Appstle | Trends in 2022 That Are Redefining E-Commerce Personalization

Trends in 2022 That Are Redefining E-Commerce Personalization

Appstle | Trends in 2022 That Are Redefining E-Commerce Personalization

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The new normal in E-Commerce is replete with various digitally-personalized service trends for customers, and these are powerful tools to meet consumer requirements and considerably increase your website traffic. Read on to know more about the top E-Commerce trends in 2022.*

While the pandemic may have been a bad omen for most, for the e-commerce sector, it concocted an unprecedented boom. With virtual reality riding its wave, e-commerce trends have made headway for a much-needed economic upliftment after millions of people were left unemployed due to the global lockdown.

E-commerce entered the game as a powerful tool for strengthening B2B, B2C, and P2P connections through the power of the internet. Once the supply chains in the real world were disrupted, individuals repositioned to online e-commerce based purchasing.

E-commerce pandemic trends have spiked an urge in retailers and entrepreneurs to shift to an e-specialized marketing and sales approach, where online businesses have attained a large margin of profits as compared to onsite retailing.

With the imperativeness of e-commerce in the current business world, let’s focus on the role and relevance of personalization in eCommerce.

What is E-Commerce Personalization?

E-commerce personalization is crucial for maximizing customer satisfaction and customer sales. This trend personalizes consumer preferences based on their previous orders, browsing behavior, location, language, and other personal information. This creates potential and regular customers for your websites, ultimately leading to better traffic and a higher profit margin.

Personalization is a powerful tool to meet desired and exact consumer expectations so that they don’t feel the need to branch out to other websites. This way, your business makes a considerable profit, and you don’t end up losing valuable traffic.

Relevance of Personalization in E-Commerce

With relevance to E-Commerce personalization, the B2C industry is far ahead of its B2B counterparts. The B2C sector poses a direct connection between the consumer and the company, where personalization is specified according to the preferences laid down by the customer, and there are no intermediaries involved in the decision-making process. This communication makes the transactions smooth and ensures 100% customer satisfaction, thereby securing a large profit line.

On the other hand, the B2B sector houses a storm of opinions and has more than three important decision-makers in the process of personalization. Hence, a record loss is observed in the costs for maintaining such communication.

While e-commerce personalization has been well-adapted by B2C sector companies, B2B companies are flourishing at a more minimal rate. It is time for B2B companies to adapt to the newly developed technologies making unprecedented headway in e-commerce personalization.

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, subscription benefits, etc., are constantly scaling business platforms; most companies are catching on to these trends and building their businesses like skyscrapers.

2022 Trends that are Redefining Personalization in E-Commerce

Let’s look into some of the major e-commerce personalization trends that businesses are swiftly adapting to in 2022:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML have created a new future for e-commerce and its personalization trends. The initial acceleration of AI and ML skyrocketed during the lockdown, and the global transformation led to a virtual purchasing world.

At present, over 37% of organizations indulge in AI technology for e-commerce personalization, and the results have been astonishingly rewarding. In addition, the complete adaptation to AI-based technology will result in a loss of 85 million jobs and the creation of 97 million jobs in its place by 2025.

With trustable AI and ML tools, renowned brands can conduct behavioral analytics, image recognition, inventory management, and automation. These analytics provide more narrowed customization based on your consumers’ specific needs. Glood.AI provides a streamlined customer experience for your businesses so you can make the most of these tools.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Why only restrict the AR and VR techs to video games? Although at present only 1% of retailers are using AR and VR technologies in their businesses, it is soon expected to be a part of mainstream marketing strategies. The competition is currently quite low, and businesses are slowly making inroads into the AR/VR world.

The use of virtual reality and augmented reality allows consumers or retailers to have an exact idea about their purchases. Using 3D product depictions and a guided virtual experience of product features is key to grabbing shoppers’ attention instantly. In total, over 100 million buyers expect websites to use AR and VR to know exactly what they are spending their money on.

Image Recognition Technology

A judicious arrangement to include an image-recognition technology will benefit retailers as well as consumers to a noticeable degree. Retailers can identify products online through image recognition and customize them for their consumers.

Image recognition technology can be used to entice online shoppers to “shop the look” through links to the products provided in the image itself. This creates a favorable ****in-shopping experience for the customer.

Platforms like Glood.AI create onsite personalized recommendations for brands using image recognition tools, so you can hop on to this popular trend for your business to flourish. It goes without saying: the apt usage of image recognition technologies can help online businesses top the sales charts.

End-to-End E-Commerce Personalization with Integrated Personalized Search and Order Management

Another trend that made it to the 2022 e-commerce books is the implementation of end-to-end e-commerce personalization with integrated personalization search and integrated order management systems. This trend has especially become popular in the pandemic-dipped economy, where the regular machinery of supply chains has been severely disrupted.

Extreme levels of personalization are only possible when an integrated order management approach establishes itself through a central location whereby consumers can view, manage, and fulfill orders without branching out to other websites.

In particular, personalized searches create the ultimate end-to-end eCommerce personalization experience where consumers and retailers can get an inward look at the product they wish to purchase.

Glood.AI points you to centralized and personalized order management systems, providing the ultimate end-to-end personalized e-commerce service.

Direct Purchase through Social Media

About 87% of buyers have agreed that Instagram is the ideal space through which online shopping sites can be easily accessed. Online shoppers go to a website through the Instagram app and access the desired product on the website link that appears on the app.

Why Instagram? Because it is the most frequently visited social media platform that individuals log on to on a daily basis. Marketing company products by providing direct links through such apps ensures that consumers reach their desired product with a single click.

Product Customization Features

Almost all customers want to find their ideal product online. What they find are “somewhat similar” products. However, once the feature for “customization” is offered to them, they can suggest modifications and improvements that will allow them to purchase their desired product.

Glood.AI recommends brands that make customization features a necessity in their product lineup. This allows customers to choose their own designs, colors, and sizes.

Online Browsing through Voice Search

This is becoming an increasingly popular trend among online businesses: Over 50% of digital consumers prefer voice search browsing on websites. Following the wave, Glood.AI recommends brands that specialize in voice search modeling through natural language processing for browsing purposes.

Customization for this purpose should involve the use of voice search to clear customers’ doubts regarding products they are willing to purchase.

Drone Delivery Possibility

For global major e-commerce giants like Amazon, UberEats, Alibaba, and FedEx, the possibility of the usage of drones to deliver products is becoming increasingly commonplace.

Barring a negligible amount of technical glitches and a lack of drone technology experts, this form of delivery communication can curb precious time. Deliveries can take place in a systematic and trouble-proof way. Wrong-address delivery is another raging issue that can be successfully curbed using drone delivery technology.

Popular businesses that have a large consumer base in local areas can experiment with this and thereafter shift to a pan country scale.

E-Commerce Personalization: The Future of Online Businesses

As of 2022, personalization in e-commerce is accelerating unbridled online business growth and is expected to rise two-fold in the upcoming years. While these trends are still in their initial phase, online businesses need to hop on to these bandwagons at the earliest to reap their benefits.

Glood.AI is a personalization platform that provides onsite personalized recommendations, personalized marketing, and checkout upsells and promotions, so your business never has to compromise on sales and growth.

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