Two Dudes Uncomplicates Men’s Grooming with Appstle Subscriptions

Appstle | Two Dudes Uncomplicates Men's Grooming with Appstle Subscriptions

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A New Era in Men’s Grooming

Two Dudes is a New Zealand-based company specializing in men’s natural grooming products. Founded by university friends Michael McRae and Tomas Tappin who saw a gap in the market for straightforward, high-quality skincare tailored to men, the company aimed to provide products that evolved with men’s changing needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Before adopting Appstle, Two Dudes faced challenges in scaling their subscription model and optimizing the customer experience. They were using a different subscription software, Recharge Payments, but found it lacking in essential features that Two Dudes needed to scale.

Transitioning to Appstle for Subscriptions: A Strategic Move

White glove migration

Two Dudes turned to Appstle Subscriptions to solve their growing challenges and to meet their customer retention needs.

The implementation process involved migration from Recharge, which required meticulous handling, due to Two Dudes’ large and already existing loyal subscriber base. Appstle’s migrations team worked hands-on and closely with Two Dudes to ensure a smooth transition, despite the complexities of handling live data and ongoing deliveries.

Coveted features

1. Build a box

Two Dudes successfully integrated Appstle’s subscription software into its ongoing subscription model. One of the most coveted and advanced Appstle features that Two Dudes has leveraged extensively post-transition, is the Build-a-Box functionality for creating highly customizable bundles and subscription orders. The Build-a-Box feature has allowed Two Dudes the ability to upsell products and increase their average cart orders.

2. Customer portal access with magic link

Another game-changer for TwoDudes according to co-owner Tomas Tappin, has been the Magic Link feature that has allowed them to easily troubleshoot customers’ lost or forgotten password inquiries. TwoDudes finds the magic link feature to significantly reduce friction and efficiently help shoppers retrieve their accounts.

“Another game-changer for Two Dudes, has been the Magic Link feature that has allowed us to easily troubleshoot customers’ lost or forgotten password inquiries. Two Dudes finds the magic link feature to significantly reduce friction and efficiently help shoppers retrieve their accounts.”

“So many times people come to us and say, I can’t get in, and assume our system is not working. And 99% of the time, it’s just a user error, and they have forgotten their user account passwords and don’t know how to use the forget password feature…With the magic link, instead of us having to go back and forth, change passwords, and try to do multiple activation emails, we can just ask them to ‘click here (on the magic link)’ . And then we know it’s gonna flow straight through! That’s been a real game changer.”

Tomas Tappin (Co-founder, Two Dudes)

3. Unlimited email notifications

Appstle’s email marketing automation features have also been helpful in establishing great customer rapport. 

“So one thing that was super important for us when we decided to offer our products as a subscription, was to avoid scenarios where our customers forget they have a subscription and feel scammed when they get auto delivery and get auto-billed.  It decreases the trust for the brand . But we’ve been using the automated email feature from Appstle, to send out notices to our customers in advance of a subscription delivery and rebill. It goes “Hey, your next box is getting ready to ship in three days, do you want it? Or “Is this stuff stockpiling under your bathroom? Do you need to pause?”

These auto notifications to customers not only ensures that our customers are well aware before a delivery and auto bill but also allows us an opportunity to inject some brand humor and tone of voice into the email. t has definitely helped us increase productivity as well because we can do the email notifications on autopilot with Appstle.”

Tomas Tappin (Co-founder, Two Dudes)

Transformative Results

The migration to Appstle Subscriptions from Recharge Payments, brought a seismic shift across Two Dudes’ operations and customer journey, yielding remarkable outcomes.

A few (among many!) key results were:

  1. Elevated customer retention and all-round engagement through personalized subscription offerings.
  2. Enhanced revenue streams via tiered discounts and effective upselling strategies enabled by Appstle Subscription’s Build-a-Box.
  3. Streamlined internal processes and increased efficiency through Appstle’s profit maximization-driven features such as automated and unlimited email notifications, and Magic Links.
  4. A reinforced competitive edge by making subscription services indispensable for Two Dudes’ customer base, in line with the growing trend in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products.

Growth and Scale with Appstle

Two Dudes Co-founder Tomas Tappin highlighted Appstle’s tremendous value, superior features, and exceptional customer support, emphasizing the platform’s role in their sustained growth. Appstle’s Merchant Success team, a 24×7 support channel led by highly trained e-commerce engineers was commended for its responsiveness and proactive problem-solving approach, significantly contributing to Two Dudes’ positive experience.

Two Dudes’ journey with Appstle underscores the platform’s effectiveness and pervasiveness in addressing the unique challenges of scaling subscription-based businesses. Two Dudes’ ongoing expansion into new markets and channels reflects confidence in Appstle’s ability to support its exponential growth trajectory. Two Dudes unequivocally recommends Appstle to businesses seeking a comprehensive subscription management solution with unmatched value and support.

Two Dudes was rated by Sports Illustrated as the #1 men’s skincare brand from the southern hemisphere in 2024. You can learn more at

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