Appstle | Best Practices For Subscription Customer Portal to Increase Subscription Conversions

Best Practices For Subscription Customer Portal to Increase Subscription Conversions

Appstle | Best Practices For Subscription Customer Portal to Increase Subscription Conversions

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Best Practices For Subscription Customer Portal to Increase Subscription Conversions

The best eCommerce subscriptions allow customers to hold the reins.

And that’s one of the biggest reasons these subscriptions succeed.

Well-designed subscription plans allow customers to take control — for instance, modify delivery dates, change products, swap deliveries, pause deliveries, change payment methods, etc.

Conversely, subscription plans that do not provide freedom, flexibility, and control to customers, struggle hard to engage or stay afloat.

But is it that easy to give control to subscribers? 

The answer: yes! Through a subscription customer portal. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how to ensure you let customers take control of their subscriptions.

What is a subscription customer portal? 

A subscription portal is a page that enables subscribers to log in and get an overview of their subscription. In addition, subscribers can also perform various actions, such as track their orders, reorder subscription boxes, pause deliveries, change delivery dates, change details such as address, payment methods, etc. The subscription customer portal is a personal page for subscribers. It makes it easy and convenient for customers to manage their subscriptions. In short, gives them complete control on their subscriptions.

Why is a subscription portal important?

Apart from it being the go-to page for subscribers, subscription customer portals have many benefits to customers and Shopify retailers. However, the key is to set up the portal well and keep the customer at the center. Here are some benefits of having the subscription customer portal for your Shopify business.

1. Subscribers can track orders

The subscription customer portal enables subscribers to track their orders. Subscriptions function in an auto mode. Once customers start subscriptions, they do not need to place new orders every time. The Shopify subscription app does the work. However, if customers want to track their orders, they can do so via the customer portal. 

2. Have control over their subscriptions

One of the biggest reasons customers join subscriptions is because it is a convenient way to make purchases, especially of recurring products that they need to buy regularly. Having control over their subscriptions enhances customer experience.

For instance, if customers want to make any changes in their subscription plan, request an upgrade in their plan or change their payment methods, they can do so via the subscription customer portal. They need not contact customer support for these small tasks. Having control over their shopping gives them a better grip over their needs and purchases.

3. Improved customer experience

Post-purchase anxiety is nothing new. Customers feel anxious after making purchases online. They are eager to know the status of their orders, whether the payment went through, if their order is accepted, and many other things. But with a subscription customer portal, this anxiety can be kept at bay. Because customers can easily log into their customer portal and track orders, and check payment status, etc. This leads to an enhanced customer experience.

4. Personalization

The customer portal is the best place to collect customer data. For example, customers’ purchase patterns, product preferences, order dates, among other details. These details can be used to craft personalized offers and marketing campaigns. 

For instance, say a customer tends to place more orders during a specific season or month. You could use that information to offer relevant discounts and increase the average order value. Personalization can help enhance customer experience and improve sales and loyalty. 

5. Reduces churn

A subscription customer portal also helps reduce churn rate. When customers are able to easily make edits and changes to their subscriptions, they can choose to pause subscriptions whenever they want. Instead of canceling subscriptions, they have the option of making changes and resuming as and when they want to.

Moreover, a subscription customer portal also allows customers to get in touch with your brand easily. They build a better connection with your brand, which impacts their loyalty and customer lifetime value. 

Must-have features of the subscription customer portal

You can make your subscriber portal as engaging as you want. But a basic portal won’t cut it. You will have to add many features in it. However, the features you add would depend on your product and industry. Here’s a list of features you could consider for your Shopify subscription customer portal.

1. Ongoing subscriptions 

This feature enables customers to have an overview of their ongoing subscriptions. Customers can check the start date, delivery frequency, cost, address, products, etc., among other details. In addition, they can make edits and changes to their ongoing subscriptions. For instance, if a customer is traveling and wants to pause the subscription delivery for a couple of months, they can refer to this section and make the necessary changes.

2. Canceled subscriptions 

Another must-have feature for the subscription customer portal is canceled subscriptions. You may assume it’s of no use, but it is. For instance, having canceled subscription details can increase the chances of subscription renewals. Customers might want to restart an old subscription. Having this feature makes it easy for them to do so.

3. Subscription changes and edits

With every section and feature, ensure you have the feature to edit and make changes. For instance, allow customers to make changes to their address, payment methods, delivery dates and frequency, allow them to swap products, add new products, etc. Having this easy-edit feature makes customers’ experience better and more convenient.

4. Delivery or subscription box change 

One of the features that can make or break the success of your subscriptions business is the kind of flexibility you offer to customers. For instance, are you allowing subscribers to pause deliveries if they want to? Can they edit, add or remove products from your subscription box? Providing this flexibility and freedom can help increase subscription sales.

5. Savings from subscriptions

Another excellent feature to include in the subscription customer portal is to mention how much customers have saved from subscriptions. Cost savings is one of the biggest reasons customers join subscriptions. And hence, it helps to highlight this factor. Doing so helps to demonstrate the value of your subscription plan. For example, you could add this feature in many ways:

  • Show them the amount they saved
  • Show them comparative price — cost of a product purchased with subscription and without subscription

6. Product recommendations

Subscriptions make data collection easy and fruitful. You can collect data about customers’ product and service preference, their likes, dislikes, etc. This product and service related data can help you offer recommendations to customers to increase subscription sales.

For example, you can use this data to upsell or cross-sell products, introduce new products, etc. You can also use the recommendations feature when you launch a new product or service within your subscription plans.

7. Rewards and loyalty points

Having a loyalty program connected with your subscription enhances customer experience. Customers can earn points and rewards from their subscriptions, making it more beneficial to them. 

You can have a separate section for rewards and loyalty programs in the subscription customer portal. This will make it easy for customers to track and manage their rewards program, check the available points, etc. Ensure you mention how customers can earn more loyalty points and how they can use the points via subscriptions. 

8. Exclusive events/ programs

Another important feature to have in your subscriptions portal for customers is a section on special events and programs. Think of your subscriptions as a community. And your subscribers as community members. 

To boost subscriber engagement, you will need to organize special events and programs exclusively for subscribers. This feature in the subscription customer portal can help increase engagement and time-spent on the portal. Here’s what you can include in this section:

  • Past events
  • Upcoming events
  • Images and videos of past events
  • Create and share exclusive content for subscribers

9. Customer support

Even though most of your features should be self-editable, you must still have a customer support or contact feature in your subscription customer portal. Customers may need to contact you at some point. And you have to make it easy for them to contact you. 

Moreover, your subscribers are your most loyal and long-term customers, and hence, you should ensure it’s easy for them to contact you. One way to make it easy for them is to make it simple for them to find your contact details. You could have a live chat, phone number, WhatsApp chat widget, etc. within the customer portal.

How to get started with a subscription customer portal?

If you wish to set up a subscriber portal, you will require a Shopify subscription app to help you. Having a comprehensive and efficient app helps improve flexibility for customers and makes subscription management a breeze for you. 

Explore Appstle Subscription App for your Shopify site.

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Appstle | Best Practices For Subscription Customer Portal to Increase Subscription Conversions

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