Empowering Vedix’s Global Ascent with Appstle Subscriptions

Appstle | Empowering Vedix's Global Ascent with Appstle Subscriptions

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I. Introduction

Hailing from the innovation hub of IncNut, the creator behind celebrated brands such as StyleCraze and SkinKraft, Vēdix stands as a pioneer in presenting the world with its groundbreaking Customized Ayurvedic Haircare Solution. Nearly 12 years ago, IncNut originally began as a dual lifestyle media brand, gaining substantial recognition in fields such as pregnancy, beauty, and wellness.

Recognizing the potential to better serve its vast subscriber base, IncNut transitioned from offering blogs and expert knowledge to providing personalized products tailored to its customers’ evolving wellness needs. The result? Vēdix, a revolutionary Ayurvedic haircare solution was born. Vēdix first emerged in India, and then swiftly expanded its presence to over 12 international markets, including the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Challenge

As Vēdix prepared to venture into international markets, they confronted a significant challenge—the absence of built-in, automated solutions to offer subscriptions to their customers, a critical component of their unique business model. This led them to develop their own solution. However, the challenges of automatically billing their rapidly growing international customer base for their subscriptions soon became a pressing concern.

“When we launched our business in India first, Shopify didn’t support subscriptions business model. So we built our own subscription software but it was more like a pseudo subscription, because there wasn’t any auto-renewal happening, since a lot of orders were paid with cash. So, we could not automate subscriptions. 

And just when we expanded internationally to the US, Europe and Australia, Shopify and Shopify Plus started adding subscription software. We found Appstle.”

II. Appstle Implementation

Why Appstle? 

The pivotal turning point for Vēdix came when they discovered Appstle Subscriptions on the Shopify Plus platform. 

Not only did Appstle seamlessly address their immediate need for automated subscriptions, but it also provided advanced API features that enabled Vēdix to send personalized email reminders to their subscribers via webhooks to their custom-built CMS system.

“Appstle was not just a perfect and native fit with Shopify, but also with our internal management, operations, and customer support systems. Once we had APIs and webhooks, we could also neatly integrate them with our internal CRM, across different countries in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific.”

Smooth & Quick Implementation

In a candid conversation with Sasank Mukkamala, Vice President at IncNut (Vēdix), he commended the ease of the Appstle installation process. With just one click, Appstle Subscriptions are integrated seamlessly into their multiple international stores on Shopify Plus. Vēdix found Appstle appealing due to its ease of installation and its comprehensive subscription capabilities and functionalities. Appstle’s 24x7x365 support is a huge plus as well.

“When we installed Appstle on the first store, we were new to subscription software. Appstle’s customer service team is very very fast at responding compared to any other app I’ve used on Shopify. They are always there!”

III. Results & Impact

Global Scalability 

By implementing Appstle Subscriptions across all 12 of their international stores, Vēdix rapidly expanded, allowing them to penetrate global markets with agility and effectively compete in the aggressive haircare industry.

Notably, when Vēdix embarked on its journey with Appstle Subscriptions in January 2022, webhook functionality was on the horizon. However, in response to Vēdix’s request, Appstle displayed remarkable speed and agility by introducing the feature within days. This pivotal enhancement empowered Vēdix to further integrate its internal systems with Appstle, streamlining their business operations and providing them with a more precise analysis of overall business performance.

IV. Testimonials

In an open conversation, Sasank highlighted the unparalleled commitment of Appstle’s customer support. Operating 24/7/365, their responsiveness and swift implementation stood out in comparison to other Shopify Apps. His recommendation was unequivocal:

“I wholeheartedly recommend Appstle to Shopify Plus merchants. It is remarkably user-friendly and easy to implement, offering a multitude of features.”

V. Conclusion

Vēdix’s journey with Appstle exemplifies adaptability and innovation, propelling them from facing subscription challenges to establishing comprehensive and streamlined international operations. As Vēdix continues to thrive in global markets, its collaboration with Appstle remains steadfast, with ambitions for future expansions and growth.

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