Kibbles Enhances Customer Retention and Increases Revenue with Appstle

Appstle | Kibbles Enhances Customer Retention and Increases Revenue with Appstle

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I. Introduction is an online pet store based in Singapore that offers a full range of pet supplies and services, with a mission to become the Chewy of Southeast Asia. The company was founded by Andrew Lim, a former venture capitalist who wanted to pursue his passion for animals by starting his own business. While Lim had experience investing in startups, he had no prior experience in building websites or online businesses. In 2001, he decided to use Shopify as his e-commerce platform to start Kibbles, as it provided the infrastructure he needed to start selling almost immediately without spending months on development. Shopify’s ease of use allowed Lim to focus on building his business and delivering excellent customer service, which is critical in the highly competitive pet industry. In recent years, Kibbles has continued to grow and expand its offerings tremendously, thanks in part to the Shopify app solutions provided by Appstle, which has helped the company overcome some of the challenges it faced in managing marketing costs and retaining customers.

II. Appstle Implementation

Appstle Implementation

Kibbles chose and implemented Appstle’s Subscriptions app and Memberships app to manage marketing costs, especially their Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)and plan the subscrription orders ahead for inventory purchases. Appstle Subscriptions app allowed them to offer a monthly or twice-monthly (bi monthly) subscription program to their customers.

Appstle Memberships enabled them to offer their subscribers exclusive products, which added to the convenience and value of the core subscription program. The implementation process was seamless, and the Appstle team was responsive and hands on during the implementation process. Appstle also customized the subscriptions and memberships features for Kibbles to best suit their brand and customers.

III. Results

Kibbles experienced increased productivity and efficiency, improved customer engagement and experience, and higher revenue after implementing Appstle. Their data insights also became sharper, due to Appstle’s granular analytics.With Appstle’s Subscription App, Kibbles accurately forecasted demand, purchased ahead of time, and avoided overstocking, preventing waste. Additionally, the Subscription App allowed them to offer different discounts to customers depending on which brand and products they subscribed to, incentivizing subscription. Appstle’s Membership App helped to engage customers and create a sense of exclusivity, allowing auto-ship subscribers to access exclusive products on their website. This reinforced the value of their subscription and increased customer retention. Measurable results includes increased revenue and cost savings. Kibbles also improved their internal processes, scalability, and competitive advantage.

IV. Testimonials

The CEO of expressed appreciation for the exceptional product and customer service provided by the Appstle team. As someone who does not code, and whose core focus is on growing Kibbles, Appstle enabled him to do just that, instead of worrying about the operational tech tools. hey were impressed by the level of assistance received. The Appstle team was able to customize the platform to suit their requirements. Customers were also satisfied with the improved customer experience, personalized discounts, exclusive products, and the convenience that subscriptions and memberships provide!

V. Conclusion

Kibbles recommends Appstle’s Subscriptions App and Memberships App to other businesses in the pet industry. The benefits of using the Appstle platform outweigh any potential concerns about competitors using it as well. Kibbles will continue to use Appstle to enhance its online store’s offerings and improve its business processes.

VI. Additional Information

Screenshots and infographics illustrate the impact of Appstle on Kibbles operations. Appstle’s exceptional customer service, customization, and responsiveness make it a valuable platform for businesses in the pet industry. Resources and links for readers who want to learn more about Appstle or Kibbles are provided.

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Joy Lake

Joy Lake

Joy Lake serves as a Business Operations Manager for Appstle Inc . With over 7 years in B2B and B2C digital marketing strategy and implementation, Joy’s passion lies in providing businesses with efficient and innovative solutions to help them grow and thrive. In her free time, she enjoys, traveling, trying new brunch spots with friends in her hometown of Wichita, Kansas, and playing with her 1-year-old American Akita Winnie.

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