HayPigs!® – From Pet Passion to Retail Success

Appstle | HayPigs!® - From Pet Passion to Retail Success

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HayPigs!®, a UK-based animal specialist store, specializes in providing toys, food, accessories, and more, for guinea pigs and other small pets! Founded by a product designer turned entrepreneur, Rik Cridland, and wife, Helen Cridland, after rescuing a couple of guinea pigs from a local rescue shelter, HayPigs!® has grown steadily over its eight-year journey. Initially starting with designing toys for guinea pigs under the HayPigs!® brand, the business significantly expanded to carrying over 15 brands to become a one-stop shop for small animal supplies.

Let’s see how HayPigs!® used Appstle Subscriptions to grow its subscription business model and build a loyal subscriber base. 

Navigating Growth: Overcoming E-commerce Challenges and Implementing a Subscription Model

As HayPigs!® expanded, they encountered limitations with their previous e-commerce platform, prompting a need for a more adaptable solution – Shopify!

“HayPigs!® wasn’t initially on Shopify, but we hit a buffer with the provider we had in terms of how far we could take it (the business). We needed to move to something more adaptable, something that could deal with the vast inventory we had. So moving to the Shopify ecosystem was a great solution!

What I love about Shopify is the fact that we can do all the work on it. We don’t need to employ a development team to make changes and try things.”

Additionally, they sought to implement a subscription model to build their recurring revenue stream and enhance their customer retention. However, past experiences with subscription models for their sister business – Guinea Pig Magazine (with other subscription software), had tough learnings, leading to concerns about finding the right subscription solution for HayPigs!®.

“Despite having faced some difficult challenges implementing a subscription model with our other business (Guinea Pig Magazine) we always fancied starting one (a subscription model) with HayPigs!®. With a growing portfolio of edible treats and playthings, a subscription box for small pet enthusiasts was a perfect fit for us, and we could see there was a market for it. Besides, we knew subscriptions would be an excellent strategy to increase our customer retention and CLTV.”

Soon, HayPigs!® transitioned to Shopify, seeking a platform that could accommodate their growing inventory and offer flexibility for future development. To implement their subscription model seamlessly, they turned to Appstle, a top app offering subscription management solutions for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. 


Why Appstle Subscriptions?

“We were obviously a little bit hands-on about making the right choice for HayPigs!® knowing the commitment we’d be making. When I think back, it was Appstle’s speedy responsiveness, and merchant-first mentality that made us choose them.

When I initially approached Appstle, We had lots of questions  “Can Appstle do this? Is it possible to achieve these objectives? Can we adapt this (feature) to suit our goals, work for our customers, fit with our brand, etc? We were very impressed by Appstle’s comprehensive answers and adaptability to our needs.”

Moreover, Appstle’s user-friendly interface and responsive customer service stood out, providing HayPigs!® with the confidence to navigate their subscription model effectively, recalls Rik Cridland

“We explored other subscription solutions on Shopify too, but there were limitations with all of them. And that’s where we plumped for Appstle as it really met our needs at a price point that was sensible and could grow with us.”


“We had a lot of requests early on to adapt and customize Appstle to our store.  We needed to adapt the widgets to look more in keeping with our website, we needed to change the color, the messaging, and other things like that, to fine tune the overall fit with the rest of our customer journey. Whatever we wanted, we were able to talk to somebody very quickly and get it done.

On the rare occasion that we did have an issue, like a glitch, which happens with all software, the speed at which a technical experts would take a look and fix it for us has been tremendous. And that’s one of the main reasons it’s been so successful for us.”

Streamlining Subscription Management with Appstle Subscriptions

Appstle’s Subscriptions App offered HayPigs!® the features they needed to launch and manage their subscription offerings. With Appstle Subscriptions, HayPigs!® could customize subscription plans, offer flexible delivery frequencies, and automate renewal processes. The seamless integration of Appstle with their fulfillment warehouse streamlined order processing, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Driving Success: Key Outcomes of HayPigs!®’ Subscription Management with Appstle

By leveraging Appstle’s subscription management capabilities, HayPigs!® achieved several key outcomes:

1. Improved Cash Flow: The subscription model provided a strong and predictable recurring revenue, enhancing cash flow management for the business.
2. Enhanced Customer Retention: Flexible subscription options and personalized communication allowed HayPigs!® to nurture customer relationships, leading to improved retention rates.
3. Streamlined Operations: Automation features and integration with their fulfillment warehouse increased operational efficiency, and bottom line, enabling HayPigs!® to focus on business growth.
4. Data-Driven Insights: Appstle’s analytics tools empowered HayPigs!® to track subscriber behavior and identify opportunities for optimization, driving informed decision-making.


With Appstle’s support, HayPigs!® successfully implemented a powerful subscription model, unlocking new revenue streams and improving customer satisfaction. By choosing a platform that aligns with their business goals and values, HayPigs!® has set the stage for sustainable growth and continued success in the competitive pet industry.

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