new salads to subscribers is easier with consistent and engaging communication.

Appstle | InspiredGo eCommerce Subscription Box Strategy And Takeaways

7. InspiredGo subscription box offers a discount on every order

One of the most attractive elements for consumers is price benefits. Discounts, deals, and offers help bring more customers and sales. And this is something that InspiredGo addresses.

The brand gives a 5% discount on every subscription order. Subscribers can save a huge amount on subscriptions. The brand even promotes the idea of eating healthy for less with this discount. 

8. Scalability

For any business to grow in today’s tech-focused market, it’s important that it is able to scale after a point. If a new business does not have the capability to scale, it may not be able to keep up with competitors.

But InspiredGo subscription box business has this factor covered. The brand is spread across different countries and cities. Moreover, it is able to cater to a wide range of consumers by offering a large selection of products. 

The brand makes use of data and metrics, gathered through its subscription app. Deep analytics and insights help the brand take the correct measures to grow and scale the business. 

Put these learnings into practice with the best Shopify subscription app

There are many Shopify subscriptions apps in the market. But InspiredGo chooses to use Appstle Subscriptions to manage its subscription business. That’s because Appstle Subscriptions App offers many features in one app.

The app can be used for Shopify and Shopify Plus brands to set up and manage subscriptions, no matter the industry, products, or services. With the capability of setting up different types of subscriptions, the app also offers loyalty features, flexible billing, dunning management, automation, reports and analysis, etc. Moreover, Appstle’s 24/7/365 customer support facility makes managing subscriptions easy and enjoyable.

Summing up InspiredGo subscription box review

If you’re still not convinced, read other InspiredGo subscription reviews and you’ll know why it’s one of the best Shopify subscription examples. That’s because Appstle Subscriptions makes it easy for the brand to manage and run one of the best food meal box subscriptions.

If you’re looking for a subscriptions app for your online business, explore Appstle Subscription App. 

Install Appstle Subscription App on your Shopify store today!

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Appstle | InspiredGo eCommerce Subscription Box Strategy And Takeaways

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