Appstle | Why Pet Care Subscriptions Services are important?

Why Pet Care Subscriptions Services are important?

Appstle | Why Pet Care Subscriptions Services are important?

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Why Pet Care Subscriptions Services are important?

Pets are family, and people want to provide the most special products for them – whether they are treats, regular nutritious meals, engaging toys like Kongs that provide them with mental stimulation, or even just to play a game of tug of war. A special bond like that deserves special products, and one way to stay on top of this is subscription pet boxes.

The subscription model in ecommerce has seen a rise in demand and popularity, with convenience and budget friendliness being their driving factors. In 2025, the subscription economy is estimated to reach $1.5 trillion!

Now this trend is also a part of the industry of pet products. 

“Customers are hunting for deals in these times more than ever before, and subscription boxes offer a fair return on time and money saved. People are leaning into trusted brands more than ever, sticking to brands they trust who will deliver them whatever they need right to their doorstep during the pandemic,” KD Frueh, President of dog and cat toy company KONG, said.

Therefore, one way to ensure furry friends are well cared for is to sign up for such subscription boxes. As an ecommerce business, if you’re wondering about the value of providing this service, we will tell you all about it in this blog.`

What is a subscription pet box?

The petcare subscription model is a recurring way of surprising pets and their families with toys, treats, or meals delivered straight to their door. Each box is tailored to a pet’s unique needs and preferences, making it a personalized experience. Since the concept was first introduced by BarkBox in 2011, the pet box industry has grown tremendously, offering pet owners nationwide the opportunity to spoil their pets with monthly surprises.

Signing up for a subscription pet box is easy. After that, they can receive a personalized box of goodies regularly, containing everything from toys and treats to grooming products and accessories.

Why pet subscription services is popular?

Pet owners are always looking for ways to spoil their pets. This intention is the primary reason why the petcare subscription model became so popular. Here are some more reasons:

  • Keeping up with trends: They help pet owners keep up with the latest treat with more nutritious value or that new toy that will engage their cats and dogs more. It’s a hassle-free experience to discover new items for their pet’s unique needs.
  • Providing convenience: For busy people, it might be challenging to take a trip to the pet store every time their pet needs something. Luckily, subscription boxes offer a convenient solution by delivering pet products straight to their doorstep. This way, they can save time and effort and have everything they need when needed.
  • Surprising them: Do they love the feeling of opening a present and discovering what’s inside? Subscription boxes can offer that same excitement and surprise for them and their pet. With an assortment of products that may include treats, toys, and other pet-related items, they can look forward to finding new brands and products that they and their pet may not have encountered otherwise.
  • Allowing customization: Every pet has unique needs; subscription services understand that. That’s why many of them allow them to customize their box according to their pet’s size, age, or dietary preferences. This personalization ensures that the products they receive suit their pet and their requirements.
  • Cost savings: Subscription boxes can offer good value for money by providing a selection of products at a lower cost than buying them individually. Additionally, long-term subscriptions often come with discounts and special offers, allowing them to save even more money over time.
  • Making them part of a community: Being a pet owner can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging at times. Subscription services often offer online communities and forums where pet owners can connect, share experiences, and exchange advice

How does the subscription model work in the petcare industry? 

Each pet subscription box might have a different process; however, below are the general steps: 

1. Customizing based on their pet 

Each breed of cat or dog has differing needs, so they must be mindful while filling in these details. They have to enter their pet’s breed, weight, age, and any other information that helps subscription pet boxes tailor the products to their pet’s preferences and needs.

2. Selecting the delivery interval 

Depending on the product they need and its quantity, how often they want to receive the pet subscription box depends on their preference. The companies offer a variety of options ranging from single purchases to 3, 6, or 12-month plans. The longer the plan, the lower the price-per-box becomes, which means they get more value for their money. They can pick the plan that works best for them and their pet’s needs.

3. Choosing payment that works for them

Paying for a subscription upfront can be challenging, which is why some companies offer flexible payment options that work for them. Some providers allow for monthly payments, and many plans offer free shipping.

4. Modifying their Subscription

If they’re happy with what they’ve been receiving, they can keep their subscription going and expect to receive the next box. But if they want to switch things up, like what’s inside or how often they get deliveries, they can simply adjust their subscription settings. Most subscription services make it easy to do so.

Top brands with pet boxes or petcare subscription model 

There are a lot of choices for pet owners today. Here are some of the best petcare subscription examples from prominent brands for your inspiration to provide such services for your customers: 

1. BarkBox  

BarkBox has shipped over 16 million toys and treats, and it has become a trusted provider in the pet industry. 

They’re dedicated to providing a unique and exciting experience for dogs and their owners, ensuring that every item in their boxes is distinct and tailored to their furry friend’s needs. Plus, BarkBox offers a customer satisfaction guarantee, allowing them to replace one item per box if necessary. 

And by subscribing to BarkBox, they’re also contributing to a greater cause, as they partner with shelters and non-profit organizations to help dogs in need find their forever homes.

Appstle | Why Pet Care Subscriptions Services are important?

2. MeowBox  

MeowBox is a monthly subscription box that cats and their families love. MeowBox offers a variety of flexible subscription options and ensures that every item included is curated explicitly for cats. 

They prioritize the quality and natural ingredients of their treats and food, ensuring that each box is filled with products that meet high standards and cater to cats’ discerning tastes. Moreover, by subscribing to MeowBox, they support animal shelters and rescue efforts nationwide.

Appstle | Why Pet Care Subscriptions Services are important?

3. PupJoy Box 

PupJoy Box is a great option for those who want to spoil their dogs with high-quality gear and treats. 

PupJoy Box can be extensively customized, ensuring each box is tailored to their furry friend’s needs and preferences. They offer a better value than any other service tested, with a loyalty rewards program and built-in monthly, every-other-month, and quarterly shipping options. Plus, their deliveries are faster than most of the competition.

Appstle | Why Pet Care Subscriptions Services are important?

4. Pooch Perks 

Pooch Perks’ subscription boxes offer options tailored to their preferences and their furry friend’s needs, including themed boxes for special occasions. 

By subscribing to Pooch Perks, they’re supporting a company dedicated to providing a delightful experience that suits their dog’s individual preferences and celebrates important moments in their life.

Appstle | Why Pet Care Subscriptions Services are important?

5. Cat Person  

Cat Person offers a meal plan subscription service that simplifies their life and provides high-quality, nutritious meals for their feline companion. They offer a diverse range of meal options, including wet and dry foods, and prioritize their cat’s well-being. 

Plus, with free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee, they can trust that Cat Person values their satisfaction as a customer.

Appstle | Why Pet Care Subscriptions Services are important?

6. Rescue Box  

Subscribing to Rescue Box for just $30 a month allows them to receive a box filled with five premium pet items tailored to their furry friend’s size and type. Plus, each box feeds at least 142 shelter animals, allowing them to make a real difference in their lives. They can join thousands of satisfied customers and treat their pets while contributing to a greater cause.

Appstle | Why Pet Care Subscriptions Services are important?

Should you set up a subscription pet box?

Subscription pet boxes can be valuable for your customers and a good business strategy for you. However, you must know why these pet boxes are sometimes a good choice and when they aren’t. 

Why customers buy petcare subscription boxes: 

  • They can pamper their pet every month, giving them a feeling of excitement.
  • It surprises their pet regularly, providing more options to enrich their life.
  • They can discover new products regularly.
  • It provides ample opportunities for them and their pet to bond.
  •  It prioritizes a pet’s health with new toys, healthy treats, and engaging games.
  • It helps them save costs in the long run.
  • They don’t have to remember to place the orders for treats or meals every week, as the subscription plans will deliver them based on a predefined timeline.
  • It keeps them accountable and more involved in their pet’s life.
  • They can support animal rescues and shelters through the contributions made by these pet box companies.
  • They gain more awareness about how they can help rescue animals.

Why customers don’t buy subscription pet boxes:

  • It is an additional investment that may not be economical in every situation.
  • They cannot always control the products that are sent to them. If they have a surprise element, chances are that their pet will not like them, but they cannot return them.
  • They put their pet’s care on autopilot and may not put enough effort into seeking better products than their subscription pet box company can offer.
  • They might end up with more products than they need.
  • They may not be able to financially keep up with the pet care subscription model, especially if the company doesn’t offer easy cancellation or modification.

However, with any product, it is important to know your target audience. Not everyone will want your petcare subscription boxes, and for them, your individual products will be sufficient. 

But considering the many reasons people would want such products and the rising demand for subscriptions in ecommerce, if you market it right with your customers at the forefront, you will be able to provide the right service. 

Petcare subscription model can help you and your customers! 

If you aim to set your business apart and provide pet owners with a one-of-a-kind experience, creating your personalized subscription box is a great choice. This approach gives customers control over product selection, customization options, and branding. 

This helps you learn about pet owners and what their furry friends like. By thoughtfully providing personalized options based on each pet’s unique requirements, you can establish a deep sense of loyalty and connection with your clientele. 

You make this service hassle-free with ecommerce subscription platforms such as Appstle. These solutions take care of technical tasks such as order tracking, payment management, marketing, and customer analytics. If you have realized that providing a petcare subscription model is the right business decision, reach out to Appstle today

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Appstle | Why Pet Care Subscriptions Services are important?

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